Updated NFC East salary cap space

Per Jason LaCanfora of NFL.com:

Team Total Salary Cap Space
Cowboys $116,700,139.00 $6,674,861.00
Eagles $123,382,065.00 $2,188,270.00
Giants $118,357,838.00 $5,310,832.00
Redskins $109,474,372.00 $10,900,628.00


  1. Bill ward says:

    If I’m the Redskins, I’m looking at extending someone with a heavy frontload on the contract. That sounds like Landry and/or Davis. Get them signed longterm for cheap(er) by paying them this year.

    1. I think the Redskins are going to sit back and wait until teams trim their rosters to 53, and do some bargain hunting. There are going to be some really good players around the league that get cut. And then I think they may look to extend some guys, as you’re suggesting.

    2. And I think Carriker could fit that profile as well.

  2. Immynimmy says:

    For the lazy:

    Joselio Hanson: $2,435,000
    Juqua Parker: $4,300,000

    *WOW, Parker is making way more than I initially though, if you look at that number and the other guys on our roster and compare it…that’s really an astronmical number

    1. The Eagles have 2 objectives:

      – Sign Michael Vick to a long term deal.
      – Sign DeSean Jackson to a long term deal.

      When they sign Vick, his cap number will actually come down, as it’s currently at $16 million, and there’s no way he’s going to get $16 million/season. The question will then become, “Is there enough left over to sign DeSean long term? If so, they don’t need to cut either of those guys. If they don’t have enough, there are no shortage of creative things they can do to manufacture more cap space.

      I don’t think those guys need to be casualties unnecessarily.

      1. One.Cool.Customer says:

        If the Eagles were to restructure Peters and Asante to the vet minimum, they could free up an additional $10 M in cap space this year. And that’s just on those two contracts.

        The Eagles are far from maxed out in salary cap terms.

      2. Anders says:

        I read in an interview with Banner that they wouldn’t lower Vicks cap number this year if they don’t have to.
        Also I cant remember where but I read that the Eagles often don’t reconstruct rookie deals, but only hand out extensions and therefor Jackson cap hit this year would remain the same.

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