Thoughts on the Redskins depth chart

I did this same exercise over at BGN when the Eagles released their first depth chart yesterday, so I may as well do the same here.  My commentary will be less insightful for the Skins, unfortunately, as I attended a full week of camp with the Eagles, but never made it down to Virginia to take in the Skins.

First the offense:

Offense 1 2 3 4
WR Santana Moss Anthony Armstrong Donte’ Stallworth Aldrcik Robinson
        Malcolm Kelly
LT Trent Williams Sean Locklear Corey O’Daniel  
LG Kory Lichtensteiger Maurice Hurt Selvish Capers  
C Will Montgomery Eric Cook Donovan Raiola  
RG Chris Chester Artis Hicks Xavier Fulton  
RT Jammal Brown Willie Smith Clint Oldenburg  
TE Chris Cooley Fred Davis Logan Paulsen Mike Sellers
        Joe Torchia
WR Jabar Gaffney Leonard Hankerson Terrence Austin Niles Paul
        Brandon Banks
QB Rex Grossman John Beck Kellen Clemens Ben Chappell
        Marc Verica
FB Darrel Young Keiland Williams    
RB Tim Hightower Roy Helu Evan Royster Shaun Draughn
        James Davis

– The obvious thing to take away here is that the starting QB, according to the chart, is Rex Grossman.  He should be.  I actually think Rex will be OK.  That’s not a joke.

– The only thing that stands out among the WRs is that Malcolm Kelly is buried.  He’s basically the 10th WR, since Brandon banks is likely to make the team as a returner.  Maybe it’s a bit of a surprise to see Donte’ Stallworth and Terrence Austin over Niles Paul and Aldrick Robinson?  I’d have to imagine that Paul and Robinson will be given every opportunity (and then some) to make the team over those other two guys.

– Tim Hightower listed as the starter at RB is a little misleading.  Ryan Torain is out with an injury, hence no mention of him.

– Why is Mike Sellers listed as a TE?  And the 4th one at that?  Jeez, at least give the old vet a little respect.

– Interesting that Chris Chester is listed as the RG, and Will Montgomery as the C.

– This is a bad offense. I mean, we already know that, but man… When you look at the Eagles’ second team O, you have to wonder if it’s better than the Skins’ starters.

(Cont after the jump)…

Defense 1 2 3 4
DE Adam Carriker Jarvis Jenkins Doug Worthington  
NT Barry Cofield Anthony Bryant Chris Neild Thomas Weaver
DE Stephen Bowen Kedric Golston Darrion Scott Jeff Stehle
OLB Ryan Kerrigan Lorenzo Alexander Markus White  
ILB London Fletcher Keyaron Fox Obi Ezeh  
ILB Rocky McIntosh Perry Riley Horatio Blades  
OLB Brian Orakpo Rob Jackson Edgar Jones Eric McBride
CB DeAngelo Hall Kevin Barnes Reggie Jones Brandyn Thompson
        Tyrone Grant
S Reed Doughty Chris Horton DeJon Gomes  
S Oshiomogho Atogwe Anderson Russell Davonte Shannon  
CB Josh Wilson Phillip Buchanon Byron Westbrook Dante Barnes

– I still think Cofield is out of position (the Redskins don’t currently have a legitimate starting NT), but Carriker/Cofield/Bowen, with Jenkins being the first guy off the bench actually looks halfway decent to me.  The Redskins’ 3-4 DE’s are certainly better than the Cowboys’, at the very least.

– That linebacking group looks really nice.  I’m a huge Ryan Kerrigan believer, and think he’ll make an impact from Day 1.  If only the Skins could turn back the clock on London Fletcher.  Interesting that Rocky McIntosh is still listed as the starter.  I know some fans had high hopes for Perry Riley.  I suppose he didn’t impress enough while Rocky was out on the open market.

– This team is built for a 4-3.  It just is.  Bowen, Cofield, and Carriker rotating at DT, Rak and Kerrigan as the DEs, Fletcher as the MLB, with Rocky and Alexander on the outsides.  They’d have something good there.  But nope – With Haslett, it’s “You adjust to me,” instead of the other way around.

– Rookie Brandyn Thompson is buried, which comes as a bit of a surprise to me.

Pos 1 2 3 4
K Graham Gano Shayne Graham    
Pos Sav Rocca      
KO Graham Gano Shayne Graham    
H Sav Rocca      
PR Brandon Banks Phillip Buchanon Aldrick Robinson Anthony Armstrong
        Terrence Austin
KR Brandon Banks Byron Westbrook Terrence Austin Anthony Armstrong
        Niles Paul
LS Nick Sundberg    

– Ga-NOOOO is currently the one over Shayne in the “Graham on Graham crime” battle.

– Banks is obviously the primary returner.  Nothing else too crazy here.

What do you guys think?


