NFC East over-unders

These have been out for a while now, but I figured I’d give a quick prediction on them, in order of the bets I like the most to the least:

Over 6.5 wins +160

Under 6.5 wins -190

(Just a quick note on what those odds mean to those of you that don’t like to bet.  When it says +160, that means you win $160 if you bet $100.  On -190, you have to bet $190 just to win $100.)

OVER!  Wow, just awesome odds there.  Love the over at +160.

Over 9.5 wins +140

Under 9.5 wins -160

With +140 odds on the over, Vegas is basically begging people to take the over.  I still love the under here.  The Cowboys aren’t winning 10 games this year.

Over 9.5 wins +125

Under 9.5 wins -145

People must really be banging under bets in Vegas with those slanted odds.  Still like the under anyway.  Very bearish on the Giants.

Over 10.5 wins -120

Under 10.5 wins +100

Tough call here.  The odds are close to even here, so you can pretty much factor that out and just make a pure decision on the number.  10.5 seems like a perfect number to me.  Screw it… Over.


  1. Anders says:

    Can somebody explain why you would be 130 to win 100? either if you win or lose, you still lose money in the end or do misunderstand it?

    1. rickydiculous says:

      Anders, you get you stake back as well as your winnings.
      So, you’d get your $130 stakes & $100 winnings, totalling $230 in your pocket. At least that’s how it works over here in the UK…

      1. BrandonG says:

        I’m not a bettor, but I’d assume that’s how it works over here too.

      2. Anders says:

        Ty 🙂 I know there something I didnt quite understand 🙂

        Because in Denmark, its a multiply system instead in the mold of:

        over 9.5 wins: 2.3 times your money back
        under 9.5 wins: 1.45 timers your money back

  2. cwel87 says:

    I’ll admit my obvious bias, but over on the Eagles win total has to be one of the surest things I’ve ever seen. We were 10-5 last season before we punted the final game of the year to the Cowboys, we let the Redskins steal a game from us, and we’ve improved on that squad. Just a little bit.

    1. Bill Ward says:

      You are biased.

      Last year, the Cowboys played like Cowpie most of the season, and while I think the Giants have regressed a little, their still strong; the Cowboys will almost certainly be better this year. We’ll leave the Redskins out of this, since some folks think they’ll be 0-16 for some ungodly reason, and some think they’ll be a 9-7 team. This year, the schedule is tougher, any way you slice it, and while the Eagles SHOULD easily win the NFC East, the worst team in the East could easily still be 7-9. I kind of agree with Jimmy… 10, MAYBE 11 wins is where the Eagles are likely to land. With the other three teams being 9-7 to 7-9 ranges (and you’ll notice that’s where the odds makers put them), the Eagles will lose a game or two that you’re already counting as won. And while they’ve improved substantially in some areas, there are others where the pickups are “just a vet” kind of pickups, too, that are being oversold among Eagles fans. If the stars align, the Eagles this year could be a great team; if they don’t they could just be a good team. But that’s why they play the game.

      Oh, and regardless of his on field performance, Vick is still a [bleep][bleep], from someone who lives not too far from him (and lives downright close to where a friend of his was stabbed at Vick’s BDay party a few months back). He’s just marketing himself better now. The leopard hasn’t really changed his spots, he’s just hiding them a bit better, though I will admit that even that is an improvement. I’ve never figured out why so many of the big name players who’ve come out of Hampton Roads tend to be so sleazy (Lawrence Taylor, Vick, Plaxico Burress, etc.)

      1. cwel87 says:

        We’ll see.

        I’d be tempted to put money down on 11.5 at -120. I don’t think people have the slightest clue just how good this team can be – or, at least, if 10.5 is being argued.

        And the most beautiful thing is the floor. Due to the depth that has been acquired, there isn’t a real frightening ‘what if’ floating about.

        And for your last point – I really don’t care what one man’s opinion of Vick is. It has no bearing on my being an Eagles fan, and it has no weight whatsoever on who I believe to be Vick the person. I will always be skeptical of Vick the person, but he’s ‘shown’ strides compared to who he was previously. Isn’t that really all we could ask for?

        I think *you’re* the one being biased on that count.

  3. The Legend says:

    It would be nice if the Redskins won 7 games because then I know they wouldn’t get Andrew Luck but I don’t see that happening.

    As for us, we were a 10 win team last year & we had a gaping hole at two spots & didn’t have Vick the whole year(hopefully we do this year) I think the over is easy on this one.

  4. Hogs Haven says:

    When I bet the Skins under in Vegas 2 weeks ago I got -130….not sure how I feel about it now. Yea, actually, I still feel good about it.

    1. Yeah, I’d like the under at -130. Wouldn’t touch -190 with a 10-foot pole.

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