Predictions: Final NFC East 2011 standings

I hate to be a “me too” guy and give predictions that aren’t worth the bandwidth they’re typed on, but everyone else is doing it, so what the hell?  My 2011 final standings (bracing for onslaught):

Team W L
Eagles 11 5
Giants 7 9
Cowboys 7 9
Redskins 7 9

Eagles get the 3 seed, win in the first round at home, lose on the road in round 2.

NFC East Awards (runner-ups in parenthesis):

Offensive NFC East MVP  – LeSean McCoy (Michael Vick, Tony Romo)

Defensive NFC East MVP – DeMarcus Ware (Asante Samuel, London Fletcher)

Offensive NFC East Rookie of the year -Tyron Smith (Roy Helu, DeMarco Murray)

Defensive NFC East Rookie of the year – Ryan Kerrigan (Brian Rolle, Greg Jones)


  1. Nick C says:

    I would argue that bradie james would be a fairly large upgrade to the eagles or giants linebacking groups, though he would be a progress stopper, and is somewhat vulnerable in man coverage.

    1. cwel87 says:

      The Eagles linebackers are starting because they are good at coverage. I doubt the Eagles brass would rather have a run-stopper start over a coverage linebacker – but they may change their tune if Steven Jackson runs them ragged today.


  2. tyrant says:

    Smith did not allow a sack, Nagy, Costa, Arkin, and even Kowlaski were tough and consistent…watch the film. And they will get better as the year progesses. Dallas will win 9-10 games. The defense will be solid…Romo will have a good year.

    1. cwel87 says:

      Solid. In what, exactly?

      Rob Ryan’s schemes don’t play on the field. To be frank, Rob Ryan’s schemes aren’t even that good. And his almighty 11 starters on defense have all of two players that would start in the NFC East anywhere else. Literally, anywhere else.

      It’s going to be fun watching DeMarcus, Jay, and the nine buffoons futilely chase after the football this season.

  3. tyrant says:

    You’re delusional. The Cowboys will fight the iggles every step of the way for the NFC East. The Cowboys have upgraded thier O-line. They may be young, but they are UPGRADES over Colombo, Gurode, and Davis. It will make all the difference…be ready for a dog fight. No pun intended.

    1. How do you know the OL is upgraded? Three of their starters on the OL have a combined 109 professional snaps.

      1. cwel87 says:


        IT TELLS ALL

    2. cwel87 says:

      So. Who’s playing defense for those vaunted Cowboys?

      The Eagles have questions at linebacker and offensive line. The Cowboys have questions at offensive line, and their whole defense sucks.

      Good luck with making that prediction stick.

  4. cwel87 says:

    PHI: 13-3, 1st seed (schedules, schedules, schedules)
    NYG: 8-8
    DAL: 6-10
    WAS: 6-10

    Not predicting playoffs until we get there, because I don’t roll like that.

  5. tuna83 says:

    Dez top 5? Like, over Larry Fitzgerald, Andre Johnson, Calvin Johnson, Roddy White, Brandon Lloyd, Dewayne Bowe…

    The Dude isn’t even the best WR on his team. He isn’t even the 5th best receiver in the NFC east. Don’t get caught up in the hype. We will see what he can actually DO and go from there.

    Don’t forget about Brian Orakpo on the defensive MVP. The guy is going to be a monster and now has help on the other side. I wouldn’t call it going out on the limb… Of course Demarcus ware will start on any team in the NFL.

    1. DerfDiggy says:

      That’s exactly why it’s an irrational prediction.

  6. brisulph says:

    Phi 14-2
    Dal 8-8
    Was 8-8
    Giants 0-18 (they somehow lose two extra games)

    1. PhillyNorhWest says:


      Of course I like the birds but I think the division will be much closer. I think the Eagles take it at 10-6 again, and may go two and done in the playoffs. I don’t think the Giants will lose two extra games…funny though.

      1. brisulph says:

        I should not bring in BBV jokes, it is a comedy thread funny. Disregard as serious.

  7. Imp says:

    Eagles: 13-3
    Giants: 8-8
    Cowboys: 6-10
    Redskins: 5-11

  8. peterhad says:

    i think that justin tuck will be the most dominate defensive player in the division. No one can match his size, strength speed and skill. Also, no one comes close to his impeccable work ethic. He is one of the hardest working players in the league.

    Also giants will go at least 9-7, likely repeating 10-6, even with the injuries. They have 10 fairly winnable games on the schedule.
    Wins with 1-3 losses
    I see STL, Jets and one of the dallas games as possible losses

    Losses (with 1 wins, maybe 2)
    I think we can get one of the philly games, especially if vick is injured by week 11.

    1. giants fan says:

      I like week 3, honestly – while their new defensive pieces are still gelling.

  9. DerfDiggy says:

    Dez Bryant will have a better year than Lesean Mccoy….I’m not sure how you measure that really…but…I’m sure of it.

    I have no idea what team will place well this year…I’ll take a wait and see approach regarding standings..The only prediction I’ll make is that Dez will be a top 5 WR by the end of the year.

    1. DerfDiggy says:

      Excuse the typos!

    2. says:

      Doubt it. He could be a beast, but I wouldn’t ever predict anyone to make the jump from potential to top 5 at his position.

      1. ubrab says:

        As an eagle fan, Dez scares the ish out of me.

      2. DerfDiggy says:

        It’s totally irrational I know….I just think with Austin on the other side, he’s going to have an amazing year…Witten will take the biggest hit numbers wise.

        1. Jalarsen1 says:

          Dez is a ridiculous talent. But if someone in the division is making the jump from good receiver to superstar status this season, it’s gonna be Nicks.

          He’s all Eli really has to throw to. You can argue that he’ll get doubled, and he will, but I think he’s tough enough to pull it down anyway.

          1. DerfDiggy says:

            So wait….you think out of two gifted receivers(we won’t debate athletic prowess), the one that gets doubled more often and is the only major target on a offense that lost a few of it’s major pieces…compared to the one with a pro-bowl receiver and TE on the same offense….Will actually be better?

            I admit to being completely irrational…….but there are degrees to this I think.

            Let’s just agree to

  10. says:

    Booo objectivity.

  11. BigBlueIntervention says:

    But, that’s just like your opinion, man….

  12. Tron says:

    I think

    Eagles 12-4
    Cowboys 9-7
    Redskins 8-8
    Giants 5-11

    The eagles will get the 2 seed, but it will be tough to get past those packers. They still do and beat the steelers in the SB


    1. giants fan says:


      I don’t even…

      1. giants fan says:

        I stand corrected, this would be a very good result for us.

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