Tony Romo’s wedding video returns

I posted this once before, but it was quickly yanked off of youtube, so many of you never got to see it.  Well, it’s back!  I could spend an hour or two making jokes, but I don’t think it’s even necessary.  Just enjoy.


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  2. Muffin says:

    comical relief asside, that was a hell of a job on the wedding video, guy who filmed it is a genius. It must be a pretty expensive guy to hire.

  3. Tracer Bullet says:

    Is there anything, ANYTHING, funnier than drunk white people dancing at a wedding? I would pay good money to watch that as a TV channel.

  4. Switzbeats says:

    Joe Banner and Andy Reid’s genius moves have yet to win a ring so how can they be that great?

    Sorry Jimmy, had to go to the old fallback:)

  5. Switzbeats says:

    Scandrick aint ken hamlin or roy williams

  6. Switzbeats says:

    I compare the Scandrick deal to the Jay Ratliff extension a few years back which has turned out to be a fucking bargain

  7. richard says:

    been visiting your site a lot lately. I am a cowboys fan and I love the competitive division. This is the first post that made me go, “wtf does this have to do with anything?”. Since I am used to you not being biased I will await the next 3 posts making fun of the rest of the divisions qbs. Cue dog fighting videos, maybe eli’s Oreo commercials, and any picture of the skins qbs will make me laugh. Cheers!

    1. Switzbeats says:

      Agreed man, I like this site and I think Jimmy is very good when it comes to talking football but this was a little too much. I’m not gonna make any stupid jokes about Vick or Andy Reid’s kids although I kind of want to.

      BTW, Scandrick signing was a GREAT move. $5 million/year for a solid, not great starting CB that is 24 is a good move.

      If it were the Eagles that had done it we would be hearing how smart Joe Banner is and that is why the eagles are one of the best franchises in the NFL.

      1. I’ll give you a 2-question pop quiz:

        1 – Wanna guess how many Eagles are making more than $5 million this season?
        2 – Wanna guess who they are?

        I’ll give you a hint. The answer to question 1 is a very low number. All the players you list for question 2 are all great players.

    2. Ha, thanks for reading. And you’re right… Has nothing to do with football. Gonna have dumb stuff here occasionally.

  8. DerfDiggy says:


    1. DerfDiggy says:

      And that’s not necessarily a bad thing..I don’t come here for exactly non-biased opinions…JimmyK is hilarious, and knows football…

      And I think the audience are mostly eagles fans.

  9. mp1984 says:

    I agree that the video is amusing, then again has any man ever got married then not received ridicule from his friends?
    I appreciate that you afe trying to produce an entertaining blog and carry friends over from BGN, however a pretence of impartiality while mocking/criticising everything from the other 3 teams does not aid this. I’ve seen no analysis of the Eagles’ UFL/god knows what lb and s situation for example.

    Then again I am a (drunk, living in England) Cowboys fan who reads fairly regularly. Maybe this is the plan?

    Good luck

  10. mp1984 says:

    What a moron. He didn’t electrocute one dog’s testicles!

    1. No, he merely forfeited his own testicles.

      1. mp1984 says:

        Possibly, I think lot’s of men leave the wedding video to the bride. I’d take that over Vick’s off field activities,

        1. Well it’s good we can all have a sense of humor.

          1. DerfDiggy says:

            And there are some seriously hot females/bridesmaids…

  11. packimop says:


  12. giants fan says:

    … wow

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