MegaLinky – August 9, 2011 – Redskins RT Jammal Brown: “We’re not gonna settle for a 12-win season”

Anthony Hargrove started for the World Champion Saints back in 2009.

How one team positioned itself to take advantage of free agency – Peter King, SI

Giants, Cowboys, and Redskins fans: Read this only if you have a strong stomach.

Eagles sign Chris Wilson – Philly Sports Daily

Wilson played for the Redskins, and as such, he fell into my jurisdiction during his time in DC.  However, other than doing a little internet scouting, I’m embarrassed to admit I don’t know squadoosh about the guy from a film/what kind of player is he standpoint.  Any Skins fans want to take a crack at an amateur scouting report on him?

First Eagles depth chart released on Thoughts and analysis – Me, BGN

This depth chart was indeed put together by the coaching staff, not a Spadaro-like employee.

Eagles’ DeSean Jackson reports to training camp – Jeff McLane,

No phantom knee injuries!

The holdout got the spotlight, but Maclin’s unknown illness may prove more important – Bob Ford,

I think the Eagles are testing Maclin for every illness, ever, including the Plague.  How long can these tests take already?  What the hell is going on here?

Hargrove journey leads to Eagles – Spuds, Eagles Mothership

Nice article here by Spuds.  Hargrove arrived at camp right after Mike Patterson had his seizure, and I was immediately impressed with him on the field.  The Eagles had also just traded Brodrick Bunkley, and lost Trevor Laws to a hip flexor, Antonio Dixon to a leg injury, and Cullen Jenkins was not yet allowed to practice.  With all those guys missing, Hargrove was running with the 1’s.  I was chatting with one of the Eagles beat guys, and we had roughly the following exchange:

JK – “Who’s 68? Is that Hargrove?”

Beat Reporter – (Looks at his roster sheet) “It’s not on here. Yeah, I think that’s Hargrove.”

JK – “He looks really quick. Could be a nice fit for the wide nine. I don’t know that he’s just a camp body.”

BR – “Maybe, but can you have a Super Bowl team with Anthony Hargrove as a starting DT?”

JK – “The Saints did.”

BR – “Touche.”

Anyway, don’t be surprised in the slightest when Hargrove makes this team, and contributes in the DT rotation.

(Giants, Cowboys, and Skins news after the jump)…

Mathias Kiwanuka: Starting LB

Osi mulling Giants’ offer – Paul Schwartz, NY Post

So odd.

Victor Cruz off to fast start in Giants camp one year after blazing preseason start against Jets  – Ralph Vacchiano

I only got out to Giants camp one night last week, and couldn’t see much, since they parked the media at the 20 yard line and practiced on the other side of the field.  The ONE guy that I really wanted to take a look at was Will Beatty, but it was virtually impossible to see line play from our vantage point.  Anyway, the one thing I could see was the receivers running their routes, and I was impressed by Victor Cruz.  He actually had a couple drops the night I was there, but the athleticism is obvious.  At best, he could be a decent 3 behind Manningham and Nicks if Steve Smith isn’t a go.  At worst, he’s better than Derek Hagan.

New York Giants officially name Mathias Kiwanuka a starting linebacker in Giants base D – Ralph Vacchiano, NY Insider

I get it.  Kiwi is a good player and you want to get all your good players on the field.  The move also puts Kiwi in a position where the other option isn’t very good.  However, it only works if the Giants ask Kiwi to do what he’s good at, and that’s getting after the QB.  If they ask him to cover TEs and RBs, guys like LeSean McCoy and Jason Witten will be licking their chops.  At some point, every LB is going to be in some type of coverage.  Expect the Marty Mornhinwegs and Jason Garretts of the world to look to see what they can do to create mismatches with Kiwi.

2011 Giants season preview – Andy Benoit, NY Times

Andy predicts where the Giants will finish in the NFC East.  Hint – It’s after the number 2 and before the number 4.

Giants T James Brewer hurts right leg in camp – AP via

Oof.  Marvin Austin is currently missing time with a hip flexor, and Prince Amukamara is out for up to 2 months.  Be careful out there, Jernigan.

Tackle whisperer

Felix ready for role as feature back – Stephen Hawkins, AP via

30 carries in ’08, 116 carries in ’09, 185 carries in ’10.  That equates to 331 carries for his career, or one year for a true “feature back” in an offense that likes to run the football.  I expect the Cowboys to pass the hell out of the ball this season, and think Felix Jones can have success if the Cowboys use him similarly to the way Andy Reid has traditionally used guys like LeSean McCoy and Brian Westbrook.  The Cowboys should look to give the ball to Felix somewhere in the range of 210-230 times, while also utilizing him in the pass game, hopefully getting 45-50 catches out of him.  That’s probably the happy zone with Felix.  Any less, and you’re not using him enough.  Any more and he’s probably not going to hold up for the season.

