Cowboys have first dibs in the NFL Supplemental draft

First,  an explanation of the weighted lottery system from Pro Football Talk:

The supplemental draft works like a convoluted combination of a draft and the waiver system.

Priority for the supplemental draft will be determined by a weighted lottery.  The weakest club (this year, the Panthers) receives the most chances, with 32.  The strongest team (the Packers) gets the fewest, with one.

The order of priority for the six weakest teams is determined first via picking chances from a container, which means that the Panthers will be no lower than sixth.  Then, the lottery chances for the remaining 14 non-playoffs teams will be placed in the container and the No. 7 through No. 20 spots will be determined.

Finally, the lottery chances for the 12 postseason teams will be placed in the container to determine the final dozen slots on the priority chart.

The draft then unfolds with each team determining on a round-by-round basis whether to use, before the round begins, the corresponding pick from the 2012 draft.  If multiple teams pick the same player in the same round, the priority list determines which team gets the player.

And then, just in via Rob Rang, the Cowboys have apparently won the lottery among the “worst teams”:

The Dallas #Cowboys have the first pick of the 2011 supplemental draft. The Pittsburgh #Steelers have the last pick. The draft has begun.

Obviously, we’ll have more if any of the NFC East teams add a player.

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