Linky – August 25, 2011 – 53 man projections! Woohoo!

Aaron Ross has become such an afterthought that when you google his name on google images, the first 3 pages are of some BMX biker dude.

Aaron Ross gets his chance to make an impact after Terrell Thomas injury – Ralph Vacchiano, Daily News

It seems like so long ago that Aaron Ross was the future of the Giants secondary. He was their first-round pick in 2007, a dynamic player who excited the front office. He figured to be a starter for years.

Now, four years later, the 28-year-old Ross knows most people have forgotten how good he used to be. Injuries ruined his last two seasons and shook any faith in his abilities.

With Terrell Thomas out for the season, though, Ross is the Giants’ starting cornerback again. And he’s eager to remind everyone what he’s able to do.

Plaxico Burress says he needed fresh start, never planned to sign with the Giants despite meeting – Stefan Bondy, Daily News

The poll attached to this article asks “Giants fans, do you forgive Plaxico Burress for ruining Big Blue’s run at a Super Bowl repeat?”  Really?

Giants’ Michael Clayton praised by Tom Coughlin for play on special teams vs Bears – Mike Garafolo, Star-Ledger

A lot of praise was being heaped on Giants kick returner Devin Thomas after his impressive performance against the Chicago Bears on Monday night, but the player competing with him for a roster spot played a big role and shouldn’t be ignored.

That player is Michael Clayton, who delivered some big blocks as the “up” man in front of Thomas. Clayton, a former first-round pick just trying to hang on to a job, is impressing Giants coach Tom Coughlin with his play on special teams and his attitude.

Starting anew in New York Jersey, Giants tackle takes his shot – Sam Borden, NY Times

When Jimmy Kennedy won the 1996 New York state football championship with Roosevelt High School in Yonkers, he was one of 20 players. One very big player.

Kennedy, who played on both the offensive and defensive lines, hit a growth spurt early in high school — 6 feet 5 inches and pushing 300 pounds by 10th grade, according to his former coach, Tony DeMatteo.

“I had 20 kids on that team and two of them were girls,” DeMatteo said. “So I would put Jimmy on one side and everyone else on the other. What else was I going to do?”

That team went 12-0

Good read here.

(Cowboys, Redskins and Eagles news after the jump)…

Cowboys kicker David Buehler can out-run CBs and out-bench press linebackers. He just can't kick. That's why he's competing against 3 other kickers this preseason.

Cowboys extend Orlando Scandrick – Calvin Watkins, ESPN

I like Orlando Scandrick.  I don’t like him nearly that much.  More on that later.

Cowboys keep trying to solve Cowboys kicking problem – Jaime Aron, AP

It’s extremely rare to even have 3 kickers in camp.  The Cowboys have four.

Cowboys forecast for the Vikings game, plus my first 53 man projection – Tom Ryle, Blogging the Boys

I like that Tom also add a percentage likelihood of which position categories will be a problem, although the OL and DL percentages are way too low, as is the owner, who is a problem on roller skates 🙂

Mike Jenkins returns to team drills – Tim MacMahon, ESPN Dallas

Suffered a stinger the second week of camp.

‘Psychic benefits’ and the NBA lockout – Malcolm Gladwell, Grantland

Dan Snyder gets his own paragraph:

But most of all professional sports owners don’t have to behave like businessmen. For every disciplined and rational operator like the Patriots’ Robert Kraft or Mark Cuban, there is also someone like Washington Redskins owner Dan Snyder. Snyder was a brilliant entrepreneur, who at the age of 36 sold Snyder Communications — the marketing company he built from scratch — for an estimated $2 billion. He has subsequently run the Redskins like a petulant 14-year-old fantasy owner. Snyder Communications was a business. The Redskins are a toy. The former he ran to solely maximize profit. The latter he runs for his psychic benefit — as a reward for all the years he spent being disciplined and rational. And it is one of the surreal qualities of professional sports that they are as welcoming and lucrative for those owners who chose to behave like 14-year-olds as they are of those owners who chose to behave like grown-ups.

Redskins hand out annual P.O.Y. awards – Brian Tinsman, Redskins Mothership

With tribute videos.  As an Eagles fan, I won’t miss Jorrick Calvin as a kick returner (see Lorenzo Alexander’s video).

