Terrell Thomas tears ACL, out for the season

Last night in the Giants’ 41-13 preseason win over the Bears, the Giants suffered a monumental loss in Terrell Thomas, as the CB tore his ACL.  Thomas is player I’ve always thought very highly of, as he simply makes plays (5 INTs and 4 FFs in 2010).

The Giants are now extremely thin at the corner position, with Prince Amukamara already missing the first half of the season, Bruce Johnson having previously torn his Achilles, and surprise camp standout Brian Witherspoon spraining his MCL last night as well.  The only thing missing from Thomas’ game was consistency, and all reports were that Thomas was having an excellent camp.  The Star-Ledger’s Mike Garafolo hit all the major points, including this quote from Tom Coughlin:

“That’s the part of the game that just makes you shake your head,” Coughlin said, adding: “We’ll have to address it. We’ll just have to make some decisions, whether or not there are any (free agents) out there that we can bring in or shuffle some guys around.”

Regarding the available free agents still on the market, the pickings are slim, but at least it’s not as bad as what was left at the TE position when Kevin Boss unexpectedly left for Oakland.  I suspect the Giants will likely lob a call into Kelvin Hayden and/or Randall Gay:

Player Experience 2010 Team
Jackie Bates 1 Chiefs
Tyron Brackenridge 3 Jaguars
Randall Gay 7 Saints
Kelvin Hayden 6 Colts
Tye Hill 4 Lions
Ellis Hobbs 6 Eagles
Roderick Hood 8 Titans
William James 10 Niners
Justin King 3 Rams
Anthony Madison 5 Steelers
Trumaine McBride 4 Cardinals
Karl Paymah 6 Texans
Keiwan Ratliff 6 Bengals
Lito Sheppard 9 Vikings
Brian Williams 9 Falcons


  1. jim says:

    as an eagles fan this kinda sux,now when we win our 7th and 8th game in a row over the vagiants all the greasy big mouth fans will have an excuse even though we still woulda beat them with a full team.hell even if they had deion sanders in his prime and we lent them asmougha for a game they still would lose.get ur giant excuses ready Jew York

    1. brisulph says:

      Jew York? Really? I rather hope this was some sort of bad joke and not actual hating someone else based on their ethnicity, cause that ain’t cool bro.

      1. Jew York is the grandson of the late actor Dick York, of Bewitched fame. Jew York frequents BtB quite often. I believe he was talking to him. Ha, but no, you’re right… not cool.

      2. cwel87 says:

        I wasn’t even aware he was speaking English

  2. PrincetonGreen says:

    How about the Giants make us an offer on Joselio that we can’t refuse?

    1. The Eagles aren’t shy about trading players within the division, as they’ve proven.

  3. Euler says:

    This isn’t the way you want the Giants to lose.

  4. brisulph says:

    If I may dust off an old chestnut… ahem “just another nail in the Giants coffin.” Weatherspoon going out for a while as well may not be a death blow, but yet more depth at CB gone. YEEEESH!

    1. cwel87 says:

      You had to bring it back, didn’t you?

      1. brisulph says:

        Whe you are down 4 out of your 6 CB on the depth chart, I think that qualifies for a dust off, yes. Weatherspoon also done for the year btw… so 3 gone for the year, another is a rookie who cannot practice. So yeah, things are pretty damn bad.

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  6. giants fan says:

    This hurts us more than smith and boss combined.

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