MegaLinky – August 8, 2011 – Is Nnamdi Asomugha only “marginally better” than Mike Jenkins and Terence Newman?

I haven’t done one of these in a while.  Apologies for that.  Turns out that when you take a week off from work to attend training camps, you actually have less time to write.  Who’da thought that?  Beat writers, that’s who.  Anyway, my training camp visits are done, so I’ll have more time to post updates here.

Eagles, Saints on right track; Cowboys, Skins have work to do – Michael Lombardi,

Someone once said, “Don’t confuse activity with productivity” and for me that saying applies to the Redskins’ offseason, including all their movement in the draft.

I don’t think Lombardi took a very close look at what the Redskins did in the draft.  By moving back 6 spots from 10 to 16, they were able to pick up an extra 3, 4, 6, and 7.  I’d most certainly call that “productivity,” not just “activity.”

I’ll have my full FA review on the Skins later today, by the way.

Issues at quarterback among things to watch – John Keim, Washington Examiner

In addition to John Beck, Keim reviews Jarvis Jenkins, receiver depth, the running game and injuries.

Chester’s quickness key in zone blocking – Rich Campbell, Washington Times

Chester should be an immediate significant upgrade over Rabach.  More on Chester here today.

Rocca solves Visa issues, joins Skins –


Redskins sign former Seahawks offensive tackle Sean Locklear – Kevin Ewoldt

Hmmm… I missed this signing somehow.

Eagles have found the perfect backup in Vince Young – Brad Wilson, The Express-Times

I like the signing too, but from my time in camp so far, VY is far behind Mike Kafka at this point.

Avant, Cooper receiving plenty of work at Eagles camp – John Smallwood,

It’s funny.  If Jason Avant were a rookie and was having the camp he’s having, people would be projecting him as the next Jerry Rice.  But he’s Jason Avant, so we kind of already know what he is, and thus people don’t get as fired up about the circus catches and overall consistency out of Avant, but he’s killing it this year so far.  Cooper was the star of camp last year, not as much this year.

Eagles rookie center rising to starter status – Les Bowen,

Exciting and scary for Eagles fans at the same time.  Great new nickname for Kelce in Bowen’s piece as well.

Questions abound as DeSean Jackson arrives at Lehigh – Jeff McLane,

He’s bring Drew Rosenhaus with him.  Ruh roh.  Should be an interesting day out there today.

Mike Patterson sets sights on return to Eagles – Steve Wyche,

Don’t rush it, Mike.  That’s your brain, not sprained knee.  There are more important things than football.

Maclin: Crazy reports aren’t true – Jeff McLane,

I heard a bunch of the crazy rumors while attending camp, one crazier than the next.

Giants’ Amukamara to miss up to 2 months – AP

Tough break for the kid.  Even when he’s healthy, it’s probably unlikely that he’ll be able to get any meaningful playing time when he’s ready to go, as he’ll be playing catchup the rest of the season.

Steve Smith to meet with Giants brass later in the week – Ed Roberts, G Men HQ

I think Ed may have it right when he says that losing Smith would be a “morale blow” more than anything.  The Giants need to be careful about paying Smith big money, and I don’t think they will.  Microfracture surgery is a bitch.

Derek Hagan to the Raiders – Aaron Wilson,

Apparently, Al Davis was impressed by the smackdown the Giants gave them a few years back and is now collecting Giants.

Kevin Boss says it was difficult to leave Giants for Oakland – Mike Garafolo, Star-Ledger

4 year, $16 million.  No-brainer.

Is defense of Osi –  Peter Furman, Ultimate NYG

Sorry.  There’s no defending Osi.

Cowboys defense struggles during scrimmage; Rob Ryan: “It’s on me” -Rainer Sabin and David Moore, SportsDay DFW

Pessimistic view.

Romo, Cowboys offense sharp in scrimmage – Jeff McDonald,

Optimistic view.

Cowboys free agent primer: Did Dallas obey FA Commandments – rabble, Blogging the Boys

– Agree with 1.

– Agree with 2.

– Calling Nnamdi Asomugha only “marginally better” than Mike Jenkins and Terence Newman is beyond laughable in number 3.  Blogging the Boys is the best Cowboys site out there, but… wow.

– Sort of agree with number 4.

– Number 5 is ridiculous in its assertion that Cullen Jenkins got a huge payday because he played for the champs last year.  In reality, Jenkins essentially signed a 1-year deal worth $4 million.  “Nice mental discipline” not signing a guy that has more career sacks than the “3 bullies” combined?  Yeah, OK.

– Agree with 6.

Comment section got a little heated in this one.

I’ll have my Cowboys’ free agency review up tomorrow, I think.

Cowlishaw: Cowboys’ success hinges on… Oh, who cares?

Only posting a link here because I find it funny that you have to pay to read Tim Cowlishaw.

Cowboys add QB they had an eye on in ’09 – Carlos Mendez, Cowboys Corner

Practice squad?


  1. The Legend says:

    The thing that worries me about Kelce is that he’s 280, I read somewhere that he was sick during the combine so he might actually be a little heavier then that but if he’s 280 he’s going to be the smaller man 90% of the time

  2. Tracer Bullet says:

    “Marginally better” if you believe that mediocre-to-good coverage on two players is nearly equivalent to shutting down one player.

  3. Bill Ward says:

    Redskins Hatorade has been flowing from many bloggers and writers this year because of the change in FA and Draft philosophy that Shannahan and Allen have brought (and by, seemingly, Snyders ability to stay out of the discussions).

    Because of that, the easy “There go the Redskins!” stories deriding chasing aging stars can’t be written (the lazy writer’s problem) and the attacks against Snyder don’t work (even though I’ve seen plenty of Bloggers doing it). For making writers actually WRITE about something (or in this case, not write), they’re piling on the hatorade.

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