MiniLinky – August 14, 2011 – The Eagles and ill-conceived conspiracies about payola for agents that represent their players

Asomugha flew to Philly, but heart was in Dallas, says Jones –

Jones is destroyed here, with this money quote:

It’s not about reality for (the Cowboys). It’s really all about what you think and what you say. Jerry thinks Asomugha wanted to be a Cowboy, so he did. Jerry says the team was active in free agency, so they were.

Jerry Jones optimistic about how the Cowboys OL is developing – OCC, Blogging the Boys

Last year, the Cowboys were the oldest OL in the NFL.  This year, if David Arkin is able to beat out Montrae Holland for the starting job, they’ll have two rookie OL starters, which is not ideal.  If Holland wins out, their depth will have a grand total of 109 career snaps.  I thought the Cowboys OL looked pretty good in their first test against Denver a few days ago, but as currently constructed, this OL is likely going to struggle mightily this year.  I do think, however, that the Cowboys are at least on the right track to fixing an OL that got way too old and over the hill.  They’ll need to continue to the commitment to get younger and better there going forward.

Ryan Torain unsure when he’ll return to practice – Shemar WSoods, The Insider

He better hurry up, because Tim Hightower looked pretty good in the Skins’ first preseason game.

Steelers at Redskins preseason recap – Kevin Ewoldt, Hogs Haven

Kevin Kevin Kevin (shaking head)… Awards for a preseason game?  I can understand that the opportunity to celebrate wins this season may be few and far between so you may as well spike the football any chance you get… but come on, man! 🙂

And yes, the smiley face guy at the end of that comment means I’m immune to any return barbs.  In all fairness, I caught a little of the game on the NFLN replay (although I was with company), and the Skins offense really looked great from what I could see.  It really did.  I have it DVR’d and hope to take a closer look today.

DeSean: (Steve) Smith is Maclin insurance – Les Bowen,

DeSeeeeaaaannnn… NO!  Shhhhh!  That’s not the Eagles’ official message on this!

DeSean shows Pro Bowl form in debut – Geoff Mosher, Courier Post

He may not be up on the Eagles’ PR talking points, but he lit it up in his first practice back on Saturday (which I did not attend).

State of the New York Giants – Kyle, Iggles Nest

One-sided doom and gloom look at the 2011 New York Giants from an Eagles fan perspective, kinda like this one about the Eagles, except factual (or least opinionated based on facts).  Kyle isn’t very forthcoming about what’s right about the Giants, but I can’t find much I disagree with in his criticisms.

Dogra “usung hero” – Big Blue Interactive

Wow, h/t to Jason at BGN for the find here.  This thing is replete with conspiracy theory comedy.  I think I may have my take on the Giants handling (or mishandling) of the Steve Smith negotiations at some point here.



  1. D3Keith says:

    The post over there titled:

    If you read the quotes from those involved…
    Milton : 8/13/2011 10:53 pm

    Nails it on the head.

  2. D3Keith says:

    That Giants board is pretty vitriolic. You can tell those guys are still real bitter about losing Steve Smith.

    Looks to me like they are directing their anger at Ben Dogra so they can still like Smith, a player who was the consummate Giant and wanted to remain a Giant. I’m pretty sure Smith knew exactly what he was doing when he signed with Philadelphia; I highly doubt his agent kept him in the dark. There’s no benefit for the agent in lying to the player; it’s an easy way to get fired and blackballed so why risk it over a $2 million guarantee. Makes no sense.

    What does make sense is the Giants misplayed this one; it might or might not come back to bite them. For all we know SS12, er, 19 is a one-year spy and is going back to NYC next year. Although I hope he gets healthy and we sign him to an extension that makes him feel wanted.

    Also I love how there’s no anti-Eagles argument except ‘you’ve haven’t won an SB.’ These guys really should start trying out some new material just in case, on the off chance we win one, they’re not left speechless.

  3. brisulph says:

    He has some valid points, they are of concern. That said, They can still snag a wild card spot, but they need some new/young bodies to step up and make the team better.

    Err, I mean, running out of nails for that coffin. That better cwel87?

  4. Jason-E says:

    Giants fans are proving to be the whiniest bunch of girls around. Wah, wah, wah. And they’ve added paranoia to the list as well. Stop you’re crying bitches. You’re FO sucks. Ours is awesome. End of story.

    Start your hating.

  5. cwel87 says:

    Jimmy…are you prepared for a swarm of Giants fans to descend and sarcastically proclaim ‘0-16, nail in the coffin’ for the next three weeks?

    Man, those guys really know how to make an insult stick. Personally, though, I don’t think you should be allowed to give us links that criticize any teams in the NFC East other than your OBVIOUS favorite. All fluff, all the time!

    Right, Giants fans? Who’s with me? IN REESE YOU TRUST.

  6. Kyle says:

    Well… There really isn’t much I like about the Giants. I guess I like Justin Tuck and Corey Webster. You could argue that the increase in size in the trenches will benefit them. Or that the Giants have upgraded their run blocking with the addition of Baas and Hynoski.

    This was a terrible offseason for them.

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