Screw you, Irene.

Apologies for the lack of updates this weekend.  I place 100% of the blame on this:

I live in North Jersey, and with the hurricane not really even all that close at 11pm on Saturday night, our power went out.  Just got it back late last night.  Every time our power goes out I swear to myself that we’re going to buy a generator, and then I never do.  That same pattern will probably continue. Anyway, for us, there wasn’t any real damage. My wife’s car had a flat tire, although I doubt that was hurricane related. So that’s good. But Hurricane Irene was very much a major nuisance. Screw you, Irene.

I have a little catch-up to do on the bEast. Andre Gurode being shopped? Are the Cowboys really going into the 2011 super young along the OL? Ballsy. I think I like it.


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  3. Baywest says:

    I think your wrong about William Beatty. I was at the spring camp and this kid has a big upside and a lot of desire to continue to be at the top of his game. I think he will be an all pro. Look at him closer.

  4. GiantsFan says:

    where in North Jersey you at? I’m in Parsippany and we lost power as well :(… hope all is well

    1. Ah, Parsippany. Nice. The in-laws live there – They’re still out of power too, and are at my house. We’re in Rockaway.

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