Cowboys guards switch sides  Dan Graziano, ESPN NFC East blog

Kosier playing the role of “tackle whisperer,” or “Crash Davis,” moves over next to rookie Tyron Smith.

Cowboys camp report, August 8th – Rafael Vela, Cowboys Nation

If you’re a Cowboys fan and don’t check in on Raf regularly, you may as well just head on over a kill a few hours reading all his camp stuff.  He’s banging out good content over there.

Cowboys TE Martellus Bennett shows he may have turned the corner – Rainer Sabin,

Maybe he has.  I think either way he’s done in Dallas after this season.  If he has a bad season, he’s gone.  If he has a good season, are you going to pay him bigtime dollars when he hasn’t produced in the slightest, other than in his contract year?

O-line looks for leadership without Marc Colombo – Tim MacMahon

“Leadership” is one of the most overrated and overused terms in sports.


Specialist competition kicks off – Brian Tinsman, Redskins Mothership

Lol, “Graham on Graham crime.”

Redskins QB coach: Beck and Grossman both capable

Looking forward to that first preseason game.

Shanahan says he’s never insinuated John Beck as a starter – Dan Steinberg, D.C. Sports Bog

Where’s the third T-shirt option for Kellen Clemens?

Jammal Brown says Redskins won’t settle for 12 wins – Dan Steinberg, D.C. Sports Bog

I know… “What’s he supposed to say… We’re gonna stink this year?”  Still, come on, Jammal.



  1. PK says:

    Hey Jimmy… I was just thinking about the Eagles defence and their weaknesses. Yes, we’ll be awesome against pass if we have a lead, but what happens if teams keep running the ball at our “aggressive/out of position” front line or they’ll keep targeting our LBs with short passes over and over again. Do you see that as a possible problem? Or will we have some sort of different package for first and obvious run downs?

    1. Linebackers are definitely a concern. However, that secondary will help mask potential issues there. Nnamdi, Asante, and DRC aren’t going to need a ton of help, so the Eagles might have the luxury of stacking the box. It’ll be interesting to see how opposing teams try to attack the Eagles’ D. I really have no idea what they’ll try. You can’t win in the NFL if you can’t pass the football.

    1. The general feeling is that King was counting the money that the Eagles can use to borrow against next year’s cap, which the Eagles likely don’t view as this year’s cap. But we’re only talking about a couple million dollars here. The point of his article is that the Eagles killed it as far as managing their payroll. There’s no debate there.

  2. tuna83 says:

    Giants are a passionate team and an uncertainty more so than the other teams in my opinion. 6-1 start or 1-6 wouldn’t surprise me either way.

  3. cwel87 says:

    So Kiwanuka’s back to linebacker, eh?

    One thing I’ve noticed is Giants fans have such great faith in their coaches. Well, their coaches are idiots if they think Kiwanuka should be anywhere but at defensive end.

    1. ATLEagle says:

      I think Trent Cole was a linebacker last year. He just lined up four point stance and near the line to confuse people.

      1. Ralf E Chubbs says:

        Dah Duhn, Chhhh!

    2. plektor says:

      “One thing I’ve noticed is Giants fans have such great faith in their coaches.”

      Well then you need to work on your noticing stuff skills.

  4. brisulph says:

    Just another nail in the coffin, right Jimmy?

    1. Ha, I think I’m running out of places to hammer nails in. I do like your style. Your brethren would be wise to take the same approach. Sit back, take the criticism well, and in a couple months when the Giants somehow start 7-1, come back and say “Nanner nanner nanners.”

      1. Tracer Bullet says:

        If they start 7-1, they’ll finish 2-6. It’s what they do. That said, I still think New York finishes second in the division.

      2. brisulph says:

        I don’t deny truth in what is said… there are a lot of little things that are likely adding up against the G-Men. However, blindly spouting off about it won’t help and make you look like a jackass, so why do it? Hence, I don’t.

        If the G-Men can have that 7-1 start, they should be able to get to 10 wins, usually good enough for the play-offs, which is all I expect out of them. This is assuming things go well, mind you. I would not be shocked at a 6-10 season at all.

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