MegaLinky – August 31, 2011 – How can the Eagles give Michael Vick $100 million (rabble rabble)?!?!? Well, they didn’t.


Cowboys get younger, lighter on offensive line – Tom Orsborn,

The age of this unit has been covered at length already here, but Tom throws out this interesting nugget as well:

The average size of last year’s unit was 6-6, 324 pounds. This season, it’s 6-4, 309.

Sensabaugh back helping Cowboys – Jaime Aron, AP

Sensi was looking for a monster payday this offseason.  He didn’t get it, and he only got a 1-year deal, which must have been a humbling experience.  Might be a chip on his shoulder this season.

5 kickers. Jerry Jones.

Not happy with 4 kickers on roster, Dallas flies in (Dave) Rayner –

David Buehler, Shayne Graham, Kai Forbath, Dan Bailey, and now Dave Rayner.  Oof.

Gosselin: Young OL will be good for the Cowboys – SportsDay DFW

On the decision to rely on youth this season:

You have no choice. If you stay with Davis and Columbo (sic) and Gurode and Brooking and Newman, you’re looking at 7-9 or 8-8 again this year, and then you’re pushing two years further down the road. By starting it now, at least they see the back end of Romo’s window has a shot at winning a Super Bowl and being a Super Bowl contender. If you try to tread water with the older guys this season, you’re just getting older and you’re getting worse. So whenever you start rebuilding, add two years, and I think that’s where Tony Romo sits. And at 33 or 34, they think he can still win for them.

I think that sums up my thoughts perfectly.

Dre deserved better exit than that – Nick Eatman, Cowboys Mothership

Wow, some rare criticism for the front office from the mothership – you don’t see that very often.  And oddly enough, I disagree with Nick’s point:

To take him to the Minnesota game and then tell him as he’s getting on the bus to go to the stadium that he won’t be playing, and subsequently, that his future with the team is now in question, was not the way it should’ve been handled, in my opinion. I just don’t see the need to embarrass him like that.

The NFL is a business.  The Cowboys, I’d have to imagine, were trying to recoup a draft pick in return for Gurode, and so they hung onto him for their trip to Minny.  Meanwhile, they knew they were cutting him if they couldn’t work out a deal, so why would they play him?  If you play him, for one, you take away snaps from all these really young guys that desperately need the reps, and worse, from a business perspective, you run the risk of Gurode getting hurt and having to pay him an injury settlement.  I get it – It sucks.  Sometimes decisions in business aren’t easy, and often times cruel.  I’m sure they didn’t set out to inconvenience or embarrass Gurode, but what else could they do?

Deal with it — Cowboys are rebuilding – Jean Jacques-Taylor, ESPN

As of Monday, those of you with delusions of grandeur can stop dreaming about the Dallas Cowboys playing in the Super Bowl.

The playoffs? Nope. Not this season.

Your Dallas Cowboys are in full-fledged rebuilding mode just like the Buffalo Bills and Cleveland Browns.

Seems like click-baiting to me here.  I can buy the point that the Cowboys are rebuilding, as they should be, but let’s tap the breaks on the comparison to the Bills.

(Redskins, Eagles, and Giants news after the jump)…

Yeah, so that's 2 kicker pictures. I'm trying to get Jerry Jones to read my blog.

Redskins cut 9 players including Malcolm Kelly – Kevin Ewoldt, Hogs Haven

Maybe the Cowboys will sign kicker Clint Stitser.

Scouts Inc: Redskins D has 3 Top-20 players at their position – John Keim, Washington Examiner

Several Skins are ranked far too low.  London Fletcher, the 20th LB in the league?  Nonsense.  Frankly, Scouts Inc has pretty much lost all credibility with me.  I mean, they ranked Terence Newman ahead of Michael Vick.  Let me repeat that.  Scouts Inc thinks Terence Newman… TERENCE NEWMAN!… is a better football player than Michael Vick.

