Lockout reportedly ending today

I woke up this morning and had no electricity.  Apparently it went out around 1am, and the earliest it’s supposed to come back on is roughly 12:30pm.  Good thing I just spent about $500 at Costco a couple days ago, and all that food is currently spoiling in my non-working fridge.  My lack of power also meant that I couldn’t do my Linky this morning – No wireless internet, no Linky, so I came into work early.  But that doesn’t really matter today, thankfully, because there’s really only one link that’s relevant at this present time, and it came via twitter sometime around 4am, courtesy of Fox’s Jay Glazer:

I said I wouldn’t jump in til they agreed… They’ve FINALLY agreed! Sources say 2 sides this hour FINALLY agree to terms of new CBA.less than a minute ago via UberSocial Favorite Retweet Reply

Numerous credible sources are confirming this, with reports that facilities will open as early as tomorrow and training camp beginning for some teams as early as Thursday. Just make it happen guys.

Make sure you all (especially the Skins fans) check out the throw-by-throw analysis of John Beck’s first career start back in 2007, and then you’re all excused to go follow the bigger, breaking news type guys today. I understand.

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