Linky – August 18, 2011 – John Mara basically says that Steve Smith was dumb to turn down a supposed 5 year deal worth $35 million before he got hurt


Cowboys hope Bennett matured by marriage – Jeff McDonald,

No snarky comment here on this one.  I actually buy this.  I got married a little less than 2 years ago, and when I think back to my days pre-wifey to now, it’s an insane difference.

Victor Butler: Tashard Choice may be best trash talker on offense – SportsDay DFW

For you Cowboys, Giants, and Redskins fans: You know when you’re debating with an Eagles fan and you’re clearly getting smoked in any sort of debate, you can always just say, “Oh yeah, well the Eagles don’t have any Super Bowls?”  I get the feeling that if Tashard Choice was trash talking to me I’d just keep coming back to this.

Cowboys still looking for answer at FB – Tom Ryle, Blogging the Boys

Rookie 7th round pick appears to not have “pop.”

Cowboys 2011 Predictions: Outcomes for all 16 games – Jason Henry, B/R

Lol, I love these.  This one follows the typical formula – Sweep the bad team in the division, split with the two good ones, beat all the bad teams handily except one (the wake-up call game), lose a heart-breaker to the great team (Pats), and in the end wind up with a completely unrealistic final record.

(Redskins, Eagles, and Giants news after the jump)…

LB Thaddeus Gibson claimed off waivers by Redskins – Mike Jones, The Insider

4th round pick pick by the Steelers last year, went to the Niners, now on his third team to compete for a job.

Fine offensive line might be taking shape for the Redskins – Rich Campbell, The Washington Times

For me, it’s all about Trent Williams, who had an up and down 2010.  If Williams turns out to be what the Redskins hope he is when they drafted him 4th overall, they’ll be fine.  If not, that entire left side (from LT-C) could be a weakness.

Redskins rookie WRs compete for a few roster spots – Rick Maese, Washington Post

If Donte Stallworth makes this team over the rookies, it would have to be viewed as a major disappointment.

Bills and Bengals fans have every right to be furious with Roger Goodell.

NFL kind of forced Michael Vick to sign with Eagles – Jason Brewer, BGN

The Eagles are my team and obviously Michael Vick coming to the Eagles worked out in spectacular fashion, but I’d be furious about this if I were a Bengals or Bills fan, or really a fan of any team, frankly.  This is the exact opposite of parity, and the commissioner shouldn’t have the power to act in this manner. Goodell is playing God, and I’m not cool with that.

Maclin says “I’m fine” after false cancer scare – Jay Glazer, FOXSports

Awesome news.

It’s only preseason, but Pittsburgh-Philly matchup has buzz –

After very limited action in the first preseason game, the Eagles are playing their starters for the first half.  Not sure about the Steelers.  Should be a great look at the the new parts tonight.  National TV.

Lockout locked up players for the Eagles – Paul Domowitch,

Interesting piece here.  The crux is that had free agency taken place in March in a typical offseason, the Eagles would not have ended up with all the players they were able to sign.  Worth a look.

John Mara had a lot to say yesterday.

Kiwanuka back after neck injury jeopardized career – Paul Schwartz, NY Post

Heard Kiwi on Francesca yesterday.  Smart guy.  I just don’t see him as a LB though.  Opponents are going to rack their brains trying to figure out how they can get him in mismatches trying to cover their running backs in the passing game.

New York Giants co-owner John Mara content with offers Big Blue made to Kevin Boss, Steve Smith – Ralph Vacchiano, The Blue Screen

Mara said the Giants “tried to sign him to a long term deal – a huge deal that would’ve made him one of the highest-paid receivers in the league” last season. Smith has since denied this, but Mara said the receiver turned down what was reportedly a five-year, $35 million contract with $15 million in guaranteed money.

“(His agent) wanted to wait and test the waters of free agency,” Mara said. “And unfortunately he ended up getting hurt.”

Mara reiterated that Smith’s agent promised the Giants a chance to counter any offer, but they did not do that after he got his one-year, $4 million deal with $2 million in guarantees from the Eagles. He added the Giants likely wouldn’t have matched that anyway.

