Linky – Sept 7, 2011 – Wait… the Giants’ starting TE is who now?

Evan Mathis seems to think that most of Erin Andrews' fans are of the male variety.

Eagles extend contract for Akeem Jordan – Les Bowen,

Ha, I don’t really have much to say about Akeem Jordan, and neither did Les, as he exhausted as much print reporting the number changes than the Jordan news, and frankly, the number changes are more interesting:

The Eagles also announced some number changes. Dion Lewis, one of two No. 27s in the preseason, is moving to 28, with Brandon Hughes retaining 27. Jarrad Page, one of two No. 25s in the preseason, now wears No. 41. Ronnie Brown, who wore Brian Westbrook’s old No. 36 in the preseason, will be No. 21, with Joselio Hanson gone. Steve Smith, who never actually wore No. 19 in a preseason game, gets No. 11, and newcomer Kyle DeVan is No. 68.

So now people can stop whining about Ronnie Brown wearing Westbrook’s number.

Social media helped Mathis land starting job – Jeff McLane,

Mathis is actually a pretty funny dude.  Loved this reply to an Erin Andrews tweet.

Film room: Jason Kelce – Adam Caplan and Greg Cosell, Eagles Mothership

Some encouraging stuff on film on Kelce here.  Clearly, the kid has athleticism, can run block, and does an outstanding job getting to the second level.  All of that is shown in the film review.  However, I think Eagles fans are concerned by his ability to anchor in pass protection, after watching Phil Taylor bully him in the 3rd preseason game (that film mysteriously not shown).

(Giants, Cowboys and Redskins news after the jump)…

Barry Cofield questions former team’s recent moves as matchup awaits – Mike Garafolo, Star Ledger

But when it came to the team’s releasing Shaun O’Hara and Rich Seubert, declining to re-sign Chase Blackburn and letting Kevin Boss and Steve Smith leave via free agency?

“Some other guys I played with, sweat with and bled with, I don’t think it was right, the way things went down with them,” Cofield said. “A guy that’s been there for 10 years like Rich gets hurt and you fire him? That’s the best way to put it.

“And don’t forget about Osi (Umenyiora). I don’t think that’s right either.”

By that, Cofield meant he believes the Giants should honor Umenyiora’s wanting a new contract, not just a few incentives based on performance, after he recorded 11 1/2 sacks and 10 forced fumbles last season.

“I agree with him,” Cofield said. “If you’re two years into a contract and maybe you feel like you signed a bad deal, that’s one thing. But he’s played four years into a six-year deal. That’s about the time it’s reasonable to come back and say, ‘Can we do something about this?’

“The people that argue whether or not he had a good year, that’s ridiculous. A double-double on the football field, that’s not normal.”

I’ve been pretty hard on a lot of what the Giants did this offseason, and I get where Barry is coming from as a player, but I don’t think I agree with much of what he is saying here.  Sure, Osi had a great year as a one-dimensional pass rusher last year, but what about the 2 years prior to that.  As far as Seubert goes, that’s just the reality of the business.  What should the Giants have done?  Kept an injured (and therefore useless) player for sentimental reasons?

I'm embarrassed to admit I had no idea who Jake Ballard was a month ago.

Depth chart includes Jake Ballard listed as first team TE – Zach Berman, Star Ledger

Here’s the depth chart, typed up nicely by Zach:

Offense (base)
QB: Eli Manning (30, 6-4, 218) David Carr (32, 6-3, 212)
RB: Ahmad Bradshaw (25, 5-10, 214), Brandon Jacobs (29, 6-4, 264)
FB: Henry Hynoski (22, 6-1, 266), Bear Pascoe (25, 6-5, 283)
WR: Hakeem Nicks (23, 6-1, 208), Victor Cruz (24, 6-0, 204)
WR: Mario Manningham (25, 6-0, 185), Domenik Hixon (26, 6-2, 197)
TE: Jake Ballard (23, 6-6, 275) Travis Beckum (24, 6-3, 234)
LT: William Beatty (26, 6-6, 319), James Brewer (23, 6-6, 330)
LG: David Diehl (30, 6-5, 304), Kevin Boothe (28, 6-5, 320)
C: David Baas (29, 6-4, 312), Kevin Boothe (28, 6-5, 320)
RG: Chris Snee (29, 6-3, 305), Mitch Petrus (24, 6-4, 315)
RT: Kareem McKenzie (32, 6-6, 330), Stacy Andrews (30, 6-6, 318)

Defense (base)
LE: Justin Tuck (28, 6-5, 268), Dave Tollefson (29, 6-4, 266)
RE: Jason Pierre-Paul (22, 6-5, 278), Osi Umenyiora* (29, 6-3, 255),
LDT: Linval Joseph (22, 6-4, 323), Rocky Bernard (32, 6-3, 301)
RDT: Chris Canty (28, 6-7, 317), Jimmy Kennedy (31, 6-4, 320)
SLB: Mathias Kiwanuka (28, 6-5, 267), Mark Herzlich (24, 6-4, 246)
MLB: Jonathan Goff (25, 6-2, 241), Greg Jones (22, 6-0, 248)
WLB: Michael Boley (29, 6-3, 230), Jacquain Williams (23, 6-3, 224)
LCB: Corey Webster (29, 6-0, 200), Brian Williams (32, 5-11, 202)
RCB: Aaron Ross (28, 6-0, 190), Michael Coe (27, 6-0, 187)
FS: Antrel Rolle (28, 6-0, 206), Tyler Sash (23, 6-0, 215)
SS: Kenny Phillips (24, 6-2, 217), Deon Grant (32, 6-2, 215)

This was of course before the Giants lost Jonathan Goff for the season.

