NFC East: Good moves & bad moves through Day 2 of free agency


Signing Josh Wilson.  Really nice job here by the Redskins, getting Wilson for just $13.5 million over 3 years.  He’s just 26 years old, can grow with the team, and appears to be an immediate upgrade over Carlos Rogers.  Eagles blogger Tommy Lawlor had him as his 5th best CB prospect target for the Eagles and gave his scouting report of him here:

I watched 2010 tape of Josh Wilson.  He looked good.  Wilson played RCB.  He mostly pressed, but did show that he could play off and be effective.  Wilson isn’t the most disruptive player when it comes to jamming receivers off the ball, but he can get better at that.  He has the speed and skill to run with receivers down the field.

The downside to Wilson is that he’s short at 5’9.  He does weigh 192 pounds so he’s got a bit of thickness to his build.  Wilson is an aggressive tackler and solid run defender.  He has a good vertical leap so only being 5’9 is somewhat lessened by that.

Wilson might move up the list if I had studied him more.  He’s posted good numbers over the last 3 years, with 9 INTs (4 for TDs) and 36 PDs.  I am curious about his playing time.  He started 12 of 16 games played in 2008.  He was 12 for 12 in 2009.  He only started 9 of 14 games in 2010.  Wilson played in 42 of 48 possible games.  He started 33 of 42 games played.  What kind of durability issues does he have?

Wilson is 26 and shouldn’t cost a huge deal.  He has good KOR ability.  In some ways he is a better version of Ellis Hobbs.  They are similar in build and skill set.  I think Wilson is more athletic and a better cover guy.

Signing a cavalcade of old, moderately effective WR’s.  The Skins kicked off their free agency by making sure Santana Moss didn’t get away.  3 years, $15 million.  Sounds like a lot, but it’s really pretty reasonable.  People don’t realize how good Moss was last year.  93-1115-6… on a bad offense.

Then they signed Donte Stallworth, after which I tweeted “Lol, I’m not even writing about that one.”  Then they signed Jabar Gaffney from Denver, and people started laughing at the Skins, and the comparisons to the old RB circus of 2010 began.  Then they signed Brandon Stokley, at which point it just became fun.

I went to Catholic school back in the day.  Yeah, that’s right.   I’m from the streets, bitch.  Anyway, in my Catholic grade school, they implemented this thing called “Prayer Partners,” in which they’d take all the 8th graders and pair them up individually with all the 2nd graders.  The 8th graders would serve as sort of a mentor to the 2nd graders.  What did that mean, specifically?  Well, every month or so, the 8th grade class would get together with the 2nd grade class and go out and have a picnic, or some dumb shit like that, and you’d hold your 2nd grader’s hand while walking down to the cafeteria.  Then, 15 years later, you’d see your ‘Prayer Partner’ in the bar hitting on a girl or something, and you go “Heeeeeey man, what’s going on?!?  It’s me… Jimmy.  Remember?  You were my ‘Prayer Partner.’   We used to hold hands and have picnics together,” at which point your ‘Prayer Partner’ would say, “You’re creeping me out, dude.  Get out of here.”

The Redskins are taking heat for bringing in 4 old WR’s, since… you know… they drafted 3 rookie WR’s back in April.  I would counter that the Redskins can effectively assign each of their old WR’s to their rookies, ‘Prayer Partner’ style, and they can all pray together for a real NFL QB.

OK, in all seriousness, is it really a big deal that they signed all these guys?  It’s not like they paid them anything all that eye-popping.  So they have a crazy competition in camp, and a bunch of those guys get cut.  Big deal.  Calm down, people.

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No Santonio or Sidney.  I’m not sure what offers the Redskins may or may not have sent to Santonio Holmes and/or Sidney Rice, but neither is a Redskin, and that’s all that matters.  Dumb to pay bigtime dollars to a receiver when you still need a QB, an offensive line, a defensive line and bunch of other more important pieces.

Getting something for McNabb.  Covered this yesterday too.  But I’ll say it again – I didn’t think the Redskins were going to get squadoosh for McNabb.  All they got was a 6th round pick in 2012, and maybe an additional 6th rounder in 2013, but hey… It’s something.  More importantly, they got McNabb out of the way.  One down – Now let’s see what they do with Haynesworth.

UPDATE: The second I post this, I learn that the Skins have traded Albert Haynesworth to the Patriots for a 5th round pick in 2013.  Wow.  More 3-4 for Big Al!  I can almost guarantee Bill Belichick makes Haynesworth awesome again somehow.  And the best part… The Skins play the Pats this season.  Unfortunately, we’ll have to wait until Week 14 for that one.  Good job by the Redskins getting something in return and not letting this man walk the hallways any longer.

