July, 2011:

My Quintin Mikell story

Thanks for the interview, Q.

Today, the Rams signed Quintin Mikell away from the Eagles, so I though it’d be appropriate to tell my Quintin Mikell story, since he’ll no longer be with us here in the bEast.

Last year was my first year covering training camp for the Eagles. At camp, the players come out at around 8am, practice for a few hours, and when practice is over, they all stretch and come off the field at their own leisure.  They have to walk past an area when all the media folks gather to pick them off for interviews.  The first person I ever interviewed was Mikell.

So Mikell is coming off the field and walking directly at me, so I say “Hey Q, you got a second?”  Mikell says sure, and stops.  I’m not really nervous or anything, but it’s at this moment I realize I don’t really have anything to ask him, and I’m really just interviewing him for the sake of interviewing him.  I ask him the 3 dumbest questions ever, which he politely answers, after which I go “Alright Q, thanks.”

It was very reminiscent of this:

I’ll never forget it. The best part is that on my drive home, I tried to listen to my awful exclusive interview in the car to laugh at myself, but realized I didn’t even record it.

It appears Shawn Andrews is done in NY

My back!

It appears Shawn Andrews’ short tenure with the Giants is over, according to Andrews’ twitter account.  Andrews actually played well at times as an extra TE in the jumbo package, and also in relief of David Diehl at LT.  But as has been the pattern in his NFL career, Andrews could not be relied upon to consistently stay on the field.  He was on the hook for $7 million this season, and there was no way the Giants were paying that.  It appears the Giants tried to get the Big Kid to take a pay cut, but could not come to an agreement.

Andrews is now the 3rd offensive lineman to part ways with the Giants today, joining Shaun O’Hara and Rich Seubert.  The Giants are facing major upheaval along their OL.  I’ll be very interested to see what kind of plan Jerry Reese has to replace these guys.  It could be a disaster.

In related news, word is that the Giants have reached an agreement with Kevin Boothe.  Woohooooo!

NFC East undrafted free agent signings, updated

Cowboys undrafted free agents:

Team Player Pos School cbs.com overall cbs.com position
Cowboys Dan Bailey K Oklahoma St. 306 4
Cowboys Kevin Kowalski C Toledo 319 12
Cowboys Justin Taplin-Ross FS Utah 391 18
Cowboys Mario Butler CB Georgia Tech 493 51
Cowboys Lyle Leong WR Texas Tech 526 61
Cowboys Laupepa Eskridge QB Midwestern St. 539 28
Cowboys Raymond Radway WR ACU 656 83
Cowboys Chris Randle CB Utah St. N/A (over 750) 79
Cowboys Jose Acuna OL Nevada N/A (over 750) 75
Cowboys Alex Albright LB Boston College N/A (over 750) N/A
Cowboys Michael Ricks S Stillman N/A (over 750) 32

Eagles undrafted free agents:

Team Player Pos School cbs.com overall cbs.com position
Eagles Cedric Thornton DT Southern Arkansas 159 16
Eagles Chas Henry P Florida 208 1
Eagles Noel Devine RB West Virginia 268 23
Eagles Jerrod Johnson QB Texas A&M 334 19
Eagles DeAndre Brown WR Southern Mississippi 336 39
Eagles Graig Cooper RB Miami 355 30
Eagles Derrell Johnson-Koulianos WR Iowa 504 58
Eagles Terrence Turner WR Indiana 515 60
Eagles Martell Webb TE Michigan 523 28
Eagles Perry Baker WR Fairmont St. 577 68
Eagles Brandon Pegues DE Hampton N/A (over 750) N/A

Giants undrafted free agents:

Team Player Pos School cbs.com overall cbs.com position
Giants Martin Parker DL Richmond 195 18
Giants Mark Herzlich LB Boston College 217 17
Giants Henry Hynoski FB Pittsburgh 237 5
Giants David Sims SS Iowa St. 303 12
Giants Jarriel King OT South Carolina 381 31
Giants Spencer Paysinger LB Oregon 505 41
Giants Harry Flaherty LS Princeton N/A (over 750) 10

Redskins undrafted free agents:

Team Player Pos School cbs.com overall cbs.com position
Redskins Willie Smith OL East Carolina 242 21
Redskins Ben Chappel QB Indiana 395 23
Redskins Shaun Draughn RB North Carolina 419 37

Tamari: Eagles are going to let all of their free agents walk.

