My Quintin Mikell story

Thanks for the interview, Q.

Today, the Rams signed Quintin Mikell away from the Eagles, so I though it’d be appropriate to tell my Quintin Mikell story, since he’ll no longer be with us here in the bEast.

Last year was my first year covering training camp for the Eagles. At camp, the players come out at around 8am, practice for a few hours, and when practice is over, they all stretch and come off the field at their own leisure.  They have to walk past an area when all the media folks gather to pick them off for interviews.  The first person I ever interviewed was Mikell.

So Mikell is coming off the field and walking directly at me, so I say “Hey Q, you got a second?”  Mikell says sure, and stops.  I’m not really nervous or anything, but it’s at this moment I realize I don’t really have anything to ask him, and I’m really just interviewing him for the sake of interviewing him.  I ask him the 3 dumbest questions ever, which he politely answers, after which I go “Alright Q, thanks.”

It was very reminiscent of this:

I’ll never forget it. The best part is that on my drive home, I tried to listen to my awful exclusive interview in the car to laugh at myself, but realized I didn’t even record it.

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  1. Adamnb87 says:

    LOL, awesome comparison.

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