“They definitely paid more money than we were willing to pay,” Mara said.

Wow, a lot to digest there, but the most interesting nugget is to hear Mara basically say that Steve Smith was stupid for not taking a deal worth $7M/year, and even give specific numbers on what they say they offered.  Not sure what good it does to go on record with that.  If Smith contributes for the Eagles this season, the Giants are really going to look bad.  Also, I’m not sure I buy that the Giants wouldn’t be willing to give Smith a $2 million deal – That’s either a lie, or the Giants are dumb.  Take your pick.

(Smith and Co have denied they received that offer, and they continue to deny that they ever said they’d give the Giants an opportunity to match whatever offer they might find).

Tuck sits out practice with sore Achilles – Mike Garafolo, Star-Ledger

Tuck is probably the #2 guy on the team that they absolutely cannot lose, and “Achilles” is a taboo word.  The Giants need to take their time getting him back into the mix.


  1. AndrewM says:

    “The Eagles went for broke in the offseason in an attempt to buy a championship by adding a totally new defense”
    UGH! this is gunna get so irritating so fast..

    Do you really think the starters will play a half tonight? Or do you think they will end up playing less? I dont see why we should play our starters againts pitts 2s

    1. Teams typically don’t care all that much what the other team is doing as far as personnel goes in the preseason. The preseason is all getting timing down for the starters, and evaluation for the other guys. I guess that playing against another team’s 1’s might provide more of a challenge, but the coaches tend to care less about that than the fans.

  2. brisulph says:

    he said/he said situation, no truth will ever come out on it. Both are probably fudging the truth a bit in all honesty.

  3. Dan in Philly says:

    Conspiracy theorists have a lot of fuel against the Eagles right now. If, and it’s quite a big if, the eagles win the SB this year, the haters will say forever that the league conspired to have them win. To forstall this, let’s see:

    1) Everyone assumed that Vick wouldn’t bring much as a QB. Go back and show me any articles from major sources (ESPN, etc) which predicted he would be able to come back. If anything, Vick was considered overrated before his imprisonment, and everyone assumed he might be able to get to part of his former self – no one thought he would actually be better.

    2) The thinking as I understand it was someone would give Vick a chance, and when the Eagles did it everyone was shocked, since they really didn’t need a QB. Kolb was clearly the heir, and McNabb was still playing at a high level.

    3) Clearly no one was impressed with Vick his first year, as he was shopped around after that year and there was little interest. I assume Buffalo of Cincy could have traded for him with a 2nd round pick (as I recal that was the asking price), but they didn’t. They have only themselves to blame for that oversight.

    Again, I’m operating under my recollection of what happened – I’ll have to go pull the articles to make sure I’m remembering correctly. But to me, the decision for Vick to go to the Eagles had little to do with improving the Eagles and more to do with letting a team such as the Birds take the PR hit for being the team which let him back, and then after things cooled down he could get a starting shot elsewhere.

    1. brisulph says:

      Dude… don’t be that fan. Your team wins the SB, who gives a hell what others say? Enjoy your SB.

    2. If the Bengals/Bills were willing to deal with the PR onslaught, that should be their decision, not the commissioner’s.

    3. Bill Ward says:

      “I assume Buffalo of Cincy could have traded for him with a 2nd round pick”….

      Dude, if the commish hadn’t been interfering and steering, they wouldn’t have had to give Philly ANYTHING, because he would have been available to them to choose at that point in time for free.

      You’ve missed the point TOTALLY….. once the Commish started pushing a player in ANY direction, it’s bad for the league. He does that to my team (and by that I mean “Pushes a good player to them”, he STILL needs to go. There’s a spot where you need to stop being a fan of JUST your team, and think about the league as a whole. The mere WHIFF of favoritism is a cancer in the league, it doesn’t matter who it’s helping or hurting. Small market teams see the commish pushing a player to a big market team, when that means $$$$ out of there pocket from jersey sales, tickets, excitement, etc., is HORRIBLE for the health of the league. If I’m >JEFF LURIE HIMSELF< I'm calling for the man's resignation. And if I'm ANY other owner, I'm seconding it.

