Giants training camp notes, Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Thanks for the great view, Giants.

I checked in on Giants camp last night and the entire place was abuzz with the news that the Giants had secured a major signing in Stacy Andrews.  What number would the great Stacy Andrews he wear?  What were the behind-the-scenes negotiations like?  How were they able to swoop in at the last second to get him when all 31 other teams were falling over themselves trying to pick up this star player?  I was hoping to have all these questions answered.  Ha, just playing, Giants fans.  Let’s just get right to my notes, in the same style I’ve been covering Eagles camp:

– First, the Timex Performance Center (or whatever it’s called) is really impressive.  It’s a full 100-yard indoor field with a roof 90 feet high.  The Giants were indoors, due to the rain.  Huge place, obviously.

– Unfortunately, the Giants park the media in a little area between the 30 yard line and roughly the 10.  And then they practice at the other side of the field.  This is in stark contrast to Eagles practices, where you’re free to roam the entire sideline, just as long as you don’t cross a line about 5 yards from the sidelines.  It’s difficult to see much.

– Giants get right to kickoff coverage/returns.  They’ll work on kickoffs twice during this practice.  In fact, later, Justin Trattou will absolutely de-cleat a returner (not sure who), drawing the ire of Coughlin.

– I ask where Prince Amukamara is, and am embarrassed that I don’t know that he is still unsigned, and (obviously) not yet practicing.  He’s missing extremely valuable time.  Don’t expect to see much of Prince this season.

– Lawrence Tynes is playing QB in CB drills.  I like that.  When the Eagles kickers aren’t busy kicking, holding, punting, or other kicker-like things, they’re usually just meandering around.  I like that the Giants keep their kickers busy.  Tynes is actually throwing some good balls too.

– It appears as if Chris Snee is getting all the center reps with the 1st teamers. Makes sense.  David Baas can’t practice yet and Adam Koets is on the PUP list.  Last season, Rich Seubert playedwell when he was forced to move to center after the Giants had Shaun O’Hara and Koets go down with injuries.  It appears that Snee will be the center depth this year.

11 on 11’s

– Uh, handoff?  I think?

– Handoff left to somebody, tackle by a guy (OK, I’m not even going to note the runs anymore, as the team is 60 yards away and I can’t see the backfield… at all.  So we’ll just do the pass plays, as at least I can see guys running their routes.

– Manning hits Dominik Hixon on a cross, complete.  Sintim beats Beckum on a pass rush, gets good pressure.

– Deep ball by Eli.  It’s a wobbler, but it’s on target.  Oof, drop by Cruz.  Antrel Rolle beaten on the play.

– Eli with a good ball to the sidelines to Beckum to beat a zone.  Beckum just a nice job keeping his feet in.

– Sage Rosenfels with a quick slant to Devin Thomas.  Devin Thomas, by the way, just looks like a WR.  If you were to see him in a Quik Check (or Wawa for you Central and South Jersey folks), you’d think “That guy is a wide receiver.”  I know that sounds stupid.

-Sage airs it out.  Deep post to Hixon.  Slight overthrow.  Tyler Sash and Brian Jackson on the coverage.  Sash looked a little slow there.

– Sage over the middle to 85 (don’t know who 85 is, but he’s getting a bunch of reps).

– The recently signed David Carr can’t practice, by the way.  Sage is going to be cut, or at least he should be.  He’s on the hook for $3 million this season.  They just signed Carr for about a million (or so I’m told), Eli Manning has never missed a start due to injury, and the Giants are very cap unhealthy.  Cutting Sage with give them $3 million to play with to perhaps find a couple bergains late in the FA market.

– Sage to the flat.  Drop by Beckum.

– Ryan Perrilloux (the former LSU QB) with a quick slant to Samuel Giguere.  Nice zip.

– Perrilloux with a 30 yard ball incomplete.  Strong throw.  Ball is on target, but incomplete.

– Perrilloux with a 30 yard dart to 85 (OK, somebody find out who 85 is, please).

– There’s this weird buzzing noise every once in a while.  I realize it’s the play clock.  If the play clock runs all the way down, a loud noise goes off.  While the players mostly ignore it, it at least serves as a reminder that you have to hurry your ass in and out of the huddle.  The Eagles don’t do anything like this.  After watching Andy Reid and Donovan McNabb unnecessarily burn timeouts for years, maybe this is something they should implement.

– Perrilloux with another strong ball to the sideline to Beckum.  Accurate ball, nice catch by Beckum.

OK, gotta take a quick shower and head off to Eagles camp.  A lot more of this kind of Giants camp coverage later today (or whenever I have a free minute to type up the rest of my notes).


  1. Sameer says:

    85 is Derek Hagan, I believe.

    1. 85 was a big white guy.

  2. brisulph says:

    Interesting stuff Jimmy… maybe next time you go they will be outside and you might be able to get a better view.

  3. Tracer Bullet says:

    The Eagles are France.
    The Giants are the U.S.
    The Andrews Brothers are Vietnam.

    1. brisulph says:

      I laughed… well played.

  4. Anders says:

    Thx for the read (Im an Eagles fan, but im addicted to everything there is football). Was there any fans or only media at the training? and how odd is it that the media is allowed to be there but cant really follow the practice properly?

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