Re-signing Doug Free.  They HAD to sign Doug Free.  HAD TO.  And they did… and at a reasonable price, somehow. I sorely misjudged the market for Doug Free, and thought the Cowboys were going to massively regret not franchise tagging him.  Aside from giving their fans some agita, they didn’t regret it at all.  4 years, $32 million.  How the hell did they get him that cheap?  I mean… freaking Eric Weddle got 5 years, $40 million.  Marshal Yanda, a guard, got over $6 million.  Golf clap for Jerry, and added points for getting Kyle Kosier signed to a 3-year deal as well.  Plenty of work to do along that OL still, but they avoided a disaster.

Letting the safety market settle down before wading into those waters.  The Cowboys currently have no NFL starting caliber safeties on their roster.  Obviously, it’s a major need.  However, the teams that have been signing safeties so far have massively overpaid.  Eric Weddle got $8 million/year.  Quintin Mikell got $7 million/year.  There are no shortage of good safeties available.  Whether they’ve stayed out of the bidding so far because they simply don’t have the cap space or because they’re being smart, the result is the same.  The prices will come down soon enough.  They’ll get their guys.

Cutting bait with dead weight.  Roy Williams – gone.  Leonard Davis – gone.  Marion Barber – gone.  Had to be done, not just because of the cap, but because they all stink.

Signing David Baas.  Yesterday, after dumping Shaun O’Hara, Rich Seubert, and Shawn Andrews, I questioned Jerry Reese’s plans.  This time yesterday, the Giants didn’t have a viable center.  Today they do, and Baas should be a significant upgrade over O’Hara.  Still work to do, but it’s a good start.

Letting Ahmad Bradshaw find out he’s not worth as much as he probably thinks he is.  Give the Giants credit.  They could have panicked and thrown a ton of money at Ahmad Bradshaw. They didn’t.  Ahmad Bradshaw is not worth bigtime money.  Productive player?  Yup.  Good skill set?  Hard runner?  Good in pass protection?  Yup, yup, and yup.  But… injury concerns below the waist?  Indeed.  Bradshaw is the kind of player that if he loses a step, he’s done in the NFL.  Some players can lose a step and still be really good.  Ahmad Bradshaw can’t.  And of course… Fumble-itis?  Yup.  The Giants let him test the market (specifically… Miami), and Miami now appears to have a trade in place for Reggie Bush.  Well played, Reese.  AB and Drew Rosenhaus should be coming down from whatever price they had in mind a couple days ago very soon.

Signing 10 of 11 draft picks in less than 48 hours.  Impressive.  It really is.  Even with the new CBA rules designed to make it easier, it’s impressive.  Cody Benjamin of Bleed-Green covered the signings here.



No action on a QB.  It appears Mike Shanahan really is serious about John Beck being his starter this season, at least through two days of free agency.  I still don’t get it.

Overpaying for Barry CofieldCovered this briefly yesterday, and after I had a chance to let it digest, I still don’t get it.  Last offseason, the Redskins had a successful defense full of players that were perfect fits for a 4-3 defense, and they inexplicably switched to a 3-4.  The coaching staff basically said, “We’re not adapting to your skill sets.  You’re going to adapt to what we want to do.”  It didn’t work.  At least those guys were on the roster already.  But now you’re bringing guys in to be bad fits for your defense?  And not only that, you’re paying a guy like Barry Cofield $6 million/year for 6 years?  Cofield is good and the very nature of free agency is to overpay, but he’s not that good.  Bad signing.

Hanging on too long to Terence Newman.  I praised the Cowboys above for cutting Barber, RW, and Leonard Davis.  But why are they still hanging onto Terence Newman?!?!?  Newman is on the hook for $8,000,000 in 2012, 6,016,000 in 2013, $7,600,000 in 2014, and $7,500,000.  The thinking is that the Cowboys are going to ask Newman to restructure, but why even bother?  Newman was a good player for years, but he’s not anything close to what he was.  Look at the deal the Redskins just got done with Josh Wilson.  There are a ton of good corners available – You can find bargains.  Why not save some money on Newman, while getting younger and probably even better at the position?  I think this is a case of looking at the player’s body of work rather than evaluating what he is… right now.  While we’re on the topic, the Cowboys should also just cut bait with Marc Colombo already, too.

Osi Umenyiora holdout likely.  Like the DeSean Jackson holdout that we’ll get to in a minute, this is not the fault of the team.  Just felt it was worth mentioning again that Osi Umenyiora is a jackass.

