It’ll be an NFC East triple-header on TV for most of us this weekend

For any of you who are unaware, there’s a fantastic website called that shows you what games will be televised in your neck of the woods every week.  I’ll be linking to it all season.  FOX has the double-header this week, and I’d have to think the majority of the readers here (located along the East Coast, as well as Texas) will be treated to the Eagles-Rams at 1, Giants-Redskins at 4, and then obviously everybody gets the Cowboys-Jets Sunday nighter.  Living in NJ, I’ll get all three.  Good job, FOX.  Now just get rid of Mike Pereira, Joe Buck, the dancing robot, and Frank Caliendo.  Thanks.


  1. Mike says:

    Does any body know what game maryland will have on fox at 1pm?

  2. Mike says:

    I live in maryland and i want the eagles game. Marylands color on the map is clear, does that mean they dont know?

  3. Immynimmy says:

    Great…we get Thom freaking Brennaman. Luckily we also have Brian Billick…but still.

  4. Gary says:

    On another note, is Giants-Redskins really the late game? Falcons-Bears and Eagles-Rams are on at the same time and then Giants-Skins is the premier game? At least we get to watch all the NFC East games like you said. That just doesn’t make sense to me.

    1. They were the two cities affected by 9-11.

  5. Gary says:

    Hooray for upstate NY getting the Eagles!

  6. Stephen says:

    Sigh, this is so tough for me, I live in central jersey but the area I live in gets NY local channels. 1 County either west or south of me, either direction, gets Philadelphia local channels. The result? When the Jets or Giants are playing a game at the same time as the Eagles on the same network, I get the NY game not the Philly game.

    Then I rage endlessly and wrestle with the decision to buckle under and give in to the legalized extortion known as NFL Sunday ticket.

  7. AtlEagle says:

    Do the TV gods really think that much of the country wants to watch the falcons play a JV team in a mud patch? damn i hate living down here in football season.

    1. The Legend says:

      It’s a matchup between playoff teams that’s why they probably got the #2 slot by FOX, I’m surprised that the Giants/Redskins got the #1 slot, I know it’s a division game but I would of given it to either our game, Atlanta/Chicago or San Diego/Minnesota which got the #6 slot by FOX I’m going to assume that’s because San Diego is a AFC team.

  8. says:

    Sunday will be glorious.

  9. cwel87 says:

    Mostly Mike Pereira. Seriously, that dude’s a moron.

  10. The Legend says:

    Crap the two main games I’ll be watching in the morning will be on locally. Of course #1 is the Eagles #2 is Steelers/Ravens. Since I have Sunday Ticket I don’t really like it when the Eagles are on locally since I can’t pop up the stats on my remote

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