Redskins notes: Bowen eyes reunion; Atogwe sits

Good news for Stephen Bowen: His wife and two children will join him in Virginia on Tuesday. Bowen, as you probably know, had to leave his wife shortly after the birth of their twins (June 28). They were born premature and one of them died 10 days later. But Stephen III, who is still hospitalized, now weighs 4.5 pounds. He’ll likely need to be hospitalized when they come to Virginia.

“I can’t even put it into words, it’s going to be a good feeling,” Bowen said. “It takes a load off. I’m not worried about him every day. … Some days were good and some days were bad, but now he’s … stabilized.”

The reunion will be good for his wife, too.

“My wife’s a little stressed out,” Bowen said. “She has a lot to do, shipping all our stuff here; buying a house here and trying to sell the house in Dallas. It’s a lot on her plate.”

Stephen Bowen joins Jeremy Maclin as players I’m rooting for this season, regardless of fan affiliation.

Gomes is making progress – Christopher Mudd, Redskins Mothership

I remember watching one of the Skins’ preseason games (I believe it was the first one), and I kept see 24 around the ball on pretty much every play.  I had to look up who it was – turns out it was Gomes.

Watkins will get another chance on Thursday to work out the (cough) kinks.

Vick’s real deal?  5 years, $80 million, $35.5 guaranteed – Pro Football Talk

the sixth year voids if he participates in 35 percent of the snaps in any year of the deal.  It’s actually a five-year, $80 million deal.

It’s not a $100 million deal in the slightest.

Rookie O-Lineman Watkins asks to play in preseason finale – Les Bowen

Whether he asked or not, I’m pretty sure he was going to play regardless.  He needs all the reps he can get.

Creditors encouraged by Vick’s deal – Jonathan Tamari,

I’ll bet they are.

Michael Vick’s contract doesn’t make sense, but neither does the media coverage – Brendan O’Hare, B/R

You know what doesn’t make sense?  Writing a scathing article about how crappy a deal is before you the real details of it emerge.

Ramses Barden is in danger of being McMullen'd

Giants returner muffing chance – Bart Hubbuch

This is of course about 3rd round pick Jerrel Jernigan, who, in case you missed it, had 3 muffed punts and a fumble in the Giants last preseason game against the Jets.  4 fumbles – Wow.  The Giants aren’t going to cut Jernigan – You don’t cut 3rd round picks.  I believe the last coach to cut a 3rd round pick (and I didn’t research this, so apologies if incorrect) was Mike Shanahan, when he cut Maurice Clarett in Denver.  Teams keeps 53 players, but they only dress 45 on gameday.  Jernigan will make the team, but don’t expect to see him in uniform anytime soon.

Giants put Barden on PUP list –  Tom Canavan, AP

He’ll be out for the first 6 weeks of the season.  The age-old debate of Ramses Barden vs Billy McMullen is heating up!

Ramses Barden’s first two seasons – 6 receptions, 80 yards, 0 TD.

Former 3rd round pick Billy McMullen’s first two seasons (remember him, Philly fans?) – 4 catches, 26 yards, 0 TD.

So far, Barden has a commanding lead, but McMullen had his big breakout season in his 3rd season in 2005, when he had 18 catches for 268 yards and a TD.

Giants vs Jets: A look back at 17-3 loss in third preseason game – Mike Garafolo, Star Ledger

The D looked great, but the O and special teams were pitiful.

NFLN cannot locate NYC on a map – Deadspin


A few positives from Giants’ loss to Jets – Ebenezer Samuel, The Blue Screen

Wanted to touch on this little excerpt:

Safety Antrel Rolle also made his debut as the slot cornerback in nickel packages, and he held up well. He was locked onto Jets star Santonio Holmes a handful of times and played solidly. Rolle isn’t the fastest cover man in the world, but he did his best to compensate for that by being physical.

That’s not an ideal setup for the Giants’ D, but it might be the best option for Perry Fewell.  If you stick Antrel Rolle down in the slot, you get Deon Grant onto the field instead of Brian Williams.