DeSean Jackson holdout likely.  This isn’t a bad job by the Eagles here, mind you, but deserves a mention.  It appears DeSean Jackson is going to hold out, but as Jason Brewer of BGN notes, the timing makes no sense.  I’ll stop short of saying that Jackson has been a model pro in his Eagles tenure thus far, but he hasn’t been anything close to a character concern since he slipped in the 2008 draft for that very reason.   This is a bad decision though.

“Aggressive,” huh?  Eagles GM Howie Roseman promised that the Eagles were going to go balls out this offseason.  So far, aside from signing all its rookies and adding a boatload of unrestricted free agents, the Eagles have done bupkis.  Still early, but Eagles fans are very bored right about now.  Let’s get it going today, Birds.


  1. plektor says:

    Gotta give credit where due.
    Youse know how to deal QBs.

    1. Jason-E says:

      Even better is that they never work out for other teams, and yet other teams still trade for them. Hilarious.

      1. plektor says:

        Yeah, I hate that.

        Iggles must put something in the drinks they serve at those QB trade discussions.

  2. Jason-E says:

    LoL@ “they can hold hands and pray for a QB”

  3. ATLEagle says:

    How do the patriots always get guys for absurdly low draft picks. Or trade their guys for 1st rounders. I get sick of that every year. conspiracy!

    Or did they use the Minny pick from Moss, and really trade Moss for Haynesworth?

  4. Tyler says:

    babin just agreed to terms. 5yr deal

  5. The Legend says:

    I can’t really get on Howie right now. One of the national guys either La Canfora or Schefter said that teams are a little hesitant to give out offers right now so the agents don’t go shopping them around before Friday.

  6. brisulph says:

    Seems like a quite sound round up.

  7. Shouan says:

    Great post.

  8. DaCrock says:

    Decent summary of the moves by BEast teams through 2 days of FA “open season.” But Jimmy, how can you say my Skins haven’t made any QB moves yet? After all, we’ve signed UDFA QB Ben Chappell from Indiana, and also the illustrious Kellen (no relation to “mistrial” Roger) Clemens. I’d say we’re pretty much now in contention for the Super Bowl, no? But seriously, I’m generally pleased with the Skins moves thus far. Shanahan and Bruce Allen have been much more fiscally responsible than Vinny ever was. I even think the Cofield agreement will prove to be reasonable (he’s 27, only $12.5 million guaranteed, and a 6-year deal). Look at the crazy money that’s gone out the door since (e.g., Holmes, Weddle, and DeAngelo Williams).

    1. Yeah, on the whole they’ve done pretty good so far. Really like the Wilson signing. He was completely off my radar.

      1. DaCrock says:

        Kind of a “duh, no kidding?” prediction: with all of the cap room the Skins have picked up by moving McNabb, Haynesworth and releasing Casey Rabach, I’m expecting that their next, and probably, biggest moves/expenditures will be young guys (under 30 yrs. old) along the offensive line–a RT, OG, and maybe C as well. Skins O-line is in bad shape as it stands right now.

  9. Tyler says:

    “I think there are going to be a lot of opportunities in front of us, players looking for short-term deals who want to win a championship,” Roseman told Silver. “Any good player that we think can help our team, we’re going to take a hard look at.”

    ^looks like Roseman was either dead wrong or was looking forward to going dumpster diving after other teams cut guys(short term vets). I tend to think its the latter.

    That would also be against what we have always done in FA. We should have known better, gonna be another quiet offseason.

    1. Tracer Bullet says:

      Roseman is getting hoisted on his own petard, but who have the Eagles missed on? Free, Weddle and Johnson re-upped with their own teams and the latter two got stupid money. I wanted Jackson, but Vince Young is available. Edwards, Claybo and Asomugha are still available. We’re bored, but that doesn’t mean the Eagles have failed.

  10. ubrab says:

    Jimmy that gif !

    1. ubrab says:

      BTW – Didn’t they trade for Gaffney ? By sending Jeremy Jarmon ? If so, I can’t see how does that fall into the “GOOD MOVES” category. I can’t see that at all.

      1. That’s true. Good call. Forgot they traded for him. I’d have to imagine they weren’t very high on Jarmon to trade him – probably would have been cut anyway. I guess the argument could be made that they could have traded him for something else, like a reserve offensive lineman or something, but Gaffney might actually start.

        Still, I think people are getting a little crazy with killing the Redskins for bringing all these guys in. It’s really not a big deal. I wouldn’t say they were “hood” moves by the way, even though they were under that heading. Perhaps I should have made a 3rd category.

        1. Steve D. says:

          What exactly would you consider a “hood” move? Trading for Pacman Jones maybe?

          1. Oops, haha, “good.”

  11. Tracer Bullet says:

    Blogging the bEast. Come for the football analysis. Stay for the dog fucking.

      1. Tracer Bullet says:

        Without question.

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