Linky – August 17, 2011 – Worst… port-a-potty… ever.


Eli Manning sees himself on Tom Brady’s level – MJD,

Obviously, Eli Manning isn’t anywhere near the same neighborhood as Tom Brady, and even more obviously, people are going to have a field day with this.  I’d actually like to see video on him saying this, to be honest, because I know Eli Manning is a smart guy, and am finding it hard to believe that this somehow wasn’t taken out of context.

Giants re-sign Deon Grant, who says Eagles “Dream Team” is team he’s looking forward to play most – Sean Brennan, NY Daily News

A lot of people think Deon Grant was better than Antrel Rolle last season.  I agree.  The Giants have something with their usage of 3-safety sets, which they used effectively against the Eagles last season.  It’s funny how the Giants reporters ask every Giants player about the Eagles, by the way.  I’ve barely heard a ripple from the Eagles about the Giants during camp, while there’s a new Giants player regularly saying “You don’t win Championships in August” anytime they step onto a podium.

Giants sign kicker Rhys Lloyd – Ohm, ESPN

Lloyd is nothing more than a kickoff specialist (a position that may be going the way of the dinosaur with the new kickoff rules in place), although I think he’s just just a position warmer while Lawrence Tynes recuperates from a bruised thigh.

Giants GM Jerry Reese says he did not guarantee playoffs – Ed Valentine

“First of all, I never said guarantee and I never said promise, that’s the way they spin it in this neighborhood,” Reese told Kay. “I was giving our team a vote of confidence that I have in them. I said, last year if we had made some plays down the stretch here and there we would have been in the playoffs and this time we’ll make the plays. We will get in the playoffs. We’ll make a run. I’m giving my team a vote of confidence. I never said promise, I never said guarantee, but when you read the paper, Jerry Reese said guarantee, so that’s what you get around here.”

Semantics! Yay!  It sounds a lot to me like he guaranteed it, but whatever.  It doesn’t really matter.  If the Giants don’t make the playoffs this year, he’s going to get hammered anyway, regardless of whether he made a guarantee or not.

(Cowboys, Redskins, and Eagles news after the jump)…

Which non-NFC East team do you like the least? – OCC, Blogging the Boys


Igor Olshansky taking second-team demotion in stride: “It doesn’t really matter” – Rainer Sabin, SportsDay DFW

Olshansky stunk last season.  Just a big body.  He’s lucky he’s still on the team, frankly.  Look at what Jason Peters did to this guy last year.

Do you trust Dwayne Harris as your #3 WR – Logan Burdine, The Landry Hat

Be encouraged by Harris’ great game in the Cowboys’ first preseason game.  Very encouraged.  But remember that he did it against 3rd and 4th stringers.

Witten: Humbled Cowboys still confident – Tim MacMahon, ESPN Dallas

“Really, nobody outside this team thinks we’re worth a dang.”

Watch your language, Jason.

Beck gets starting nod: QB battle continues Friday against Colts – John Keim, Washington Examiner

Prediction: He won’t play anywhere close to as well as Rex Grossman played last week.

Practice report: Redskins analysis, Aug 16 – John Keim, Washington Examiner

12 bullet points from John.

Redskins RB Torain cleared to practice – Mark Miller,

He has some ground to make up on Tim Hightower.

Worst... port-a-potty... ever.

Eagles training camp awards – Sheil Kapadia,


There comes a time in every man’s life when he questions the direction things are going. For me, that happened on a daily basis when I spent 30 seconds or so in the Port-A-Potty next to the fields before the start of morning practice. If there’s a more unforgiving place to be at 7:45 a.m., I can’t think of it.

For real.  That port-a-potty was disgusting.  And the pic to the right (from Sheil’s article) is the actual port-a-potty at camp.  I hated (that’s H-A-T-E-D) that thing.  Even at 7:30am, there’d be a sizable puddle of piss on the floor.  Seriously, people?  Do you miss that badly when you piss at home?  Is it really that hard to just piss in that little side bucket thing in the port-a-potty?  Can you at least get 98% of your piss where it’s supposed to go?  I can understand that a little post-piss dribble can sometimes be unavoidable, but holy shit… Can we keep as much as possible off the floor?  Every morning I’d start my day with piss shoes.  And I never even had to take a dump, thank the Dear Lord.  I can’t even imagine.

Also, that port-a-potty door had some ridiculous spring-loaded action that would make it shut with authority.  Unnecessary.  Unless you hold it wide open, step completely out of the way of the door before shutting, and then let it go, that thing is going to brush up against your arm with authority.  I think my golf shirts to have that “just out of the dryer feeling,” not that “e-coli squiggling all over my shirt fibers feeling.”  And even after you did get the hang of it and held the door wide open while stepping out and getting yourself clear out of the way, you’re holding onto the door for like 5 full seconds… and it’s not like there a sink there to wash your hands.  Meanwhile, you’re shaking hands with other reporters, handing pens, notebooks, etc.  Gross.

OH! One more thing… That port-a-potty was designed for people 5’10 and under.  I’m 6’3, and hit my head on the inside of the port-a-potty twice while exiting.  Way gross.

OK, that’s it for the Eagles today.  I need a shower just thinking about that thing.  And yeah, I’m a germ-a-phobe.


    1. Thanks. I’ll listen in the car on the way home from work.

    2. Listened to it – Reaction at 11:30.

  1. Tracer Bullet says:

    All praise due to Peters and Herremens for that drive, but please note that Harbor beat Ware like his daddy.

    Maybe Eli means he and Brady are on the same level because they’re about the same height?

  2. AndrewM says:

    Im really looking forward to playing the giants. Can not wait for week 3.

    Agree about the Bears. Hate them. Hate their fans. HATE soldier field. Dont we play them at home this year?

    Also ewwwwww to the port a potty. Why 5’10 I feel like 6′ should be standard for things like that

    1. brisulph says:

      You enjoy slaughtering a team that much? I mean, enjoying a win is one thing, but a destruction of 53 men gets you off that badly? I think you might have a problem, and no amount of cowbell will solve it.

    2. Fiftyfourd says:

      It’s a toss up between the bears and pats for me. My favorite joke to pull on my pats fan coworker is to change his work comps background to a picture of the knee blow on Brady that knocked him out for the season.

  3. brisulph says:

    I can’t argue with any of your opinions on the Giants stories. The Eli one in particular, I really hope he was misquoted or it was changed about a bit, because that statement in a vaccuum is not a good answer.

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