While “market develops” for Kevin Kolb, backup QB options sign contracts elsewhere

Don't get too cute, Howie.

According to Arizona sportscaster Tim Ring, the Eagles have Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie and a 2nd round pick on the table for Kevin Kolb.  If Ring’s report is true, apparently that’s not enough for the Eagles, as Ring also notes that the Eagles are asking instead for DRC and a 1.  The Eagles know the Cardinals want Kevin Kolb – There really isn’t much of a secret there.  They know that even with other teams like Seattle out of the picture, they still hold plenty of leverage over the Cardinals.  After all, if no deal occurs, the Eagles simply hang onto the best #2 QB in the league, while the Cardinals will have to settle for a piece of junk.  Lose-lose, but far less of a loss for the Eagles.  And so, as Albert Breer of NFL.com notes, “the Eagles’ plan all along was to be patient in exploring a trade market” for Kolb.

While it’s fine for the Eagles (or any other team for that matter) to look to maximize the value of their assets, they need to also be cognoscente of what’s going on around them.   Once Kolb is traded, I think the assumption from pretty much anyone that follows the Eagles is that they’ll be in the market for a backup QB.  As this process plays out, many potential #2 QB’s are finding new teams.  Tarvaris Jackson signed with the Seahawks, Matt Hasselbeck signed with the Titans, Tyler Thigpen signed with the Bills, and other teams interested in signing a QB on the open market will already have a head start in pursuing their targets.  Meanwhile, at some point  (and I have no idea what the breaking point is) the Cardinals are going to feel like they’re being held hostage and will move on.

If Ring’s report that the Eagles have a 2 and DRC on table is true, the Eagles are getting far too cute by stalling.  It’s a fair deal, and they need to move on it.

UPDATE: The other fairly obvious point I just realized I missed is that if a deal doesn’t get hammered out at all, the Eagles will of course not have gotten DRC, and by then, the number of available corners on the market will have also dwindled.


  1. Stephen says:

    The cowboys must still need to cut more people to get under the cap right? I mean they ditched some but they still have rookie contracts etc. plus doug free’s deal was a good one for them but that must bump them back up over the cap?

    1. One.Cool.Customer says:

      Yes, they probably are a little over the cap right now. But they don’t need to be below the cap until the league year begins on Aug 4th.

      By that time they can easily restructure some of the bigger contracts (Ware, Austin, Romo, Newman) to accommodate a couple of FA signings and still get under the cap.

      1. Stephen says:

        I’ll be waiting with bated breath to see if they can manage that without having to cut anyone interesting.

  2. One.Cool.Customer says:


    Cowboys just offered Jon Kitna to Arizona for DRC and only a third.

    Just to mess with the Eagles.

    I kid of course, but …

    1. Cowboys sign Free and cut all the garbage they should have cut last year, and the Eagles… uh… if they still exist… have done absolutely nothing. Worst… free agency… ever.

      1. One.Cool.Customer says:

        For a while there I thought the Eagles had a “great plan in place” or were “loading up and going for it” when lockout ended.

        Perhaps a little more patience.

      2. brisulph says:

        They no doubt have a plan… you guys trust your FO, don’t ya?

        1. I do. Just bored.

          1. brisulph says:

            As a blogger, I can no doubt it is tough for ya. However, you can always work on the next Giants O-Line is doomed post. 😉

          2. Matt G says:

            Dominique Rogers-Cromartie jersey for sale on eagles custom jersey page, only thing is they still have him listed as 29, same as Nate Allen. Maybe this is good news?


      3. samson9 says:

        I think 130 days of waiting combined with twitter flood makes us feel that if our team doesn’t do anything for 5-6 hours when other reports are flying, that it’s boring. The FA opened only yesterday… This weariness could be somekind of lockout hangover…

  3. Tracer Bullet says:

    I prefer to believe both teams are struggling to draft new contracts. Also, Krusty is coming.


  4. Ty says:

    I have zero faith in Roseman. He’s probably gonna screw this up, nnamdi will already be gone n we probably won’t pay as much as Bengals will to get Joseph, Edwards isn’t really a wide 9 fit. So we will be going FA dumpster diving bc we dragged our feet. Yay.

  5. Immynimmy says:

    I’m terrified that the Cards FO will get pissed and just go after Orton. The only other team that has interest in Orton is the Dolphins, and they don’t like the asking price.

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