For the low low cost of $340, you can actually watch your favorite football team! Thanks “fan friendly” NFL!

I’ve long been critical of the NFL and Roger Goodell for calling themselves “fan friendly” and then not really being “fan friendly” at all.  One of my major bones of contention has always been the monopoly that DirecTV has on the NFL Sunday Ticket, as it affords them the opportunity to charge whatever the hell they want for it, and people will still buy.  Frankly, the NFL Sunday Ticket is probably the only thing keeping DirecTV in business.

MLB, the NBA and the NHL all offer their version of the NFL Sunday Ticket on all the major cable and satellite providers.  Hell, I’m a Phillies fan, live out of market, and I was able to buy the MLB package for something like $179.  That’s 162 Phillies games, plus if I want, I can see every other MLB game I want as well.   For me, that’s $1.10 per Phillies game.  It’s worth it to me, and the MLB as well as my cable provider make a few extra bucks.  Everybody wins. What a novel idea!

So why does the NFL have an exclusive contract with DirecTV, instead of making it available to all cable and satellite providers?  Well, in case you didn’t follow the lockout (and I’m jealous of all of you who didn’t), the NFL has a $4 billion deal with DirecTV, which gives them the exclusive rights to the NFL Sunday Ticket.  It also means that because they had to pony up such a ridiculous dollar amount to the NFL, DirecTV really has no choice but to charge absurd prices for the service.

The NFL Sunday Ticket was previously only available to DirecTV subcribers, but today news broke that you can purchase the NFL Sunday Ticket from DirecTV without being a subscriber, through a PlayStation3 console.  WooooHooooooooo!!!  Honnneeeeyyyyy, drop what you’re doing this second – We’re off to Best Buy to buy a PS3!

Oh wait, what’s the cost?  Oh… It’s $340 for the Sunday Ticket? And $249 for the PS3?  Bummer.  “Fan friendly,” my ass.


  1. Url says:

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  2. bdawk4ever says:

    I really hate the DirecTV deal. Its not fan friendly at all, and I’m not switching away from Comcast to get it. And what makes it worse is they don’t have an iPhone app either.

    MLB has it right- you can pay online or via phone apps and watch the games.

    The NFL sucks hard in this regard.

    1. Faris Toosy says:

      The problem is MLB has 162 games per team to make money off of, whereas the NFL only has 16 for each! Therefore they need to have inflated prices to cover the costs.

  3. Fiftyfourd says:

    I just got directTV so I got Sunday ticket for free, next year however is going to be decision time…

    1. D3Keith says:

      You should read the fine print. You just agreed to a two-year contract.

      That said, the cancellation fee is $20/month left on your contract, so if you cancel next year, you still saved $100 off the standard Sunday ticket price.

  4. Someone at Blogging the Boys messed with my picture, but hey, funny is funny.

    1. D3Keith says:

      So much potential there with the Goodell-Vick deal and the Steelers debacle. Maybe they shoulda waited a few hours.

  5. Jason-E says:

    I pay their ridiculous price. But, I live in KS. I have little chance of seeing any game that isn’t prime time. It is the only reason I even have directv. I hate being raped, but I love the Eagles. At least they got rid of the “Super Fan” bullshit package. $99 for redone and game replays? Suck my nuts!

    1. Jason-E says:

      Redzone. Stupid iPhone autocorrect.

    2. D3Keith says:

      Yeah, I def. scoffed at them trying to gouge me for another $100. But I guess there are bigwigs and/or people who don’t really look at their bill and/or care who pay it.

  6. Stephen says:

    I’d pay 100 bucks to get all the Eagles games. Beats the hell out of 300 bucks to get the eagles games and lots of other games I don’t really care too much about.

    I lol’d at the graphic btw.

  7. theguyotc says:

    What would be a great idea is if they had some sort of team subscription deal. For 50 bucks, you can subscribe to a specific team and get the ability to watch all that teams’ games on TV and online. And to make it a good deal (and apologize for years of Sunday Ticket wallet-raping), they should throw in the Red Zone channel for free.