Barry Cofield isn’t angry at the Giants. Really – Barry Svrluga, WaPost

“He’s exactly what you’re looking for in a nose,” Haslett said.

I think Cofield will do fine, but he’s not “exactly” what you look for at that position.

Lies, damn lies, and statistics”: Power of the pass rush – Steve Shoup, Hogs Haven

Amen, brother.

If Michael Vick went down Week 1, Mike Kafka is pretty clearly the #2 QB.

25 random things about the Eagles – Reuben Frank, CSN

Lots of interesting nuggets in here.

Kafka might be ahead of Young as Eagles backup – Paul Domowitch,

You may as well just take out “might be,” and replace it with “is.”  If Michael Vick goes down early in the season, the clear-cut better QB… right now… is Mike Kafka.  From Day 1 of camp, I thought Kafka looked like an entirely different QB than the one he looked like last year, and was thoroughly impressed with his progression.  VY, meanwhile, didn’t look good in the limited chances I had to watch him at camp.  Obviously Kafka lit it up against the Steelers’ 3rd stringers last week, and that’s fine and good, but my thinking is based more on what I saw in camp.  Now, if Vick happens to go down… say… in Week 12… that might be a different story.

Jobs up for grabs when Eagles take on the Browns – Jeff McLane,

Jeff looks at RT, MLB, SS, C, and backup QB.

First stab at the final 53 – Tommy Lawlor, IgglesBlitz

Tommy, you click-baiting whore… I kiiiid, I kiiiiid.  I pretty much agree with the majority of this.  Ryan Harris and Phillip Hunt didn’t make the cut.  I agree with Tommy’s reasoning on Hunt, although even with Harris’ back issues, he makes my team over Austin Howard.  Tommy also goes 6 deep at CB, which I agree with.  If Joselio Hanson nets a decent draft pick in return (like a 4?), then best of luck with your new team, Jose… but I’m not about to cut him or deal him for much less.  Colt Anderson is a great player for what he does, but I agree there’s no room.  the new kickoff return rules affect him as much as they affect kick returners.  Teams around the league are going to be watching the Eagles’ cuts very closely.  I fully expect somewhere between 4-7 Eagles cuts to be on another NFL roster this season.


  1. ICDogg says:

    Not sure I agree that Kafka would be the backup. Kafka does know the system much better, to be sure, but remember that he was playing against 3rd and 4th stringers. Young is the only one with experience playing against 1st line NFL players, and that is also an important consideration, even if he hasn’t mastered the playbook yet.

  2. Tracer Bullet says:

    Jimmy, the Giants REALLY need a CB. Would you deal Hanson to them? Is he good enough that the Eagles would feel compelled to send him out of the division? And the Eagles have been looking to get rid of Parker for at least four year. I wouldn’t count him out just yet.

    1. If I were the Eagles and the Giants made a good offer for Hanson, I think I’d be be willing to deal him within the division. The eagles have certainly never shied away from that in the past.

      1. Brian says:

        I bet they’d send Hanson to the Giants, knowing that he’s not a league average starter. Great nickel guy, but he can’t cover DeSean.

        1. BigBlueIntervention says:

          Well, he’d be our nickel. Ross/Prince more suited to outside than nickel anyway. Thomas would’ve played nickel for us in the nickel packages.

        2. Tracer Bullet says:

          “Can’t cover DeSean” is true of probably 99% of CBs in the NFL.

      2. ICDogg says:

        I wouldn’t rule it out, but I think that a “good offer” would have to include something that could help the Eagles immediately and not a year from now. Even if a third team had to be involved to make that happen.

  3. brisulph says:

    The Burress article needs to be given to every talking head on TV, forced to read it, and then retain it. I don’t want to hear about how “The Giants should have got Burress”, when anyone with half a brain (so granted, most talking heads don’t qualify, admittedly) knows he was doing it simply to get some headlines and thus drum up interest from other sources. He used the Giants to gain elsewhere (which is fine, can’t blame him for it one bit), he never planned on signing.

    I now anxiously await the first “Giants need a big target for Eli, they should have got Burress… who will not victimize them on the other side tonight.” top notch analysis to start rolling in on the Saturday pre-game show.

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