A quick look at the Cowboys’ “3 bullies”

Yesterday, new Cowboys’ defensive coordinator Rob Ryan spouted off about the Eagles’ phenomenal free agency period, and noted that he had “three bullies” that couldn’t wait to start practicing.  Per Josh Ellis of the Cowboys’ team website:

“I’ve got three bullies over there waiting for Thursday,” Rob Ryan said. “These are proven players, and that’s what we need. I don’t know if we win the all-hype team, I think that might have gone to somebody else, but we’re going to beat their ass when we play them.”

The “bullies” that Ryan was referring to are Marcus Spears, Jason Hatcher and Kenyon Coleman, a pupu plater of veteran, non-play-making NFL DE’s.  It’s unfortunate for those three guys, who really did nothing to bring this attention on themselves, but they’ll now forever be called “The 3 Bullies” by me.  A quick look at their career numbers:

Bully NFL Seasons Tackles Tackles/season Sacks Sacks/season FF FF/season
Marcus Spears 6 185 30.8 8 1.3 3 0.5
Jason Hatcher 5 85 17 7.5 1.5 1 0.2
Kenyon Coleman 9 310 34 12.5 1.4 1 0.1
Total 20 580 29 28 1.4 5 0.25

Offensive lines around the league… Be terrified.


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  2. Antonio P says:

    Jimmy, for someone who I have seen on Bloggingtheboys a heck of alot and someone that I respect as doing better than most (and better than I could do) at being objective I can’t believe you really buy into your own post…

    The Dallas D was top 10 defense for at least the three years prior to last year and stunk up the joint last year. There is no doubt that Ryan believes that lack of confidence was ONE OF the problems leading to the 2010 meltdown and this is one way to try to inspire some of that confidence.

    Also, you can’t look @ D-line in a vaccuum independent of scheme… the 3-4 that Ryan is going to run requires lineman to be stout at the point so the LB’s can make the tackle / sack. It’s front seven (well, really how the entire 11 work together) that needs to be taken into account… so yes, offensive lines around the league, BE VERY TERRIFIED.

  3. DerfDiggy says:

    Eagles are gone “Sting dey azz!!!!”

  4. DaCrock says:

    What has Rob Ryan ever done as a defensive coordinator? Yes, not much, but then, he’s been stuck coaching the Raiders and the Browns. I have no idea how he will fare in Dallas, and I hope he flops, but I’m not going to bash the guy until I see what personnel and scheme he has to work with when the season gets underway, and how both are employed. Slow your roll, Iggles fans.

    By the way, exactly what has Juan Castillo ever done as a defensive coordinator? Answer: NADA, because he’s never been one. Clearly, he’s got a world of talent to work with this year, but if I were in his shoes, I’d be thinking I better get off to a great start. Andy Reid can be a cold customer when he’s not getting the results he wants out of his coordinators, and with all the positive press Jim Washburn is getting in camp, Castillo has got to be looking over his shoulder if things don’t go well early.

    1. Tracer Bullet says:

      Castillo isn’t the one talking a mountain of shit.

      1. slandog says:

        Exactly, Juan is just doing his job without smacking like Rob Ryan is. So your whole point means nothing, just just wasted your time posting it.

      2. BigTTech says:

        I don’t see the mountain of shit of Rob is talking either… This is a whole lot of bs made out of absolutely nothing. When he says bullies he’s simply talking about a mindsight that these guys are ready to get on the field and play their best. Obviously, that’s not as good as the players the eagles got, and Rob would probably admit that, just not in public. I don’t see anything in those comments to suggest that he would take those three guys over the players that the eagles were able to aquire. Obviously, it’s time for some real football to start because this is just…. sad.

    2. #12 says:

      Jim Washburn has turned down the D cord position several times and stated that isn’t what he wants to do.

      1. DaCrock says:

        Lots of guys turn down D coordinator positions, until they’re asked to take over a defense with all the talent the Eagles have, and at a hefty raise in pay to boot. Look, I have no idea how Ryan or Castillo will work out. Neither do you. I’m just saying there is pressure on Castillo given his lack of experience in the position. After all, how did your last “rookie” defensive coordinator fare?? And he tutored under Jimmy Johnson. So you should at least have some reservations about a “rookie” D coordinator taking over this wealth of riches you now have on that side of the ball.