    1. Anders says:

      They have something like that for non-us people, but its 200 bucks. No way im paying 200 to get a stream feed and only be able to watch the Eagles.

  8. cwel87 says:

    The real question: will having a PS3 within a particular market cause that market’s games to be blacked out?

    As for the cost – yes, it’s extensive, but people pay $40 a month on land line telephones, totaling almost $500 annually for nothing more than old-hat convenience. This is much more for the people who no longer have cable (an increasing percentage of the population) but still want an opportunity to watch their football – that is, if they can.

    MLB has done by far the best job with regards to sports acclimation within recently available alternative outlets – and it’s safe to say the NFL has handled it the worst.

  9. Hogs Haven says:

    Red Zone channel on Comcast is arguably better. Even with 3 TVs mounted on the wall, flipping through to other games suck. Watching the 1-2 Natl games for free + Red Zone is more than enough. If I give $350 to anyone, it’s gonna be my bartender.

    1. “Red Zone channel on Comcast is arguably better.”

      Agree 100%, and it was like $50 or something last year. The only reason anyone should ever get the Ticket is if they’re out of market. But even then, let’s take Philly for example:

      – 5 – Prime time games
      – 2 – You might get lucky and have them playing the team in your market. For me, that would be Giants and Jets territory. One of the Giants games is in Prime Time so I already counted that one, but I’d get the other one, and I’d get the Jets game as well.
      – 2 (probable) – Dallas and New England – Both games are on at 4:00. Those are almost certain to be nationally televised.

      That’s 9 games. there are probably more that will be on in the NYC area, but that’s a a solid 9.

      So I’d be paying $590 for 7 games? $84.28 per game? No thanks. And the thing is… If the NFL Sunday Ticket was available on my cable provider for… let’s say $250… It wouldn’t even be a decision. I’d make the call the minute it was available.

      1. AtlEagle says:

        I do this math every year the day the schedule comes out. I has been a while since the team was bad enough to not have enough games in the way you just added them up to make it worth the cost. Bad teams dont get national airtime, and out of market people like me have to go to the bars or get sunday ticket.

        I did realize that in a bad year ( really the year after ), if I go to the bars to watch the games, I am forced to drink more than the cost of sunday ticket. I think that is what directv used to calculate their fee.

        1. AtlEagle says:

          and of course I just dropped 400 bucks to sit in the upper deck for a single game, so there is that.

      2. D3Keith says:

        I basically only get the Ticket for the 1 p.m. Eagles-Bills and Eagles-Jags games. You’re right, I can probably watch 8-12 of them for free. In the D.C. area, because the Redskins and Eagles are so often staggered, Fox always airs a Giants, Cowboys or Eagles game when possible. I think; I’ve had the Ticket so long I stopped caring.

        That’s exactly what I pay for though, the peace of mind to know that when I want to watch the Eagles, in the living room in my underwear, I will be able to. (nevermind my job) I DVR all the games, and this year they offered a login along with it to watch on iPhone.

        All I want is to be able to see the game I want to see no matter where I am.

        I am very satisfied with DirecTV, especially since I moved over to Comcast last spring because I was getting internet and HDTV for $80/month, but I just called to switch back because their current promotion is sign a 2-year DTV contract and you get the ticket … free.

        So I agree the Ticket is DTV’s major drawing card. But I also far prefer their service to Comcast, so I feel like I made out.

        $340 is hella steep tho, even broken into six payments (that’s how they get you). I will probably cry when I have to go back to paying for it.

  10. brisulph says:

    This is why I love Canada, I get every game on network TV (or nearly everyone, there is usually one or two a week I miss out on)… so I pay nothing extra and get way more games than a typical American. It pays occasionally to live in this froze wasteland.

  11. Jordan says:

    And people wonder why streamtorrent gains more and more popularity…

  12. Anders says:

    Who the hell wants to pay that much? That is more then I pay for my whole TV package and I get 5 games per week now (3 sunday, MNF and now TNF).

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