Whooooaaaa!!! Rich Seubert to be released.

Wow! I guess that dislocated kneecap isn’t doing so well. Mike Garofalo from the NJ Star Ledger with the breaking news here.

Offensive line will now look like this (I would think), pending any FA additions:

LT – William Beatty
LG – David Diehl
C – Shaun O’Hara
RG – Chris Snee
RT – Kareem McKenzie.

William Beatty, your time has come. Expect to be the hottest interview in camp this season.


  1. […] This news, per ProFootballTalk, wouldn’t be so crazy if the Giants hadn’t already cut Rich Seubert this morning.   Earlier, I speculated that the OL would look like this after Seubert was […]

  2. brisulph says:

    Loved him as a Giant, but how many times could he realistically make it back from such nasty leg injuries? I think this was a probability of return to form cut + clearing up some cap space.

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