As for Ballard, when I covered Giants camp about a month ago (which I believe was before Boss signed with the Raiders), I was taking notes on practice, and kept noticing that some big TE with the number 85 was getting a lot of reps.  I debated not even including them in my post, since I didn’t even know who the guy was.  I did anyway, and it turns out it was Ballard.  Not sure if that’s more embarrassing for me, or the state of the Giants’ TEs.

Why Kawika Mitchell? – Ed Valentine, Big Blue View

By now, we all already know that Jonathan Goff is done for the season, so really no need to link to an article telling us that.  But why Kawika Mitchell?  Well, there’s really nothing else.

Week 1 picks: Cowboys near unanimous pick against Jets –  OCC, Blogging the Boys

Ah, the glorious prospect of a fresh new season for Cowboys fans.

Cowboys starting season without Terence Newman, Martellus Bennett – Yahoo, Mark J. Miller

Bennett is no loss, but even though he isn’t good anymore, no Newman could be big trouble.

Rex Ryan: Cowboys have one of the best offenses in football – Jon Machota, SportsDay DFW

I think Romo, Austin, Witten, Free, Felix and Bryant are all OK/good/great/outstanding players (varying by player), but the other 5 spots on the offense are occupied by significant question marks.

I know some people that write for Bleacher Report... that can write. But a Carson Palmer article... on Sept 7? Isn't that the kind of thing you'd write during the lockout when you were fresh out of ideas? This is why people don't take you seriously, b/r.

NFL trade speculation: Carson Palmer could solve Redskins QB issues – B/R

Wow… Still?

Redskins roster is at 53 after final cuts – Gary Fitzgerald, Redskins Mothership

As promised by head coach Mike Shanahan, the Redskins’ roster is significantly younger this year. The average age of the roster is 25.58 and includes 25 players with three years of experience or less.

It’s actually not really even all that close to 25.58.  The Redskins’ average age is more like 27 years, 2 months.  Stop giving the fans false hope, Gary.

LaRon Landry’s tweet hints at setback, team’s involvement – The Insider, Mike Jones

Oof, not good.  Landry’s tweet has since been deleted.

Chris Cooley says Eagles team to beat, adds obviously we’re not – Clifton Brown, Sporting News

“I think Philly’s the team to beat, looking at what they’ve done right now,” Cooley told WJFK-FM. “But when you look at the NFL and you look at the East, everyone can be very good. I wouldn’t be surprised to see New York and Dallas both being excellent football teams. It’s a tough division and it always will be, but when you look at what Philly did and when you look at the players they have and coming off the year they had last year, I think they’re a very good football team.’’

Cooley was not as glowing when assessing his own team.

“Obviously, we’re not the team to beat based on the way we played last year and what we’ve done over the past couple of years,” he said.

Then again, last year Cooley said the Eagles made one of the top 10 biggest bonehead trades of all time by dealing Donovan McNabb to the Redskins, so maybe the Skins actually are the team to beat.


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  3. Tracer Bullet says:

    Okay, so Kelce has value in the running game but HE PLAYS FOR A TEAM THAT THROWS 55%-65% OF THE TIME. If my editor said to me, “Bullet, you’re a fine typist but your sentence construction and word usage are crap,” she would fire my ass. Instead, half the goddamn world is trying to sell Kelce as the answer at center.

    1. deg0ey says:

      Well he’s obviously not the finished product yet, but if Mudd can turn UDFA Jeff Saturday into a 5-time Pro Bowler then I’m willing to give him a chance to work the same magic on Kelce. There’s obviously no guarantee that it works out, but the Eagles obviously think he’s got something else they’d be starting JamJax – it’s not like they don’t have any other options at centre.

      1. deg0ey says:

        Wow, I used the word ‘obviously’ a lot there. I stand by my point, though.

        1. Jay Walker says:

          Obviously, you stand by your point, obviously.

      2. Tracer Bullet says:

        1) How do we know Saturday wasn’t a one-off? It’s not like teams go looking for HOF QBs in the sixth round.

        2) Whatever his potential is, Kelce is not good at the thing OL do most on this team. If he was on a run-heavy team like Shannahan’s Broncos, I could see it. But I’m afraid they’ve chosen his potential ability over Jackson’s actual ability. It’s not like there was any real competition to speak of.

    2. cwel87 says:

      I don’t get it. I never pretended to get it.

      Jamaal Jackson should be starting at the beginning of the season.

    3. Greg says:

      What makes you think that Kelce won’t excel in the passing game? Just because he has value in the run game doesn’t automatically mean he’s going to suck in the passing game.

      1. He might be good eventually, but the criticism comes from his performances in the preseason, when he couldn’t keep interior rushers away from Vick.

  4. brisulph says:

    I am smelting nails as I type…

    1. Ha, don’t you need to dig a hole, too?

      1. brisulph says:

        One thing at a ti… sorry, just tore my ACL. Well, not really, but I did that playing high school hoops, so I know the pain of it all.

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