Giants training camp notes, Wednesday, August 3, 2011, Part II

Part I here.

– I normally ignore kickoff coverage, but one play during kickoff coverage drills stood out.  Absolute de-cleater in what is typically a minimal contact drill.  It’s UDFA Justin Trattou laying his shoulder into the surprised-to-be-destroyed returner, and literally sending him airborne.  Trattou gets yelled at by TC and sent off.

– Lawrence Tynes is now kicking FG’s ranging from about 25-45 yards.  About 7 of them in succession.  All good, mostly right down the middle.

– Like Eagles camp, by the way, practice is crisp.  No wasted minutes.  In fact, they seem to do a slightly better job in that regard than the Eagles.  No surprise there really, with Coughlin’s militaristic style.

7 on 7’s

– Back shoulder throw Eli to Nicks misses badly.

– Eli to Ware in the flat.  In these drills, by the way, a checkdown, a swing pass to the flat, on really any pass shorter than 5 yards is a win for the D.  The QB’s eyes are down field first, and if there’s nothing there, they can check down, which will always be open.

– Victor Cruz runs a really nice in route.  Good, sharp cut,with speed.  Terrell Thomas stays right with with, and Eli fits in a perfect ball.  Really professional looking play on both sides… until Cruz drops it. Gah.  That’s drop #2 for Cruz.

– Pass to #33 in the flat.  I don’t know who 33 is.  Martell Mallett?  Whoever it is, 33 is getting a lot of reps.  If it’s Mallett, I had a chance to get a look at him at Eagles camp last year.  He had his moments, including a really strong preseason game.  I like this kid.  More than just a camp body.

– Jernigan slips on a comeback route.  Gets up.  Eli throws it his way anyway, short, complete.

– Another short pass.  D winning this drill.

– Bad pass by Sage.  Should have been picked.  Somehow it gets through and it caught by Devin Thomas.  Nice concentration by Thomas there.

– Beckum running open down the sideline, begging for the ball.  Sage doesn’t see him.  Throws other side, incomplete.

– Short incomplete to Victor Cruz.

– Perrilloux deep ball to Jernigan.  Covered like a blanket by Brian Witherspoon.  Jernigan bcomes the defender and tries to bat the ball away, but Witherspoon picks it off.  Really nice play there, andWitherspoon gets love from his secondary teammates.

– Consecutive checkdowns to this 85 guy again.  Still no answer on who 85 is.  (Not Hagan – It’s a big lumbering white guy).

– Another checkdown.  Giants D dominating 7 on 7’s.

– Bad deep ball Perrilloux to Gigeure.  I’ve been watching Jernigan the past few plays.  Looks fast, but raw.  Needs to do a better job running his routes.

11 on 11’s

– Snee still playing center.  It appears he’s exclusively getting all the first team center reps tonight.  Mitch Petrus is in at RG.

– Eli takes a while to throw.  Pass batted down.  Canty?

– D Line is dominating.  Eli sacked.  Throws anyway to nobody in particular, closest target is 85.  Manning has to stop doing that.  When he knows pressure is coming, he’ll just throw anywhere to avoid a sack.  He had a few of those picked off last year.

– Screen to Ware goes nowhere.  D dominant.

– Very annoyed I can’t see Beatty, by the way.  He was the one person I wanted to get a good look at, but with the Giants all the way down at the other end of the field, I can’t see that side of the line at all.

– Play action.  Nothing downfield.  Check down to Hynoski.

– Eli to Beckum 10 yard hitch complete.  Beckum with a bunch of catches tonight.

– 2’s in now.  Nice looking screen to Mallett (I think).

– Nice play action by Sage, throws deep post to Thomas.  Complete. TD. Split Bruce Johnson and 34 (don’t know) down the middle.  Good ball.  Good catch. Bad coverage.  Thomas looks good.

– Hey hey now.  I know that guy!  It’s Charles Scott.  I have a flashback to Eagles camp last year of Scott running into the line for nothing.

– Bad ball by Perrilloux to Beckum, broken up nicely by Dillard.  Perrilloux looked awesome early.  Not looking good anymore.

– Dump off to Scott.  Drop.  Yup, just as I remember him.

Red zone 7 on 7’s

– Manning to Manningham deep ball complete in end zone.  TD.

– False start.

– Sage to Manningham on a slant.  Good ball.

– Sage to Hynoski in the flat complete.

And that does it for the night.



  1. Sameer says:

    Just realized Hagan is a free agent. I think 85 is TE Jake Ballard. If not, I give up.

  2. brisulph says:

    This is from your first visit to camp? So this means you didn’t get to see Bruce Johnson end his career getting injured?

    1. Nope, didn’t see that.

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