Recap of the NFC East FA period roster moves

Through almost a week of free agency, it’s pretty easy to summarize the NFC East by saying the Eagles and Redskins have improved their teams. The Cowboys and Giants, not so much.

Team Player Position 2010 team
Cowboys Alan Ball CB/FS Cowboys
Cowboys Kenyon Coleman DE Browns
Cowboys Doug Free OT Cowboys
Cowboys Kyle Kosier OG Cowboys
Cowboys Marcus Spears DE Cowboys

Team Player Position 2010 team
Eagles Nnamdi Asomugha CB Raiders
Eagles Jason Babin DE Titans
Eagles Donald Lee TE Packers
Eagles Johnnie Lee Higgins WR/KR Raiders
Eagles Cullen Jenkins DE/DT Packers
Eagles Akeem Jordan LB Eagles
Eagles Evan Mathis OG Bengals
Eagles Vince Young QB Titans


Team Traded for Gave up
Eagles Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie and a 2012 2nd round pick Kevin Kolb
Eagles 2012 5th round pick Brodrick Bunkley

Team Player Position 2010 team
Giants David Carr QB 49ers
Giants David Baas C 49ers
Giants Kevin Boothe OL Giants
Giants Mathias Kiwanuka DE Giants
Giants Steve Weatherford P Jets

Team Player Position 2010 team
Redskins Stephen Bowen DE Cowboys
Redskins Jammal Brown OT Redskins
Redskins Chris Chester OG Ravens
Redskins Kellen Clemens QB Jets
Redskins Barry Cofield DE/DT Giants
Redskins Santana Moss WR Redskins
Redskins Sav Rocca P Eagles
Redskins Donte Stallworth WR Ravens
Redskins Josh Wilson CB Ravens


Team Traded for Gave up
Redskins 6th round pick in 2012 and conditional 6th round pick in 2013 Donovan McNabb
Redskins 5th round pick in 2013 Albert Haynesworth
Redskins Jabar Gaffney Jeremy Jarmon
Redskins Tim Hightower Vonnie Holliday and undisclosed 2012 pick


  1. Stephen says:

    Skins fans all in denial and whatnot. It’s a sad state of affairs. At least you don’t have to deal with the Haynesworth carnival this year.

    1. CarverM says:

      You and Jason have the reasoning capacity of a 16 year-old on an MTV reality show. We aren’t arguing that we will have the best receiving corps in the league by any means, but to say that our receivers are old and that the unit has not improved is simply not true.

  2. Ahmad Bradshaw signed with the Giants moments ago…

  3. Jason-E says:

    I’m not so sure the redskins improved. Their WR corps is now old as hell. When is the last time Dante Stallworth had any kind of effect for his team? 2006 with the Eagles? Maybe, MAYBE, 2007 with the pats. Gaffney is just not good. And the Cofield signig just doesn’t make sense. Resigning Moss and adding a few picks for next year were good moves. But with John Beck as your starting QB? The Redskins will be bottom dwellers for a long time.

    1. CarverM says:

      You forget that the Redskins also drafted 3 WRs this offseason. Stallworth and Gaffney will have to make the roster before you can count them as members of our receiving corps. I think Stallworth is a long shot, where Gaffney might be able to be a productive role-player as a possession receiver if noone else steps up to push him off of the roster. At the very least, we have upgraded over Joey Galloway (really old) and Roydell Williams, who were on the roster to start 2010. Outside of Moss, the ‘Skins receiving corps has a chance to be one of the youngest such units in the league–depending on how training camp shakes out.

      1. Bill Ward says:

        They’re also missing H.B. Blade’s resigned with the Redskins, too, Carver.

        Agree, Jason doesn’t know what he’s talking about when it comes to the Redskins recieving situation.

        1. Jason-E says:

          I think you guys have no clue. I agree you’ve upgraded over Galloway, but not enough to compete in the NFC. A young WR corps does not equate to a good one. And no matter how good your WRs are, they do you no good when your QB sucks. Good luck with John Beck. LoL.

          1. Bill Ward says:

            YOU said “Their WR corps is now old as hell”.

            Sorry, you are the one that doesn’t have a clue. Simple as that.

            1. Jason-E says:

              Fair enough. I should have worded it better. You’re projected 2nd and 3rd receivers are old as hell. We’ll exclude Moss because he’s just flat out good.

              1. CarverM says:

                Your understanding of how our depth chart is likely to play out is also misguided.

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