Player quits camp, Mike Shanahan berates him publicly

Redskins running back James Davis, apparently unhappy with his playing time, left the team yesterday.  When asked about it, Mike Shanahan laid into Davis:

“I think he’s retired from football. That’s my guess,” Shanahan said following Tuesday’s practice, the second straight day Davis was absent from Redskins Park.

Shanahan said he believed Davis was in Atlanta and was prepared to walk away from football. He said the team has not released the third-year back.

“Has anybody seen him? I haven’t seen him yet,” (said) Shanahan.

The team has the authority to fine a player $20,000 for skipping a day of practice, but Shanahan seemed to imply that the Redskins would not pursue the money. “I think maybe he’s made $1,500,” Shanahan said. “Add that up, that’s not good.”

What good does that do?  As follow Eagles blogger Tommy Lawlor points out, not much:

There’s no benefit to taunting the kid. Won’t help lure 1 player, but could affect his rep w/ others.

Being an Eagles blogger, he also noted that you’d never hear that out of Andy Reid:

As dry as Big Red can be, would you rather have Shanny up there basically taunting a player that left camp? What good does that do?

A week or so ago, Eagles second year player Ricky Sapp went A.W.O.L. for the second straight year in camp.  (On a side note, it’s interesting that Davis and Sapp are both from Clemson).  Anyway, the Eagles quietly released Sapp, and Reid basically said nothing.

Have you ever had a job offer, and knew someone that either currently or formerly worked for your potential new company?  Surely, you picked their brain on how they enjoy/enjoyed working there, right?  Clemson is a big school.  Davis has played with 2 teams (Browns and Redskins).  Money and opportunities being similar, who are you going to play for?  The coach that made fun of your friend publicly for only making $1,500 in camp, or the coach that didn’t?  Senseless.


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  2. VBSkinsfan says:

    I hear you on that and do see your point. I just started reading blogs and have to say I check them everyday, keep up the good work.

  3. VBSkinsfan says:

    Did anyone actually listen to the interview? I really don’t think it was that bad and if Davis did get up in the meeting and start yelling at the Running Backs coach and then leave, who cares he deserves it. Plus after the decade of bitchy ass players that thought they walked on water I could careless about his comments about players that quit.

    1. I’m not saying Davis doesn’t deserve it. I’m just saying is does no good whatsoever to berate him publicly. Nothing good can come from it. Shanahan has to recognize that.

  4. BigBlueIntervention says:

    Damn, Shanahan is a dickweed.

    Though with this Clemson thing goin’ on…it’d be hilarious if CJ Spiller just upped and left the Bills.

  5. cwel87 says:

    I wasn’t even aware that Mike Shanahan was considered a good coach.

    One thing no one can refute is how good John Elway was, though. The man went to five Super Bowls – and won two of them! – without any real role-players for three of them and coaching for all of them (Dan Reeves is very Shanahan-esque).

  6. Kev says:

    really…who cares? 6th string RB who stinks. Let me know when he treats a vet or contributor.

    1. I figured that would be the reply. Berating a seasoned vet would obviously be worse, but it doesn’t make berating a sucky player any less stupid. Why do it at all?

      1. ATLEagle says:

        well, we did get to watch the embarrassment of Haynesworth last year. The coaches ego couldnt allow him to find a settlement. He had to make the entire thing a public spectacle. The guy is an ass, no matter how much Haynesworth deserved it.

    2. Euler says:

      Also like a human being. Why insult the guy publicly for no reason? What the hell did he do? If you quit your job to go do something else, you wouldn’t mind if your boss started mouthing off about how little money you made.

      What an elitist fuck too. Sorry Shanny we’re not all millionaires. I apologize that our salaries don’t mean anything to you.

  7. Brian says:

    Reid didn’t say anything with Noel Devine either.

  8. Warren says:

    Freakin Shanahan. I don’t think there is any team I want to see fail harder this year, or any coach. It seems like he gets off on being an arrogant dictator, and it sure hasn’t helped him in WAS so far. Shit, if he DIDN’T win a super bowl w/ that talent, he should be ashamed. Sure wasn’t much to do with him. Overrated etc…

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