Really, Jets?

Highway rapery

OK, so it’s 12:43am, and I just got home from covering the Jets-Eagles game.  I typically get up at 5am to do my morning Linky thing before I have to leave for my real job at 8am.  However, I usually go to bed before 9pm (old man style) to make that happen, but there’s no shot in hell I’m getting up in 4 hours.  So this post will have to suffice for your morning reading.  Three things:

– Giants writers galore at the Eagles-Jets game tonight.  Wanna guess why they were there?  Give up?  Buehler?  That’s right – Steve Smith.  Expect to see like 20 Steve Smith articles tomorrow morning from those guys, all with a different spin.  I even got in on the Steve Smith inquisition… He gave some good quotes.  Should be interesting to see what those guys come up with.

– I have this little excel spreadsheet I made up where I graded every offensive starter in the NFC East, and color coded them in 9 different categories ranging from elite to “JAG” (just a guy) to garbage, with other classifications in the middle.  Just trying to figure out how to embed it into a post, and it should be good to go.  Hope to have that up later in the day.

– And finally, my main point.  Parking for a Jets preseason game is an astoundingly greedy and unconscionable $50.  Fifty.  Effing. Dollars.  For my car to take up a space of about 12 x 6 for 5 or so hours.  I now hate the Jets.  Before I couldn’t really care less about them one way or the other.  But now… Go fuck yourselves, Jets.  I hope you go 3-13.


  1. BigBlueIntervention says:


  2. Jay Walker says:

    $50 is pretty much ridiculous. I dont pay that in Philly or Baltimore during the regular season. But ya know what? You paid it…..what else could you have done?
    Jets- 1
    Jimmy- 0

    1. “Jets- 1
      Jimmy- 0”


  3. brisulph says:

    You are now halfway there to being a Giants fan… hating the JESTs.

  4. Number5 says:

    Wait, did Steve Smith play?

    1. No, but he was there.

  5. bula says:

    I paid 40 bucks to park at ravens stadium once. And I ended up behind a staples. Next to a dumpster. Blocked in by other cars. Had to wait for other people to leave before I could get out. It was kinda ridiculous and being next to a dumpster is only convenient to tailgating if you forgot trash bags.

  6. GiantsFan says:

    haha….. love this blog even though I sense some Eagles bias….

    1. Never! 100% evenhanded, haha.

  7. theguyotc says:

    Don’t forget, it’s also the Giants’ stadium.

    1. Each individual team can charge what they want. The Giants charge $25 for the preseason.

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