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  2. Brendan O'Hare says:

    You’re not realizing that the deal still fucking sucks, and I would have written the same thing today. So who gives a shit.

    1. And then after you wrote your same factually incorrect thing today, I would criticize it again for being… you know… factually incorrect. But I kinda feel like we’re just going in circles at this point.

    2. Chuck says:

      You show your lack of knowledge by responding with expletives. Just saying.

      1. Brendan O'Hare says:

        You’re equating expletives with ignorance, which is an ignorant thing to do.

  3. Brendan O'Hare says:

    Those were the facts that were given to everybody. I’m not the only one who wrote an opinion piece about it, you just went after it because you have a sense of superiority over BR.

    1. Incorrect, since they weren’t facts at all.

      1. Brendan O'Hare says:

        Actually, this wasn’t incorrect, considering dozens of pieces were written that same day about this deal. You chose to pick on this one, because you have some undeserved sense of meliority over B/R. That being said, I still said what I meant. I still think the contract is egregious. I’m done here, Jimmy. Sorry I am not a sportswriting vessel like yourself. I respect what you are trying to do here, with these link roundups, but read the articles first.

        1. D3Keith says:

          It’s clearly deserved.

        2. I read the article. Justify it however you’d like, but you offered commentary on factually incorrect information. That’s a fact. Because your commentary was so over-the-top in its criticism of that factually incorrect information, I found it funny, and called it out. If you’d like to show me some other writers that bashed the contract (again, without the correct facts) with the same veracity as you, by all means, point them out, and I’ll write a dedicated post formally apologizing to you and Bleacher Report.

          1. Brendan O'Hare says:

            I’m not going to do that, because other criticisms of the contract are already in the article. I took the info I got from ESPN, Yahoo, and PFT. My opinion still stands either way, and if I wanted to, I could just replace “100” with “85”, and the article’s theme wouldn’t change. At the time, no one knew it was factually incorrect. You’re just saying that in hindsight.

            1. Brendan O'Hare says:

              And your piece on the Orlando Scandrick deal? You did the same thing. Real deal was $28.2 mil. You jumped the gun too, so you have no room to talk.

            2. Lol, EVERYONE knows that with a monster contract like that, the numbers are extremely iffy. Nothing “hindsight” about it. In fact, I purposely wrote nothing about it, knowing full well there’d be details about the deal that were certain to deflate the actual value of the contract.

              As for Scandrick… It IS $27 million. He was already on the hook this season for $1.2 million. If you add that to the $27 million extension he signed, then sure, I guess it could be said that he’ll make $28.2 million over the next 6 years. Suggestion, Brendan: Just leave. It’s getting embarrassing.

              1. O'Keefy says:

                Served. You should have been a lawyer Jimmy.

              2. Brendan O'Hare says:

                I am going to leave, but only because you’re a moron who can’t read. The article, for the 1838382882829929th time, is about the dogfighting coverage being seeped into coverage about the contract. The contract is criticized, but for the infinitive time, would have been critcized either way. If you weren’t busy fellating yourself, you would have realized this.

                Keep up the great fucking work with these link blasts and meaningless columns. You’re doing a great service to the blogging community. You’d rather do a ballsless post about a random corner, instead of having real opinions about things you can be criticized for. Enjoy your anonymity.

              3. Brendan O'Hare says:

                This is my email in case you want to talk in a place where you don’t have random people reading: Brendan AT Pineriders DOT com.

              4. Agreed, I’m small potatoes. I mean… your bio in the post I linked to reads:

                “Brendan O’Hare runs the sports/pop culture blogging conglomerate PineRiders, which has been linked to by Deadspin, EDSBS, Puck Daddy, and With Leather.”

                You’ve been “linked to?” Shit. Not sure how I can compete with that. One time DeSean Jackson gave me a RT on Twitter because it was my birthday – Highlight of my blogging career. But you’ve been “linked to.” I formally take back everything I’ve written here. I’m clearly out of my league.

              5. Brendan O'Hare says:

                I can’t compete with that DJack shoutout, because that’s actually really fucking cool.

