Linky – August 16, 2011 – T.J. Whosyourmama to sign with Dallas?

Today we'll find out what ails Jeremy Maclin, according to Jeremy's brother.

Brother says Jeremy Maclin is ‘fine,’ announcement coming (today) – Steve Greenberg, Sporting News

Hopefully this will put all the nonsense rumors to bed.

Howard Eskin leaving his show on WIP – Howard Eskin’s twitter account

He was an ass on the phone to the callers that didn’t agree with him, although I found him occasionally entertaining, particularly with Cowboys fans.  Had good sources within the Eagles for breaking news, but was known as somewhat of a schill for the organization.  It’ll be interesting to see where he lands, and who takes his place at WIP.  I have a feeling that if he becomes a national personality, he’s going to do so as a heel-type personality by design, and people are going to hate him.  Looking forward to it.

Marty Mornhinweg thinks everything is outstanding – Jason Brewer, BGN

Kinda funny.  Marty was asked about a few players and the beginning of the answer remains the same.

Pressure hits rookie kicker Henery early – Jonathan Tamari

If David Akers missed a few 53 yarders on a soggy field in August at Lehigh, I don’t think it’s a story.  But it is for Alex Henery, Akers’ replacement.  And that’s the reality of what Henery’s season will be.  Every miss is going to come with a ton of scrutiny.

Eagles last day at Lehigh – Les Bowen,

Andy Reid is apparently ending camp early.

“We made the bossman happy,” corner Asante Samuel observed. “Hard work pays off. He likes the way we’ve been working out there, competing and executing the things the coaches have been putting in.”

I don’t doubt that Reid is happy with the effort the team gave up at Lehigh, but I think Les Bowen might be onto something:

Also, it’s really, really wet, with ankle-deep mud.

The smartest front office in the NFL – Brian Solomon, McNabb or Kolb (or Vick)

More on this later.

(Giants, Cowboys, and Redskins news after the jump)…

Apologies for the terrrible photoshop.

Osi Umenyiora return bumps Jason Pierre-Paul out of starting lineup, back into rotation as sub – Ebenezer Samuel

JPP was awesome in the Giants’ first preseason game.  In fact, he was THE lone bright spot in an otherwise awful effort by the G Men.  JPP has been been busting his ass all camp.  JPP has performed.  JPP hasn’t been riding an exercise bike every day like the other guy.  JPP deserves to remain in the starting lineup, period.  On has to wonder whether the Giants are a little afraid that Osi might cry and go home if they put him with the second teamers.

Giants Umenyiora could still rain on the team’s parade – Dave D’Alessandro, Star-Ledger

I’m not sure I’d call anything going on at the Meadowlands a parade right now.  I think the appropriate title should be “Ois could still add more piss to the team’s offseason shitstorm,” but in fairness to D’Allessandro, I don’t think the Star-Ledger can print that.  Anyway, D’Alessandro’s point in this piece is that Osi may or may not be “all in” this season as a player.  I happen to think he will, because while he’s an idiot through and through, he’s still smart enough to know that he better play well, or he’ll never get that enormous deal that he’s been whining about for the past 3 years.

Healthy again, Hixon has eyes on third receiver spot – Tim Bontemps, NY Post

Hixon had a decent 2008 season, but has never been anything close to a viable offensive weapon in his career otherwise.  The Giants can talk all the want about making responsible offers to players until they’re blue in the face, but the loss of Steve Smith is a very big deal.

Smith says Giants dawdle let Eagles swoop in – Bart Hubbuch, NY Post

The Giants have only themselves to blame for losing Steve Smith to the hated Eagles.

Apologies for all the negative Giants stuff.  I’m trying to find something positive to point to, but I got nothing.

Cowboys DE Jason Hatcher stuck in elevator, rescued by Arlington fire department – Clarence Hill, Cowboys Corner

I got stuck in an elevator once.  The elevator I got stuck in was from somewhere around World War II.  I was on the ground floor, and the doors simply wouldn’t open.  What made it weird was that the elevator had a window, so you could see in and out (I assume you all know how a window functions, not sure I needed to explain that).  Anyway, everyone in the lobby could easily see in.  I was almost like an animal at the zoo.  Two hours.

Cowboys could target T.J. Houshmandzadeh as a #3 WR option – Rainer Sabin, SportsDay DFW

I guess I sort of get it, but if I were Dallas, I’d be a lot more concerned with bringing in some more depth at corner, safety, and the OL.  WR would be the least of my worries.

NOTE BY JIMMY – OK, so the second I post this, they say on SportsCenter that Housh is visiting the Pats today.  Oops.

Operation O-Line: Rebuilding on the fly, Dallas Cowboys style – OCC, Blogging the Boys

There’s high disaster potential here in 2011, but the youth movement will pay off in the long term.

State of the Dallas Cowboys – Kyle, IgglesNest

Kyle is a lot more bullish on the Cowboys than he was with the Giants.

You think me and LaRon are the best safety tandom in the division? Thanks Jimmy!

RB James Davis skips practice – Mark Solway,

Apparently, he didn’t just skip practice – He left the team all-together.  On the one hand, when you’re busting your ass every day in 90 degree heat and humidity for weeks, and you don’t play a single snap in the first preseason game, I can see where Davis would be pissed.  But there are obviously better ways to handle adversity.

Banks proves his value as a kick returner – Gary Fitzgerald, Redskins Mothership

Banks could play for my team any day.

Veteran Redskins receivers will be key (to Grossman-Beck battle) – Dan Graziano, ESPN NFC East blog

Dan makes a good point that Grossman already has repore with Santana Moss from last year, and Jabar Gaffney from their days together at the University of Florida, although I think that battle comes down to something a little more simple – Grossman is better.

Redskins feel better with LaRon Landry and Oshiomogho Atogwe in backfield – Rick Maese, Washington Post

The Skins might have the best pair of safeties in the division.


  1. giants fan says:

    Sorry about the last post.

    Honestly I’m not stressed about losing SS. I didn’t think he was going to be effective anyways so losing him on a one year deal isn’t nearly as painful to the wr corps as you’re making it out to be.

  2. giants fan says:

    Honestly I’m not stressed about losing SS. I didn’t think he was going to be effective anyways so losing him on a

  3. Tracer Bullet says:

    They better have great safeties because those lousy CBs are going to get strafed.

  4. cwel87 says:

    We know one thing – whether or not Housh actually signs with the Cowboys is no longer relevant. Regardless, he will always have wanted to be a Cowboy.

    That’s a fact.

  5. brisulph says:

    Canty had a good first preseason game as well… just saying.

    1. slandog says:

      Really Canty had a good game? He had two tackles and one TFL. I know it was under limited playing time, but it’s not like he really tore it up.

      1. brisulph says:

        He occupied blockers, he disrupted the line for Joseph, and he had limited playing time. I think he did quite fine.

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