The Cowboys OL backups have played a combined 109 NFL snaps

Teams around the NFL have been releasing their first depth charts in advance of their first preseason games.  I covered the Eagles and Redskins, respectively, here and here.  Yesterday, the great Lars of Blogging the Boys covered the Cowboys’ depth chart here, so I think I’ll just be lazy and skip them.  Thanks Lars.

However, there was ONE thing that really stood out to me.  Here’s the depth chart of just the OL:

Cowboys 1 2 3
LT Doug Free Sam Young Jose Acuna
LG Kyle Kosier David Arkin  
C Phil Costa Bill Nagy Andre Gurode
RG Montrae Holland Kevin Kowalski  
RT Tyron Smith Jermey Parnell Pepa Letuli

Now, obviously, Andre Gurode will be the starter at center, but because he’s a little dinged up, the Cowboys moved him to the back of the line,  so Phil Costa is really the 2, and Bill Nagy would be the 3.  Also, per camp reports, David Arkin is in a camp battle with Montrae Holland, as both players have gotten reps with the 1’s. For now, since both players are healthy, we’ll assume the Cowboys intend on beginning the season with Holland as the starter.

As is, here is the Cowboys’ depth along the offensive line, a unit that has played in a grand total of 6 NFL games (with Sam Young seemingly only appearing in 2 games on special teams), and has combined for a total of 109 career offensive snaps, all by Costa.  My friends, this here is the definition of a complete lack of proven depth:

Cowboys Position Games Games Started Snaps
Sam Young OT 2 0 0
Jose Acuna OT 0 0 0
David Arkin OG 0 0 0
Phil Costa C 4 1 109
Bill Nagy C 0 0 0
Kevin Kowalski OG 0 0 0
Jermey Parnell OT 0 0 0
Pepa Letuli OT 0 0 0

The Cowboys will be watching the waiver wire as teams around the league trim their rosters to 53 players, but as currently constructed, this is another disaster waiting to happen.


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  3. Tracer Bullet says:

    Seems like they should be interested in Cole or MJG. Those guys aren’t good, per se, but they’re decent(ish) and experienced backups.

  4. One.Cool.Customer says:

    You’re welcome, Jimmy.

    So let me get this straight. Last year the Cowboys O-line was too old. This year, the O-line is too young?

    You’re a hard man to please.

    1. Haha, I’m having my cake and eating it, too. But in all seriousness, that’s kind of the after-effect of having a dinosaur OL. When it does eventually flip, all the new guys are completely inexperienced. Maybe in 2012 I’ll stop killing the Cowboys OL. Or 2013. TBD.

      1. I’ll add that they’re on the right track with Arkin and Smith. Have to keep building it, though. They can’t just be of the mindset of “OK, we have our five” and ignore it going forward. Just saw that Gaither signed with the Chiefs. I’d have to see the money they paid, but that seems like a guy that could have been the swing tackle the Cowboys need.

        1. One.Cool.Customer says:

          Yeah, I’m a little worried especially at guard, where the depth consists entirely of first year guys. That’s a bit risky, particularly since the likelihood of either Holland or Kosier playing all 16 games is pretty slim.

          I keep waiting to hear that the Cowboys signed Brian Waters, but perhaps Jerry Jones is just waiting for the prices of veteran players to drop some more.

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