The Giants’ odd offer to Osi

I remember back in 2008, the Cowboys signed Pacman Jones to a contract that included incentive bonuses if Pacman had a certain number of interceptions.  I can still remember debating with Cowboys fans that giving a player incentives for a statistic like interceptions was completely counter-productive, as it might cause that player to constantly gamble instead of playing disciplined defense.  And to tempt a player like Pacman Jones with that kind of deal?  Really?  I still believe to this day that those kinds of contracts are dumb.   Today, Adam Schefter tweeted that the Giants offered additional incentives to the disgruntled/crybaby Osi Umenyiora that would kick in if he gets 13.5 sacks this season.

Quick – Think of a selfish NFL player… any selfish NFL player.  Umenyiora popped in your head, right?  OK, that’s not really fair since we’re already talking about him, but would anyone argue that Umenyiora isn’t selfish?  Is he really going to maintain his gap assignments?  Is he going to play team defense?  Or is he going to simply go after the QB on every play?  I’m not sure I’d be inclined to find out if I were Jerry Reese.

If you’re going to pay the guy, pay him.  If you’re going to trade him, then trade him.  But incentives for sacks?  I don’t get it.


  1. smutsboy says:

    Why is Osi whiny?

    Because he wants to make more than $4M a year the next two years?


    1. Ty says:

      Bc he wants to make more and isn’t worth it

      1. smutsboy says:

        He’s worth way more than $4M per year.


        1. I would agree, if that’s what he was actually making, but it’s more like $6 mil per.

          1. smutsboy says:

            He’s worth more than $6M per.


            And really, $4m to $6m is the threshold where he goes from underpaid to “whiny”.

            Give me a break.

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  3. sparki says:

    He can go for all the sacks he wants.. as long as this continues to happen…

  4. Tracer Bullet says:

    Osi looks like a freak. I mean, the kind of guy who demands a Hot Carl from a 49-year-old transsexual stripper and cries when he orgasms kind of freak.

  5. Ty says:

    Photo caption:
    ” I don’t always show up on gameday, but when I do I play the run like this woman next to me.”

  6. beef posse says:


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