        1. Josh says:

          I think we’re all concerned to a degree, but I can’t really figure out how anyone could screw up this defense. The pass defense should just about take care of itself, and the eagles DL is not only extremely talented, but also coached by the best DL coach in the business. If things don’t go well, I’m sure Castillo will be heading out the door quickly.

  5. Stephen says:

    Well I for one plan on taking this new threat of the 3 bullies very seriously. How many men can we keep in to block on a single pass play? 9?

  6. sparki says:

    Only problem w/ the numbers Jimmy, don’t average out the tackles/season, sacks/season, and FF/season on the total line. Total up the averages… don’t reaverage the totals. To say the 3 together have a 25% chance at producing a forced fumble is incorrect, Spears by himself has a 50% chance at one next season.. together they almost have 1 FF/season (very beastly). Its still funny.

    Rob needs to keep his trap shut. He’s not even half the man Rex is, and Rex is only barely seen in Buddy’s shadow.

  7. Nick C says:

    I would be interested to see their numbers in comparison to the best 3-4 de numbers wise just to get a little perspective on them. Who has been the best 3-4 lineman the last 5-6 years anyways?

  8. […] A quick look at the Cowboys’ “3 bullies” – Blogging the bEastThe “bullies” that Ryan was referring to are Marcus Spears, Jason Hatcher and Kenyon Coleman, a pupu plater of veteran, non-play-making NFL DE’s. It’s unfortunate for those three guys, who really did nothing to bring this attention on themselves, but they’ll now forever be called “The 3 Bullies” by me. A quick look at their career numbers: […]

  9. 1youngwiz says:

    welp this is the first article ive read on this site. that didnt last long

    1. Ha, thanks for stopping in!

  10. DerfDiggy says:

    I don’t think he said anything dumb at all…Jimmy didn’t point out the “all hype” portion of the comment. Just the big bullies. A coach is supposed to instill confidence in his players, even if they aren’t the best. Ryan had a hand in trying to recruit the very players that went to the Eagles obviously…at this juncture, he’s gotta do something to show that belief in the players he does have. Whether that’s false bravado or not, it’s a pretty innocent statement.

    1. I hear ya, and understand the premise of making your players feel good about themselves. However, he’s basically saying “You can have NA, DRC, Babin, VY, Jenkins, etc… I’ll take Coleman/Hatcher/Spears.” You can see the comedy in that, right?

      1. DerfDiggy says:

        Certainly….(Although I’m not sure why you put VY in that….lol, and I’m a Longhorns fan)….but yea, I completely agree, on paper….they’re better, but he’s coaching them up..that’s what he’s supposed to do. Just a weird thing to point out, out of everything he said. We can all find quotes of a coach hyping up a subpar player.

        I think you do a good job on the blog….the green shades comment was an unfunny joke. Carry on!

          1. DerfDiggy says:

            The eagles are a better team, but unless I’ve missed some games…So are we arguing that that group of players you named is better than Coleman/Hatcher/Spears…..no? They’re better. Any knowledgeable fan couldn’t say otherwise. Ryan wouldn’t either. He simply called em bullies.

            And yes…on paper…collectively, the Eagles are better. Unless I missed some games, the 2011 season hasn’t started. 😉

            1. DerfDiggy says:

              I messed that comment all up. You get my jest. Look forward to when the talking stops and the pads are on though.

  11. DerfDiggy says:


    Your bias is showing a bit too much for my liking here on this Beast blog. Take the green shades off, kind sir!

    1. Jason-E says:

      Frankly, I think Jimmy has done a fantastic job of keeping his bias down. If any of us were running this blog, it would be completely one-sided.

      Rob Ryan said something dumb. I believe Jimmy would have written this article the same way if one of our coordinators made an ass of himself in similar fashion.

      1. Blasted Lurie pretty badly a week ago.

    2. slandog says:

      Call it green shades, and I am an Eagles fan as well. But honestly where can you argue Jimmy’s points? Numbers don’t lie……..He’s calling the “3 bullies” and their numbers aren’t anything to be scared about at all.