      1. Dan in Philly says:

        Hey, I’m not arguing that I hate the idea of the Commish interfering in such a way, even if my team benefits. However no one had any idea Vick would become what he now is, and it seems to me that the commish didn’t either. My point is I don’t think this was an issue of the NFL bigwigs saying “Let’s give Philly a championship level QB.”

        1. BigBlueIntervention says:

          I’m fully convinced that Goodell sent him to Philly because it was a good situation for Vick and it was for his own good.

          That being said, Goodell doesn’t have a right to do that. Not only is it a slight on Cincy and Buffalo (regardless of how poorly run they may be), but its not like Goodell does this with every player either. I don’t know if he did this with Plaxico, but based on some of the teams that Plax was considering, I don’t think he did. You can’t just do this with one player and leave the rest…it makes it worse. Countless examples…Donte Stallworth being another one.

          1. Goodell really does need to explain this situation. It’s messed up.

            1. Dan in Philly says:

              You know, when you think about it, Goodell might need to be commended, not reproached. Remember the thought of Vick playing football again anywhere was abhorrent to very, very many people, fans and non-fans. I heard from big NFL fans who were also dog lovers who insisted they would never watch the man play, and might stop watching alltogether if he did. I also heard many who said they would never support a team with Vick.

              Goodell took that potentiall explosive situation and it turned out like gold for the NFL in general and Vick and the Eagles in particular. No one can go back and see what would have happened if he hadn’t intervened, but you cannot argue that the overall outcome which actually happened is beyond anyone’s wildest expectations: Vick not only starting without protest, but his image almost totally rehabilitated to the point that his jersey is the top selling one, and his popularity has never, NEVER, been higher.

              Does the result justify the action? I really think this is a question which needs to be addressed.

              1. Bill Ward says:

                “his image almost totally rehabilitated”? BULLSHIT.

                I know Vick; I’ve met him, he lives about 8 miles from me and goes to some of the same places occasionally. He’s still 75% as much of a dbag as he was, he’s just gotten better at hiding it.

                Has he matured? Yeah, he has. And in football terms, he’s probably a better team mate; he’s certainly matured as an athelete, if that’s what you’re after. But as a human being, he is simply hiding it better. He’s still hanging with many (not all, but many) of the folks he was before, he’s just cut loose the worst of the group. He’s still thinking the “Hey, I’m better than anyone else, because I’ve got talent on a football field”. Yeah, he’s making PSAs, but as for rehabbed? Not hardly.

                But it doesn’t matter whether I or a bunch of other folks who seem around town in the offseason think he’s reformed…. the man has the right to be a dbag until he breaks the law.

                If Goodell was going to allow him back into the league (and to be honest, I don’t think he should have), he should have then been treated the same as anyone else, with no “steering” him to one team or another.

                I’m glad he’s not on my team, regardless of how poor our QB situation is or is not. And I don’t begrudge that he’s on the Philly team or have EXTRA dislike of him because of that (a number of African Americans around my area are Dallas, BMore/Indy, or Philly fans because of the Racial situation around the Redskins in the late 1950s and early 1960s, and some of them are friends and coworkers – Philly folks were bandwagoners at the time). But that Goodell showed favoritism or non-favoritism to any team is WRONG.

              2. Thanks for the 100% unsubstantiated nonsense, Bill.

              3. blains2000 says:

                But that’s precisely why he should NEVER do it. Because you don’t know how it will turn out. If you take the position that it’s okay to steer the crappy players to whatever team you still are affecting those teams and the teams that wanted and didn’t get the player. It’s the butterfly in the amazon. Kolb on the Cardinals. How do you think the Rams, Seahawks and 49ers feel about that?

                Maybe the commisioner and NFL office should conduct the draft and dole out the players where they think it makes sense. Seems stupid, right? Not that much of a stretch.

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