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Packers Saints Packers by 4 Saints Awesome Thursday night game to begin the season. Don’t look now, but the Saints are freaking loaded. They may have a better team than the one that won the Super Bowl in ’09. I think they come out and make a statement on the road Week 1 against the best team in football. I actually bet this game in Vegas a few months ago – Got the Saints at +200 on the money line.
Ravens Steelers Ravens by 3 Steelers The Ravens haven’t beaten Roethlisberger since 2006 (Ben missed 3 games along the way). Until they do, I’ll ride the Steelers.
Buccaneers Lions Bucs by 2 Bucs EVERYONE is jumping on the Lions bandwagon. Not me. They’re better, but I still think they stink.
Falcons Bears Falcons by 3 Falcons I’m not sure how the Bears won 11 games last year. They won’t touch that number with a ten foot pole this season.
Chiefs Bills Chiefs by 5.5 Chiefs How is this only 5.5? Vegas must be down on KC. Should still be an easy W over the Bills though.
Texans Colts Texans by 8.5 Texans I’m going to steal the crux of a message tweeted by Stampede Blue writer Brad Wells – If you lose Peyton Manning and the Colts become one of the worst teams in football overnight, that should tell you what kind of job Bill Polian has been doing lately. I bought this game in Vegas a few months ago at Colts minus 1. Oof.
Rams Eagles Eagles by 5 Eagles Just like the Lions, people are eager to jump on the bandwagon of a team on the rise that has been terrible in recent years. But again… the Rams still stink. If the Eagles lose this one, they’ll get killed by the local and national media… as they should.
Browns Bengals Browns by 6.5 Browns The Bengals skill position players – Andy Dalton, Cedric Benson, Jerome Simpson, AJ Green, Jermaine Gresham. How is this team going to score? On a side note, check out the size of Jerome Simpson’s head on his ESPN profile. I mean… Holy shit. How does he even fit a helmet over that thing?
Jaguars Titans Jags by 3 Titans One of the few games I have almost no interest in whatsoever. (Edit: Pick changed to Titans. I’m not riding with Luke McCown)
Redskins Giants Giants by 3 Redskins I took the Skins to beat the Cowboys outright Week 1 last year, and that paid off beautifully, so I’ll try my luck there again in another home opener against a division rival.
Cardinals Panthers Cardinals by 7 Cardinals I see a big day here for Kevin Kolb, and an even bigger day for Larry Fitz.
Niners Seahawks Niners by 5 Niners Another game I couldn’t possibly care less about.
Chargers Vikings Chargers by 8.5 Chargers The Chargers finally get off on the right foot, but I’m not seeing why this line should be 8.5. I kinda like the Vikes this year.
Jets Cowboys Jets by 4.5 Jets I think we’re going to get an early glimpse of how good Dez Bryant is going to be this season. With Darrelle Revis draped all over Miles Austin all game, Bryant should get a ton of looks. Jets too much on defense, and they do enough on O to win comfortably.
Dolphins Pats No line at the LV Hilton, but Pats by 7 elsewhere Pats Layup.
Broncos Raiders Broncos by 3 Raiders Why are the Broncos favored over anybody?


  1. brisulph says:

    Skins pick looking better by the second, with Goff now out for the season. Not a superstar guy, but he calls the bloody defense and stops the run with above average ability.

  2. deg0ey says:

    Jags cut Garrard and are planning to go with Luke McCown for the opener. With Johnson ending his holdout, you’ve got to think the Titans win that one. I know you don’t care about that game, but in order to bring it back to the NFC East – do people think the Skins will sign him? He’s got to be an upgrade to Grossman and Beck and I don’t see anywhere else in the league where he can be a day 1 starter.

  3. Immynimmy says:

    That Giants Redskins game is VERY intriguing. Even if the Redksins don’t win, I see a very sloppy game from both teams going down to the wire. That Redskins D is VERY VERY underrated.

  4. Euler says:

    I understand not being on the Lions bandwagon, but the Bucs are a pretty bad team too.

    1. I hear you. I didn’t buy them at all last season, and I do think they played over their heads in winning 10 games, but that was an extremely young team last year that’s only going to get better.

    2. Also, I don’t like when you shorten your name. Full pimp version, please.

      1. Euler.is.a.pimp says:

        Ask and Jimmy shall receive.

        Agreed that they’re a nice young team. I don’t understand why they chose to do absolutely nothing in free agency while they watched their two division rivals both improve.

        1. Well we definitely agree there. They were only a bazillion dollars under the cap.

    3. The Legend says:

      I don’t think the Bucs are a bad team it wouldn’t surprise me if they made the playoffs this year. Freeman’s legit & Blount is a really good RB(bias alert since he’s a former Duck). In fact if the Jets had Freeman instead of Sanchez it wouldn’t surprise me if they would of been to one of the super bowls the last two years

  5. The Legend says:

    I got:

    I’ve seen a couple national analysts pick the Rams don’t know if it’s because they want to be the ones that called the upset or what but if we get an early lead it’s over because they aren’t going to be able to pass on us with the WRs the Rams have.

    1. Tron says:

      There is a growing contingency of media people “not buying into the eagles hype”. Hype that was created mostly by them, its almost to the point where the eagles are being underrated. Anyone who listened to the BS report with Mike Lombardi will know what Im talking about.

      1. The Legend says:

        I don’t listen to the BS report but I do watch Around the League & Heath Evans was making him look like a fool. It wasn’t even Eagles stuff they were talking about Lombardi was saying something about Matt Stafford being one of the better young QBs, I’m sorry you can’t be one of the better young QBs if you’re never on the field. I agree he has a lot of talent but if he’s never on the field then I’m not going to take him over Freeman or Bradford.

        1. Tron says:

          Yea I am starting to dislike Lombardi, his Blue Chip thing is just asinine and he seems to only argue either pros or cons (whichever side favors his argument) and not talk objectively about teams. Everything about the eagles was negative (oline, linebackers), while he talked about the redskins strengths exclusively(which was basically shannahan). Im ok with not liking the eagles, but at least form a complete argument.

      2. Gary says:

        That BS Report was making me crazy.

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