Bye, Stew :(

Per Jonathan Tamari.  That means Stewart Bradley, Sav Rocca, Quintin Mikell, Jerome Harrison, Max Jean-Gilles, and a whole host of others. Bombshell. The two big surprises here are Bradley and Rocca. Bradley reportedly wants a multi-year deal, but the Eagles were unlikely to give him one. This now puts LB high on the Eagles’ free agent priority list. The Eagles signed undrafted free agent punter Chas Henry from Florida this morning – It appears Henry will be the new full-time punter, giving the Eagles a Henery/Henry kicker/punter combo. Much more on this later, probably.

And one of the worst trades in recent memory runs its full course: Roy Williams finally cut.

A 1, a 3, a 6, and $54 million.  That’s what it cost Jerry Jones and the Cowboys to acquire Roy Williams from the Detroit Lions.  His numbers in Dallas:

Year Games Catches Catches/game Yards Yards/game TD
2008 10 19 1.9 198 19.8 1
2009 15 38 2.5 596 39.7 7
2010 15 37 2.5 530 35.3 5
Totals 40 94 2.4 1324 33.1 13

NFC East corners are lighting candles in remembrance as we speak.

Whooooaaaaaa AGAIN! Giants to cut Shaun O’Hara too?

You're cut, shushy.

WOW!!!  This news, per ProFootballTalk, wouldn’t be so crazy if the Giants hadn’t already cut Rich Seubert this morning.   Earlier, I speculated that the OL would look like this after Seubert was cut:

LT – William Beatty
LG – David Diehl
C – Shaun O’Hara
RG – Chris Snee
RT – Kareem McKenzie

I imagine the Giants HAVE to think that they have a free agent out there that they think is going to sign with them.  Otherwise, would it be Adam Koets?  I just don’t see that.  Lyle Sendlein, maybe?  Are they going to actually keep Shawn Andrews at $7 million?!?!?  TBD.  Major changes along the line today for the G Men.

Whatever the case, the Giants no longer have the oldest offensive line in the league anymore.  Instead, they have an extremely unsettled one.

The Giants and Cowboys are going Homer Simpson today:

Schefter: Marion Barber cut

In news that shouldn’t surprise anybody, Marion Barber is a goner in Dallas.  Barber signed a 7-year, $45 million contract in 2008, but never came close to living up to that deal.  That’s now Leonard Davis, Kris Brown, and Marion Barber so far today for the Cowboys.  More to come, I’m sure.

Barber leaves Dallas as the all-time leader in celebrations after 2-yard gains.

David Buehler safe from Kris Brown; new competition will come from rookie UDFA Dan Bailey

Kris Brown is the next NFC East victim down, via Todd Archer of ESPN.  I wrote this morning that either Buehler or Brown was going to be cut after the Cowboys signed rookie undrafted free agent kicker from Oklahoma St., Dan Bailey.  No way you bring 3 kickers to camp.  I guessed it would be Brown, due to his $865,000 salary.  More savings for the Cowboys.  Nice little move here, Jones & Co.  Well played.

It’ll be Buehler vs Bailey in camp.

Leonard Davis to be cut. Terence Newman to stay.

OK, it’s starting to get hard keeping up with all this bloodletting.  Davis’ departure comes via Adam Schefter.  Davis is a bit of a surprise, since there’s really nobody that comes to mind immediately to step in at RG.  Montrae Holland, perhaps?  The Cowboys’ right side of the line this season will likely be Montrae Holland and rookie Tyron Smith?  Oh boy… That could be a problem.

In more surprising news, the Cowboys plan to keep Terence Newman.  You can officially rule out Nnamdi Asomugha, Cowboys fans, even though that was never going to happen anyway.  Rich Tandler provides snarky commentary on that one.


Whooooaaaa!!! Rich Seubert to be released.

Wow! I guess that dislocated kneecap isn’t doing so well. Mike Garofalo from the NJ Star Ledger with the breaking news here.

Offensive line will now look like this (I would think), pending any FA additions:

LT – William Beatty
LG – David Diehl
C – Shaun O’Hara
RG – Chris Snee
RT – Kareem McKenzie.

William Beatty, your time has come. Expect to be the hottest interview in camp this season.

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