Linky – August 23, 2011 – The end of Ramses Barden as a Giant?

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The Beast of the NFC East: Why my division is still better than your division – OCC, Blogging the Boys

All sorts of interesting facts and numbers here.  Apparently, since ’06, the NFC East has a combined points differential of +720.  The NFC West, on the other hand, had a staggeringly bad -1,538.  Just go.  Great stuff here.

Concerns abound for the Eagles at MLB, RT, and FS, but Kurt Coleman is legit.

Eagles safety Nate Allen not 100% – Les Bowen,

But… wait… I interview Nate at Lehigh and he said he was 100%.  Would Nate Allen lie about the percentage of health he was experiencing with his leg?  I demand an accurate percentage next time, Nate.  Anyway, Jarrad Page is expected to get some looks with the 1s Thursday against the Browns.

New NFL kickoff rules hurting Eagles (Colt) Anderson – Jonathan Tamari,

Hmmm, hadn’t thought of the new kickoff rules from that perspective.  He’s right.  It doesn’t just hurt the value of returns like Devin Hester and Joshua Cribbs, or kickers that could put it through the endzone when it was at the 30 like David Buehler.  It also hurts the guys that are good at hunting down the returners as well.

Strange days and misc stuff – Tommy Lawlor – Tommy Lawlor, Iggles Blitz

Tommy tries to sort through the question marks at RT, safety, guard, KR, Trevor Laws’ hip flexor, Mike McGlynn’s trade value, and more.

Wishing for a plan B at MLB – Brian Solomon, McNabb or Kolb

I meant to link to this yesterday… and then forgot.  But some good work here.  Forget the KC Joyner nonsense.  If you’re a Cowboys, Giants or Redskins fan and are looking for a chink in the Eagles’ armor, you’ll find a good one here.

Kurt Coleman emerging as a leader on the defense – Jason Brewer, BGN

I have full confidence in Kurt Coleman as a starter.  Nobody outside of Philly really knows anything about the guy, but I think we’ll learn this season that he’s a bona fide NFL starter.

Why the Philadelphia Eagles should re-sign Terrell Owens – Tim Nguyen, B/R

Not sure what’s dumber… The suggestion itself, or that in the poll 71% of the readers agree.

(Giants, Cowboys, and Redskins news after the jump)…

Devin Thomas (Yes, this is Devin Thomas) may be pushing Ramses Barden out the door.

Terrell Thomas tears ACL, out for the season – Me, here

With a list of the free agents still available on the open market.

Devin Thomas impresses returning kicks – Mike Mazzeo, ESPN NY

Yup.  Took the ball and just ran strong north-south.  I’d be very surprised if he didn’t make the team.  The Giants need to think hard if they should continue on with Ramses Barden.  The numbers are working against him: Nicks, Manningham, and Jernigan are locks.  Hixon and Cruz are near locks.  That’s 5.  Can the Giants justify keeping Barden over Thomas?  I say no.

While we’re on the topic of the Giants’ preseason game last night, a few other quick thoughts:

– Nice catch by Cruz on a 3rd down play.  Ability is there, although watching him get reamed out badly on the sidelines by Kevin Gilbride tells me that he’s still got to get some mental things to iron out.  A coach typically doesn’t get that animated unless it’s a recurring thing.

– I love commentators like Jon Gruden and Cris Collinsworth… Guys that actually… you know… know the game, and can point stuff out that nobody else would see.  Gruden did a nice job catching a check at the line by Manning on the Brandon Jacobs TD run.  Nobody should ever… EVER… long for the days of Tony Kornheiser.

– Great run there by Jacobs, by the way.  Impressive cut by the big man.  Juked the crap out of a Bears safety.  Jacobs looks fresh.

– Mistake free game by Eli.

– David Baas absolutely destroyed a linebacker on a screen.  Giants fans had to love seeing that.  Instant upgrade over Shaun O’Hara.

– Nice game by Aaron Ross.  Thought he got away with a PI near the goal line, but was physical with the Bears receivers and caused a few incompletions.  Obviously, Ross is suddenly an extremely important player for the Giants.

