OL penalties and the NFC East

Kareem McKenzie obeys the law

I computed the following information from snap count and penalty data obtained from Pro Football Focus, and broke them up by position.  The positions are based upon what each player primarily played last year, not what the may be playing this year.  For example, I listed Todd Herremans with the guards, even though he has been moved to right tackle this season, or David Diehl, who is moving to LG from LT last year.

First the OTs:

Player Position Team Snaps Penalties Snaps per penalty
Kareem McKenzie T Giants 1088 3 362
David Diehl T Giants 797 3 265
Trent Williams T Redskins 892 6 149
Jason Peters T Eagles 877 6 146
Jammal Brown T Redskins 859 6 143
King Dunlap T Eagles 438 4 110
Doug Free T Cowboys 1105 11 100
Winston Justice T Eagles 940 10 94
William Beatty T Giants 168 6 28

The good news for Giants fans? Kareem McKenzie only had one penalty every 362 snaps last season, a very impressive number. The bad news? Their starting LT this year, despite playing only 168 snaps, had TWICE as many penalties as Kareem McKenzie, despite playing about 15% as many snaps as him, for an insanely low 28 snaps per penalty. Small sample size, sure, but a crazy number of penalties in that small sample size.

Player Position Team Snaps Penalties Snaps per penalty
Evan Mathis G Eagles 114 0 No penalties
Chris Chester G Redskins 1034 2 517
Kyle Kosier G Cowboys 849 3 283
Kory Lichtensteiger G Redskins 1006 4 252
Kevin Boothe G Giants 355 2 178
Will Montgomery G Redskins 524 3 175
Sean Locklear G Redskins 1125 7 161
Todd Herremans G Eagles 1082 7 154
Chris Snee G Giants 1099 8 137
Kyle DeVan G Eagles 883 7 126
Stacy Andrews G Giants 783 7 112
Derrick Dockery G Cowboys 84 1 84
Mitch Petrus G Giants 53 1 53

Ignore Mathis’ lack of penalties. It was only in 114 snaps. Chester, with only 2 penalties on more than 1,000 snaps, is very impressive. Kosier’s and Lichtensteiger’s numbers are also decent.

Player Position Team Snaps Penalties Snaps per penalty
Jamaal Jackson C Eagles 20 0 No penalties
David Baas C Giants 968 2 484
Phil Costa C Cowboys 109 1 109
Adam Koets C Giants 269 3 89

Baas has pretty large numbers here, as he is right around 500 snaps per penalty, but that’s to be expected from the center position.

Two things that I really took away from compiling this data:

– The Cowboys have just four offensive linemen on their entire roster that have ever been on the field for an NFL snap. Four. One of them (Costa) only has 109 of them. Another (Dockery), signed with the team yesterday.

– The Redskins don’t have a single player that stands out as being penalty-prone.


  1. slandog says:

    Jimmy you can’t dismiss Mathis because he only took 114 snaps. That isn’t much smaller of a sample size then Beatty and he had 6 flags thrown at him. So it does mean something.

    If that is the case and you use Beatty’s penalty numbers on Mathis, Mathis should have about 4 penalities. So it does matter…..somewhat. Either that Mathis is pretty decent or Beatty is going to really be that bad.

  2. DaCrock says:

    Jimmy, I may be wrong, but my sense is that the most penalty-prone Redskins offensive lineman in 2010 is no longer on the roster–none other that center Casey Rabach. The rest of the line may not have been penalized an inordinate amount, but they were VERY inconsistent, and probably on too many occasions just got beaten for a sack rather than taking a holding penalty. There’s also the whole “good penalty/bad penalty” argument, but that’s for some other time, and I realize it’s not your focus here.

    1. Right, I hear you. Penalties are just a part of OL play, of course. You could have no penalties, but if you’re a human turnstile, you’re still a crappy offensive lineman.

      And just FYI, Rabach had 3 penalties in 998 snaps.

  3. brisulph says:

    How many of those penalties did Beatty get as a tackle?

    1. brisulph says:

      Not saying it makes a difference per se, but it would be interesting to know.

    2. He had 3 in one game against the Redskins. Those were all at OT. Had 2 in just 5 snaps against the Cowboys, so I would assume those came as a TE in the jumbo package. Had one against Carolina. If I remember correctly, Diehl stayed healthy for that one, so that was probably as a jumbo TE as well.

  4. PE says:

    In the immortal words of Jason Peters:

    “Ain’t nobody perfect”.


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