MiniLinky – September 1, 2011 – Troy Aikman “not so sure Skip (Bayless) isn’t gay”

Redskins receivers Gaffney, Stallworth share tragic common bond – David Elfin, CBS

Remember the Broncos receiver, Kenny McKinley, that committed suicide last year?  Apparently, he bought the gun from Gaffney.  If you’re going to kill yourself, you’re going to kill yourself.  Gaffney didn’t really do anything wrong, as far as I understand it.  I’m not sure I’d want my name connected with Stallworth in a headline as “sharing a tragic common bond” if I were Gaffney.  Interesting story… but a misleading headline.

Looking at the chances of the Redskins lower round rookies making the roster – Daniel Shiferaw, Hogs Haven

Daniel was a regular at Skins camp this year.

(Eagles, Giants, and Cowboys news after the jump)…

Eagles face tough roster choices – Jeff McLane,

Among the bubble guys, Jeff has Juqua Parker getting cut, Colt Anderson making the team, Chad Hall… wait, why even post the link if I’m going to give away the surprises?

Farewell Eagles fans – Keith Heumiller, Inside the Iggles

The people at Fansided offered this “job” to me earlier this year, which I turned down.  Glad I did, haha.

Tom Coughlin has his plans for Big Blue go out the window after Hurricane Irene – Ralph Vacchiano, NY Daily News

It’s kind of weird up here in North Jersey.  Some towns are perfectly fine – you’d never even know a hurricane passed through.  My town thankfully falls into the category.  Other towns are completely shut down because of rivers that have overflown.

Giants should have drafted a TE – John Fennelly,

Prince Amukamara is going to miss half the season with a broken foot.  Marvin Austin is on the IR and will miss the entire season.  Jerrel Jernigan fumbled FOUR times in the 3rd preseason game.  Those were the Giants’ top 3 picks, and obviously, so far, not so good.  Personally, I thought they didn’t do enough to bolster their OL through the draft.  TE would have been pretty far down my list.

I think a more fair criticism would be to look at the way they botched the Kevin Boss negotiations.  They slow played him and got his asking price down, and by the time the Raiders swooped in at the last second and overpayed the crap out of him, all the other decent TE options were long gone.

Life never boring as Cowboys QB: Just ask Romo, Kitna, and Aikman

Fantastic excerpt:

The Hall of Famer and three-time Super Bowl winner intimated on a radio show this week that he might like to take a swing at sportswriter Skip Bayless if he ever runs into him.

Bayless’ 1996 book about the Cowboys, “Hell Bent,” made news for speculating that Aikman was gay — without providing any evidence. Appearing on 1310 The Ticket, a Dallas radio station, Aikman made it clear that he hasn’t forgotten.

“When a guy like that comes out and, whether it’s intimated or stated, and there’s no substance to that claim, and he’s doing it purely to gain interest in a book, that’s a problem,” he said.

“I will tell you this. I’ve not seen — I’ve not physically seen Skip Bayless since that time. That was in ’95. And I still kind of wonder what I might do to him when I do see him.”

The show’s host asked if he would say something to Bayless about it.

“Oh, yeah. Yeah,” Aikman replied.

“But you don’t think it will get physical, do you?” the host said.

“Well, I mean, I don’t know. I don’t know,” Aikman said.

Earlier on the show, Aikman said, “I’m not so sure Skip’s not gay.”

I kinda like Aikman, but you know… not in a gay way… not that there’s anything wrong with that.  Here’s the audio if you’re interested.


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  2. The Legend says:

    I just don’t get why some people want Colt Anderson on the roster so bad, he’s not needed with the new rules.

    1. Agreed. I’d be surprised if he made it.

    2. Tracer Bullet says:

      Are you kidding? Short, white, limited athlete, “Colt.” He’s a sportswriter’s wet dream.

  3. Route36 says:

    “If you’re looking for a better, more reliable Eagles news source, I’d recommend Bleeding Green Nation. Jason Brewer might just be the best Eagles writer out there”.

    Jason and BGN FTW!

    1. Haha, yeah I saw that too.

  4. Tracer Bullet says:

    I asked myself why, if the Eagles were to keep a 6th WR specifically for his abilities as a returner and they’re choosing between Moss, Higgins and Hall, why would they keep the least talented of the three? Then I remembered that Reid has to have his short, slow, no-talent motherfucker on the roster. Reno Mahe’s kids go to private school because Andy needed his binky.

  5. cwel87 says:

    Troy Aikman was the leader of a team that took away my childhood memories and replaced them with nightmares.

    And I am firmly on his side. Skip Bayless is not a journalist, he is an uninformed twat. Of course, 95% of those employed at E$PN are uninformed twats, but the fact that Skip actually manages to stand out from the rest of them…just remarkable.

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