And one of the worst trades in recent memory runs its full course: Roy Williams finally cut.

A 1, a 3, a 6, and $54 million.  That’s what it cost Jerry Jones and the Cowboys to acquire Roy Williams from the Detroit Lions.  His numbers in Dallas:

Year Games Catches Catches/game Yards Yards/game TD
2008 10 19 1.9 198 19.8 1
2009 15 38 2.5 596 39.7 7
2010 15 37 2.5 530 35.3 5
Totals 40 94 2.4 1324 33.1 13

NFC East corners are lighting candles in remembrance as we speak.


  1. Fiftyfourd says:

    *NFC East corners are lighting candles in remembrance as we speak.*

    Thanks Jimmy, now I have to clean off my desk from the mist of juice I just laid out!

  2. Stephen says:

    And to think, it was all the rage that offseason that if the Eagles FO didn’t make a major push for Roy they were useless incompetent idiots who didn’t know how to run a football team. I’d love to one day make a list of all the moves the EMB claimed were no brainers and the Eagles were money tight idiots for not making.

    The Kevin Kolb trade is still paying dividends for us, even if its not in the way we anticipated it would. Everyone remembers the rage about how Anthony Spencer was going to terrorize us for the next decade right?

    1. Tracer Bullet says:

      I remember the talking heads ripping the Eagles for trading with Dallas when the Cowboys took Spencer. It may have been Kiper who said something like they gave Dallas a guy who’d be terrorizing McNabb for the next 10 years. Neither part of that sentence came true.

      1. The Legend says:

        I think it was Mort

  3. Matt says:

    What kind of cap hit does this leave them with?

    1. Don’t know. Under the old rules, it was a big one. Apparently, under the new CBA, the penalties are far more lenient. Looking into it.

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