– After a terrible special teams performance last week, the Giants were WAY better last night, particularly against a great Bears special teams unit.  Matt Dodge hit a bomb, Thomas was good on kick returns (as already noted), and the got a blocked punt.  The Giants should be good on special teams, for how much they work on it in practice.  Last night they were.

– Michael Boley looks faster this season.  That was kind of his thing, or at least it was supposed to be when the Giants signed him – Speed.  Never really saw him play fast with the G Men.  He’s playing faster so far this year.

– On the long catch and run by Matt Forte, Antrel Rolle looked like he was stuck in quicksand.  It just looked bad.  Kudos to Justin Tuck for getting 50 yards down field to make the tackle.

– Bear Pascoe is not a legitimate FB.  I did a film review of Pascoe a couple months ago, and on tape, he’s brutal.  It’s pretty much clear as day.  What are the Giants doing?  Why is he getting playing time with the 1s?  Have they not seen the tape? I don’t get it.

– Will Beatty with another false start last night. Last season, he had one penalty per every 28 snaps.  Also saw at least two holds that he got away with.  People will say that he didn’t give up a sack, and that’s fine and good, but I saw a LT last night that is very likely to struggle in 2011.

– Jerrel Jernigan was rather unimpressive returning punts.

– Why exactly did the Bears sign Roy Williams and Marion Barber?  And even worse, why is Roy Williams starting?

Hooray for heinies!

Cowboys getting closer to full strength – Todd Archer, ESPN Dallas

Updates on Brooking, Choice, Murray, Austin, Holland, Spears, and Hatcher.

Dallas Cowboys overlooked amid Philadelphia Eagles hoopla – Vinnie Iyer, Sporting News

Vinnie does the list route here, as seems to be the trend when writing a “(Team other than the Eagles) should maybe kinda/sorta be the NFC East favorite” article that they don’t really believe, but write anyway.

– Agree with 1.

– Agree with 2, but I’ll note that they’re going from one extreme of having the oldest OL in the league to going into 2011 with likely the most inexperienced backups in the league.  But I agree their OL play really can’t get much worse.

– In number 3, I just don’t understand all the praise for Rob Ryan.  What has he done in the NFL?  Seriously… Can somebody please explain to me exactly what Rob Ryan has done to deserve this constant blind praise?

– In number 4, Mike Jenkins, to my knowledge, was healthy last year.  And while Terence Newman wasn’t, he isn’t so far this year either.

– Not sure why Iyer is listing Steve Weatherford as a bad thing for the Giants in #5, and I’m not actually seeing any kind of argument as to why David Buehler will be a better kicker.

– Agree with 6.

Elusive Felix Jones off to strong start for Cowboys – Jaime Aron, AP

Agreed.  He has looked great so far.

Already shaking their pom poms – NBC DFW

Cheerleaders! Yay!

"Oozing wound"

Redskins FB Sellers tutors his replacement – Rick Maese, Washington Post

Great attitude.

Haynesworth serves all communities well – Thom Loverro, Washington Examiner

Loved this phrase:

“Haynesworth — the Redskins’ former $100 million oozing wound”

Skins will wait til last minute to name starting QB – Joseph White, AP

Are we at about 50/50 here?  Pretty close, right?  Are there Vegas odds for their Week 1 starter?


  1. brisulph says:

    Barden might very well end up as a good player, but he really seems too fragile at this point to ever contribute.

  2. Tracer Bullet says:

    I love commentators like Jon Gruden and Cris Collinsworth

    Today in sentences never before uttered in all of human history . . . So you’re the guy — or rather, you’re THIS GUY — who keeps Gruden employed. This is like finding Bigfoot making out with the Lock Ness Monster on the back of a mermaid who lives in Atlantis.

    1. Haha, I get it. He praises players to no end, almost to a comical degree, and I agree it’s annoying. But if you have the ability to tune that stuff out, he does know his stuff.

      1. Immynimmy says:

        Agreed. Gruden is great. I really enjoy listening to him. He’s one of the few sports commentators in general with an actual personality. Collinsworth on the other hand is kind of annoying. Yeah, he knows his stuff, but he becomes far too biased at times, which is the worst thing a commentator can be,

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