Twitter fight! Gerald Sensabaugh vs. ESPN’s Tim McMahon

Like Sensi, I'd like to see media types back up their criticisms with proof they actually watch the game tape.

A couple days ago, I wrote that Gerald Sensabaugh is delusional if he thinks he’s getting paid like a top-flight NFL safety.  I actually like Sensabaugh to a degree.  Great athleticism, fast, incredible ups.  The knock on him (and I think the criticism is valid) is that he’s not an eager tackler and struggles in deep zone coverage.  He’s definitely an NFL starter, but by no means is he what you’d call a good NFL starter.  Well, he got into a twitter war with ESPN’s Tim MacMahon yesterday, with MacMahon coming off (at least in my opinion) as a bit of a jerk.  You can never fire off at someone on an 8-3 ratio – It makes you look a little obsessed:

Sensabaugh MacMahon
Just for curosity sake…since @espn_macmahon “an expert” i’m curious how many deep passes I gave up last year? @chodnett: @espn_macmahon He wasn’t in the same zip code as some passes thrown against him last year.
The ironic thing is this so called reporter is in the locker rooom every day doing stories…I would think he would know football by now @Gsensabaugh Don’t have stats handy, but u r apparently mad that I wrote you struggled early last season. That’s cool.
@espn_macmahon come with your stats man…. thats all i ask… dont assume and write whatever… watch film and write accurate articles @Gsensabaugh If u don’t want to take accountability for your role on D that allowedosy points in NFC and got coach/DC fired, no sweat here.
@Gsensabaugh BTW, Jerry Jones publicly cited safety play as one of biggest problems in midseason. U can discuss w/ him in contract talks.
@Gsensabaugh I talked to coaches. They didn’t think u played well early.
@Gsensabaugh We’ve got ex-NFL scout @BryanBroaddus at ESPNDallas. He breaks down film. I’ll discuss u w/ him during our Sat 103.3 show.
@Gsensabaugh You are more than welcome to join the conversation and give your perspective.
@Gsensabaugh I now see the tweet that got you fired up. That was humorous response from fan I retweeted. Not my words, but made me laugh.

And yes… please, lockout… just end.


  1. brisulph says:

    This is how I see these Twitter fights in my head (more or less)… and that includes the ridiculous back and forth between McCoy and the Giants:

    1. Wow, video embeds in the comment section? Didn’t know my site could do that, haha.

  2. plektor says:

    So cool. Can we expect more of those twitter posts ?
    They are so interesting;

  3. One.Cool.Customer says:

    Oh man, I was just about to do a very similar write-up.

    I find it supremely telling that Sensabaugh asks a simple question, “Show me the stats”, and MacMahon begins waffling and deflecting like a 7-year old with his hands caught in the cookie jar.

    MacMahon fires off a volley of he-said, she-said tweets, acting like the proverbial internet tough guy. The dude was talking out of his ass and didn’t have the cojones to admit it.

    What a loser.

    1. The other thing too is that MacMahon mentions that Jerry Jones criticized the safety play, which is vague. Jones very well could have just been speaking about Alan Ball, and not necessarily Sensi. But Sensi can’t fire back in that situation – What’s he going to say? That his teammate (and possibly his friend for all I know) sucks?

    2. D3Keith says:

      Sensabaugh actually handled himself pretty well in that situation. Players are usually very sensitive to criticism — I once had a guy (who is still in the league, btw) give me the cold shoulder when I was covering his draft party for the small local paper because I quoted a scout who had a few knocks on him coming out of college.

      JK you’re right about the 8:3 ratio. Yet having been on both sides of this, I find it best to stand by what you write, but to deflect it back on them and say “prove me wrong this coming season, and if you do, I’ll man up and admit I was wrong. In front of everybody.”

      If you can’t handle being wrong (a lot) and publicly admitting it, then blogging/writing/announcing your opinions really isn’t for you.

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