Eagles also going super young along the OL, perhaps foolishly

Just like the Cowboys, it appears the Eagles are going ultra young along the OL by naming Jason Kelce the starter at center.  However, unlike the Cowboys, I think it’s a major mistake for the Eagles to go with 2 rookies, right next to each other no less, protecting Michael Vick.  They did the right thing by sliding Todd Herremans to right tackle and filling in Evan Mathis at LG, but starting two rookies that looked so horrific in the 3rd preseason game against the Browns makes little sense.  Why not start Jamaal Jackson for the first few weeks, and let Kelce take over when he’s ready?  This is not a typical offseason.  Rookies have only been in camp for about a month.

– 2010 NFL MVP runner-up behind center? Check.

– Two fast, dynamic playmakers on the outside? Check.

– Veteran, savvy, professional chain movers as the 3 and 4 receivers? Check.

– An emerging star at the RB position? Check.

– Two rookies protecting the middle of the line… that have not looked good at all in the preseason?

Oof.  The Eagles are playing with fire.


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  2. ICDogg says:

    As long as we dance around the elephant in the room – a first round pick who needs to get a lot better, fast! – then we still have a problem. Kelce was much less of a problem than Watkins. Dunlap was hardly a problem at all, though I do think Herremans is a better long term solution for that position.

  3. cwel87 says:

    This is stupid.

    Yeah, I’ve got no expert analysis here. It’s just not a smart decision.

    1. Tracer Bullet says:

      There is wisdom in your simplicity.

  4. ATLEagle says:

    can VY start while these guys learn their craft. Why worry about the line being good in December if there is no QB back there to throw it.

  5. arturo says:

    I believe, in looking at the training camp practices, Mudd saw all he needed to see. One of these rookies are 27 years old and as for the preseason games, except for the Pitt game they havent been overpowered too many times(physically they did good, scheme wasnt working with the 2 rooks). Notice the Cleveland game the scheme was adapted, they both did better. As a UT fan…you cant expect anyone to handle Cory Redding 100% of the time.
    As stated before, best to toughen the steel in the fire, not on the outside of the pit. Young, smart OLineman are hard to find, but easy to recruit. All is well, until week 1…we’ll see.

  6. Gary says:

    I’d be more worried if it wasn’t Mudd coaching them up.

  7. Warren says:

    Well, the only way to get those rookies (esp Kelce) up to speed is by getting them game reps. If they don’t start now, giving them 4-6 weeks on the bench won’t really help. It’ll be really interesting to see how how this impacts the play calling, as Dan noted above

  8. Dan in Philly says:

    We shall see what becomes of things as the season progresses. I wonder if the decline of the offense last year might be motivating the youth movement this year with the thinking that they are more likely to end well doing it this way.

    Everyone is quite rightly concerned about protecting Vick, but such things can be done schematically as well as through personnel, through the liberal use of draws, screens, and quick routes. Given that the book on Vick and the Eagles O seems to be blitzing the living hell out of them and keeping the safeties deep to prevent the big play, it seems to me the choosing of a younger and presumably more durable OL fits in with the idea of running such plays as will defeat the blitz. I predict quite a bit of this kind of thing for the first 4 or 6 games.

    Having a young and aggressive OL who can get to the second level is worth even the inexperience they bring versus the alternative, and given their youth they will be less likely to wear down as the season grinds on. I think they are making this decision not only as the best one by the end of the season, but really the best one for now.

  9. Andrew says:

    Here Ill do it for you. Ballsy.

    But Mudd must really love Kelce. At least week 1 isnt againts an all star defense

    1. Rams actually have a pretty good DL.

      1. giants fan says:


  10. BigBlueIntervention says:

    Well, Gurode is available!

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