The better offense: The Redskins’ starters, or the Eagles’ second stringers?

If it looks like this, I’ll take the Redskins’ 1s:

Position Redskins’ 1s Eagles’ 2s
QB Rex Grossman Vince Young
RB Tim Hightower Ronnie Brown
FB Darrel Young Stanley Havili
WR Santana Moss Steve Smith
TE Chris Cooley Clay Harbor
LT Trent Williams Austin Howard
LG Kory Lichtensteiger Evan Mathis
C Will Montgomery Jason Kelce
RG Chris Chester Mike McGlynn
RT Jammal Brown Winston Justice
WR Jabar Gaffney Jason Avant

If it looks like this, I might be tempted to take the Eagles’ 2s. OK, I’d still probably take the Redskins, but it’s close:

Position Redskins’ 1s Eagles’ 2s
QB John Beck Vince Young
RB Tim Hightower Ronnie Brown
FB Darrel Young Stanley Havili
WR Santana Moss Steve Smith
TE Chris Cooley Clay Harbor
LT Trent Williams Austin Howard
LG Kory Lichtensteiger Evan Mathis
C Will Montgomery Jason Kelce
RG Chris Chester Mike McGlynn
RT Jammal Brown Winston Justice
WR Jabar Gaffney Jason Avant


  1. LOL, Are you severe?

  2. steelcityboys says:

    its sad you took time out of your life to write this blog. not one of the eagles 2nd teamers except maybe one on the OL would be taken over any of the skins 1s unless you are an eagles fan and do not research any other teams other than your own. pathetic excuse of a blog. get your laughs while you can, because your sleeping on a team on the rise. if anything, eagles and cowboys fans should know to keep their mouths shut. the giants can talk smack to the skins since they hold the last 6 Ws in the series. this is my first time on this site, and it would have been my last except now i cant wait to come back here and see how the tunes have changed. none of your “beast” teams can hold a candle to the true beast of an NFL franchise, the one with twice as many rings as your “top” teams.

    1. Your comment, at 162 words, is longer than the post, Steve.

      1. Brendan says:

        The fact that 162 words is longer than your post, probably says more about your god awful post than it does the comment. I still can’t get over, Iggles 2’s v Skins 1’s, lol yall are ridiculous.

        1. A God awful post on which you’ve commented on 3 different days:

          – August 18, 1:31pm
          – August 19, 10:22am
          – August 22, 6:46pm


  3. Chris says:

    And last nights Philly Steeler game shows just worthless an opinion is. LMAO The Skins looked a lot better than the Eagles did.

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  5. Brendan says:

    Bhahahhaha, looking good Iggles looking good…. cue the “but ittt was a vanilla gameplan” whiners.

    1. but ittt was a vanilla gameplan

    2. Will says:

      You’re kidding right? You’re honestly gonna say that? even tho we did lose, it’s a pre-season game man. stop getting so horny about an Eagles’ loss in the preseason

      1. Brendan says:

        Lol, we all know it’s not the W/L that matter in pre-season bud, and no one is “horny” over a loss.

        However you seem to think it doesn’t matter to much that your first teamers were blown up at the POA on either side of the ball the entire first half. Or that your QB made numerous poor decisions. Or how about the fact everyone knows you have a horrible LB corps and they too were exposed, along with the right side of your offensive line. The best part of all of it, the supposed strength on your team the secondary, was abused as well. These weren’t schematic problems either, people were simply losing 1 v 1 match ups, keep telling yourself it doesn’t matter though.

        This silly blog post couldn’t have come at a better time then yesterday, proves just how “smart” you philthy fans are.

        1. Honestly, dude, you do sound all horny over a preseason loss.

  6. s2thalayer says:

    I’d be losing my sanity a little bit too if i had to stare at the empty trophy case all these years.

    1. Haha, I did say I’d take the Redskins’ starters.

    2. youmadbro? says:

      u mad brah?

  7. Brendan says:

    This blog is pure gold, hysterical. Eagles 2, against skins 1? And some of you Philthy idiots legitimately think the Eagles 2 are better. Wow! That’s all I can say, wow.

    Vince Young? Behind that o-line? With his #1 coming off a bad injury, and his #2 being an overrated slot receiver? Or what about the feared Ronnie Brown, who’s proven he can do soo much behind a terrible o-line. Your starting o-line is struggling, you need to worry about that, don’t even think about your 2nd teamers.

    Comedic gold, we’ll see how your team does against PIT tonight.

  8. Fred Smith says:

    So you’ve just given up on this not being an Eagles blog?

    1. Fiftyfourd says:

      Actually, if you look at the rightside of the page, the content is pretty even between all except the lolskins.

      1. No, he means that it’s pro-Eagles and negative to the other teams. He’s right. It has been kinda slanted ever since FA began.

        1. Bill ward says:

          I was going to say the same thing; you had a bias in the writing, but were getting better, but the last two weeks…..

          1. There’s no bias in the analysis, but it’s been hard to mask my glee that the Eagles cleaned up in free agency, while the Giants have been a downright disaster.

            1. sparki says:

              You may have to find something nice to say about them soon (without a cynical undertone). Or just tone down on the bashing. Like you I’m just as gleeful about the Eagles reign over FA time, but the difference is I don’t run a blog that’s supposed to be about all the teams in the bEast.

              1. It would be a lot easier to say some nice things about them if they’d only give me the opportunity.

              2. Steve says:

                This blog is still about all the teams in the East. Jimmy just favors the Eagles. I might be missing it, but I don’t think there’s anything on here that says ‘Fair and balanced’ or anything like that. Besides it might be good for other teams, cough, Redskins, cough to read how much of a laughing stock their team has become to the rest of the division.

              3. s2thalayer says:

                Your definition and mine of a laughing stock must be totally different. I call being the only team in the division that doesnt have ONE (much less multiple SB’s) a laughing stock.

                Cowboys- 5 (been to 8)
                Redskins- 3 (been to 5)
                Giants- 3 (been to 4)
                Eagles- 0 (been to 2)

                Now, THAT is comedy. The eagles are 6-6 against the skins for the last 6 years, bring your “dream team” back down to Earth. Philthy should have been thrown with the Cardinals to the West where they belong.

              4. sparki says:

                Redskins vs Eagles… In the last decade.. Redskins have 2 seasons over .500… Eagles have 1 season under .500. But please continue to talk of how awesome the lolskins were prior to 10 years ago.

              5. RobJ says:

                or we can continue to talk about how the Eagles are 6-6 against the skins the last 6 years…

    2. cwel87 says:

      It’s not a completely invalid argument.

      The Redskins should be looking to upgrade their QB. Everyone knows that. They’re silly not to.

      1. BSH EricT says:

        They are. They’re doing everything they can to get Andrew Luck.

        1. Steve says:

          Vote for most honest comment!

  9. cwel87 says:

    That Eagles second-string left tackle situation is just brutal. That’s the lone reason I would favor the ‘Skins 1’s.

  10. Fiftyfourd says:

    I’d pick the 2’s both times, even if it was kafka as the QB.

  11. BigBlueIntervention says:

    no….the Eagles 2’s sound about right….

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