  1. WeNeedLinemen says:


    I am pretty sure Haslett is not to blame for the Redskins running a 3-4. As a head coach he ran 4-3s. At his last stop with the Rams, he kept the team using a 4-3. I think Shanahan is entirely responsible for the shift to 3-4.

    It is the one thing for which I really cannot see any rational justification. I didn’t think Shanahan’s approach to the problems with Haynesworth and McNabb were correct, but I could at least see his reasoning. However, the switch to a 3-4, when you’ve got the personnel to run the 4-3 well just makes no sense. There is nothing particularly magic about the 34. Just look how many of the great defenses played with a four man front. Shanahan just seems to become fixated on the fact that Patriots and Steelers beat him using the 3-4 (rather than recognising that they beat him by having better players and using them better).

  2. […] of their first preseason games.  I covered the Eagles and Redskins, respectively, here and here.  Yesterday, the great Lars of Blogging the Boys covered the Cowboys’ depth chart here, […]

  3. WeNeedLinemen says:

    I had hopes for Brandyn Thompson, but the only reporters who have noted him in camp have said that he hasn’t distinguished himself. The only other time I’ve seen his name mentioned is him getting burned by Aldrick Robinson. In fact I’ve seen more mentions for the undrafted rookies at CB.

    I’ve also seen reports that Cofield played nose tackle in college. I don’t know the college game well enough to know how much time he spent playing as an NT, or even if the system was vaguely comparable to the Skin’s 3-4, but Cofield claims he is comfortable. He also says he is significantly heavier than his listed weight. I can believe it. He looks like a big dude. London Fletcher claims that Cofield is keeping a lot of blockers occupied in practice and that he is getting a much clearer path to the ball. Though I suspect that is a reflection of just how bad the situation was last year.

    Sellars bump to TE seems to be the result of two things. First, they are looking at younger, faster players at full back (and are confident that if they don’t work out, they could just plug Sellars back in). Second, Cooley has knee problems and Fred Davis is still having problems with his blocking. They might well need Sellars to operate as an in-line blocker.

    Niles Paul is getting some good mentions in camp. He is probably someone to watch out for in pre-season. The rookie that is getting the best press is Jarvis Jenkins. A lot of Skins fans will be following him over the next four games.

  4. cwel87 says:

    An NFL coordinator that refuses to build his schemes around the strengths of his players makes him completely unfit to be just that.

    What an utter moron Haslett is, and what fools the Shanahans are to keep him employed.

  5. The Legend says:

    Kellen Clemens should be the starter for them if they want to actually win games this year

  6. Bill Ward says:

    Landry is also out with an injury, so no mention of him, either, although he’s obviously the #1 over Doughty. I’m surprised that Kelly is listed at all, since he’s also injured and hasn’t practiced in almost a week (which could explain why he’s buried on the chart).

    I’m not seeing the what some others see about the Offense, though. While the line is slightly weaker than average (18-20), and the QB is also sub par, the WR corps has improved fairly well, with a legitimate good WR in Moss, a decent #3/4 in Armstrong and Gaffney as a legitimate #2/#3. No, it’s not the scariest WR corps out there (good QB work would help there, though) but it’s also bottom up with young talent. I don’t expect either Hankerson or Robinson to stay low on the chart for long (although Paul is somewhat disappointing at the moment). Banks, if he makes the opening day 53, makes it as a teamer, not as a WR, and I honestly think that Stallworth is unlikely to make the squad, though I could be wrong, if Shannahan tries to stash some of the young WRs on the Practice Squad.

    Making up for that is our RBs should be better than average (not great, but better than average) and we have an outstanding TE twosome in Cooley and Davis.

    All in all, I see a mid-tier team. From the Eagles perspective, a top 6 team the last few years, that seems bad…. but put the Redskins as they are RIGHT NOW in the NFC West and they would be contending for the NFC West crown with this squad. I think it MIGHT be good enough for the Redskins to squeak in at #3 in the NFC East, but that’s more about the depth of the teams above the Redskins than how bad the Redskins were or are now. I see fading Cowboys and Giants teams, while the Redskins are improving. A few more pieces in the Draft (Oline and QB, mostly) and a few methodical FAs next year could very well put us in 2nd in the East in 2012, and vying for a wildcard.

  7. smutsboy says:

    Montgomery was always slated to play C, and Chester was acquired to play guard.

    Shanahan has said he may move Sellers to TE. He has been less and less effective at FB.

    Cofield hasn’t played NT, but clearly that is Shanahan and Haslett’s plan. Who knows whether it will work.

    I think that whether Torain is healthy or not, Hightower starts the season as the starter, but is eventually displaced by Helu.

    1. Gotcha. Thanks (re: Montgomery/Chester). I’m a little behind on the Cowboys and Redskins this past week or two.

  8. Immynimmy says:

    Their Linebacker unit and Secondary is actually pretty good. They may have a pretty good D this season like in 2009, but they aren’t going to make the playoffs with that offense.

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