  4. Brendan O'Hare says:

    You mean these?

    Still a shit contract. Also, the point of the article is about the excessive dogfighting connections, moreso than it was about the contract. I am sure you don’t know, as you didn’t even read the post.

    1. The first 6 paragraphs are about how you think the contract is terrible. As is the last paragraph. I think you were pretty invested in hammering that point across.

      But whatever. Just a word of advice going forward from one writer to another – Be 100% sure of the facts and report them accurately if you’re going to criticize something so staunchly. That’s all.

  5. Brendan O'Hare says:

    Hi! I was alerted to this:

    Michael Vick’s contract doesn’t make sense, but neither does the media coverage – Brendan O’Hare, B/R

    You know what doesn’t make sense? Writing a scathing article about how crappy a deal is before you the real details of it emerge.

    I would just like to let you know, that the article is actually about the media coverage of Vick’s dogfighting is being meshed with his new contract. And the deal’s details actually have been released. Nice try though!

    1. If you waited until after the actual details of the contract emerged, then why do you have all the figures wrong?

  6. tuna83 says:

    Near INT is gray area… What defines it?

    I think that if you are talking stats you can include it for what it is worth… Which is nothing.

    Black and White.

    1. L.A. Mass says:

      If it hit Carlos Rogers right in the hands, it is a near interception.

      1. PK says:

        No it wasn’t, since it was Carlos Rogers…

  7. BigBlueIntervention says:

    Completely agreed on Stephen Bowen. Sometimes we lose sight of the fact that these are people and not robots. The expectations are so large that we dismiss problems that would devastate “normal” people.

  8. The Legend says:

    Scouts Inc. had credibility with you before that Newman>Vick thing? One of there main points to try & talk down Vick is near INTs before last year when have you ever heard somebody said “Oh this QB isn’t good because of near INTs” Had you even heard about near INTs before last year because I never had? They hate for some reason I don’t know why he could have a whole season like the game against Washington & they’d try & make up some excuse about how he’s not that good

    As for Barden or McMullen, I don’t think the Giants will be able to turn Barden into Hank Baskett so we win. It’s funny looking back now though because I remember some Giants fans calling us stupid for trading with them so they could get Barden

    1. Regarding the “near INT’s,” I don’t mind it, but I think you owe it to your readers to put some game film behind it.

  9. cwel87 says:

    There’s just so much!

    a) I kind of agree with the notion that the ‘Boys are rebuilding (or at least they should be on half the field). They have a good little nucleus of young talent on the offensive side of the ball, and it’s cool that they’re trying to acclimate to entirely different offensive line personnel, but that defense…that defense is heinous.

    b) I always liked Stephen Bowen. Now I get to be okay with his successes and kind of root for him! I love having the Redskins in our division. It makes things cute and fluffy.

    c) I’m convinced that people at B/R aren’t entirely sure what an american football is supposed to look like, but apparently it’s this oblong, aerodynamically-shaped thing. How silly does that sound!

    d) Javier Bardem sucks. And so does the Giants offense.

    Let me know how you can spin that into a top-class performance by the offense, KC Joyner! I can’t wait to hear that 66% of Eli’s potential interceptions got caught, making him the unluckiest sonuvagun since…well, Eli last year!

    1. plektor says:

      Javier Bardem … is that a joke or did you just mix those two up ?

    2. Brendan O'Hare says:

      I can almost guarantee I know more about football than you.

      1. That may be so, but I’ll bet cwel’s dad can beat up your dad.

  10. plektor says:

    Rolle was actually good in the slot, I was kinda surprised.
    He was a little slow, yes, but I can only guess it would have been worse with Williams there.

  11. plektor says:

    I know commenting only to point out an error (which might be a type) isn’t nice but teams will be allowed to dress 46 players according to the new CBA. There’s is no 3rd QB spot anymore however.

    1. plektor says:

      Ah ah ah I mistyped typo.

    2. Ah, you’re right. Forgot about that one.

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