      Green shades or not Jimmy is right here. None of the three average over 2 sacks or 1 FF a season. That is terrible, but these are the guys that Rob is calling “Bullies”….laughable!

      1. DerfDiggy says:

        I wasn’t aware sacks and forced fumbles were the only method to measure a linemen’s worth. They aren’t the best linemen…no. Ryan didn’t call em that. Called em bullies…that’s just a mindset he’s trying to instill into the defense.

        Regardless…we’re arguing over petty stuff. It’s all good. Can’t wait for the games to actually be played on the field and not through the media.

        1. slandog says:

          Sacks and forced fumbles aren’t the only method fo measure a lineman’s worth. So lets look at their tackles shall we? Still nothing to write home about. As a whole they average under 30 tackles apiece for a season.

          I know DT/DE in a 3-4 don’t get many tackles but come on…..none of their numbers are special at all.

          Agreed, we are arguing about little petty things……can’t wait for games to start and FA are able to practice.

  12. slandog says:

    I made that same comment on another post (don’t remember where anymore). But like you said what have these “3 bullies” ever done in their careers? Absolutely nothing at all.

    Another point what had Rob Ryan ever done as a defensive coordinator. Sure he may have had a few good seasons here or there, but nothing ever really great…..ever! Sure with the Browns he never really had the best talent pool ever. But I don’t ever remember the Browns ever being a great defensive team.

    So I laugh, and I’m sure the Eagles do too, at what he says. I’d say he has a lot to prove himself this season. Otherwise he is obviousely the “slow” one of the twins.

    1. Tracer Bullet says:

      #3 in total defense with the Raiders in 2006. Of course, that was a long time ago.

      1. Jason-E says:

        Yeah, five years ago doesn’t count. He had that one good defense. Since then? Before then? Rob’s mouth does not match his resume. He either needs to tone it down, or stop sucking ass. Neither will happen.

      2. slandog says:

        I know he’s had a few good years here and there (as long as he’s been a DC you have to have a few right?) but he’s never been consistent in anything. Some coaches have their “thing”. JJ was a blitzer, some DC like to create turnovers. Others like to bend but don’t break, etc. He’s been inconsistent in pretty much everything.

        He may be able to do something this year for the Cowboys, but I wouldn’t count on it at all, and he’ll never be able to keep them consistent…….he never has in the past.

  13. Tracer Bullet says:

    The Browns under Ryan were 17th in DVOA last year (21st weighted) and 30th in 2009. Much better, but certainly not good. The Cowboys were 27th (20th weighted) last year, though that was down from 12th in 2009. Except for Ware, is the talent in Dallas appreciably better than it was in Cleveland? Did they draft anyone likely to make an immediate impact? I don’t remember who they picked except for the OT from USC in the first.

    1. Only defensive pick was in the 2nd, MLB Bruce Carter from UNC. Carter likely won’t contribute much this season, coming off a major injury.

  14. brisulph says:

    Friday is the last day you actually looked at anything without your green goggles on… BGN2 confirmed. 😉

    1. Dammit, your smiley guy means I can’t fight back. You win this round.

      1. brisulph says:

        I won’t fight anyway, you know us peacekeeping canadians and all.

        1. sparki says:

          You gotta give Jimmy the benefit of the doubt. He’s trying, but when only one team is doing anything exciting in this FA period AND its his team… its gotta be difficult not to let his flag fly.

    2. cwel87 says:

      I don’t even know if goggle from the ‘great state’ of Texas can save those numbers.

      1. cwel87 says:


        Uncorrected mistypes of my own doing drive me insane. I tried.

  15. Brian says:

    Come on now, I’m an Eagles fan, and I don’t have a problem with Rob talking smack. What do you expect him to say? “Oh yeah the Eagles made a lot of good moves, we’re very worried about them and question our own team’s ability to beat them.”

    Now calling these 3 Bullies may be a little silly, but he’s Buddy Ryan’s son and Rex Ryan’s brother, I’m not gonna get too worked up about a bit of trash talk.

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