Jeffrey Lurie feels that the fans are the big winners

Who's the big winner?

From Jason Brewer of SB Nation Philly:

Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie appeared on ESPN this evening shortly after voting to approve a new collective bargaining agreement. He was asked about his thoughts on the deal approved by the owners.

“(The deal) was filled with a lot of compromise,” Lurie said. “I don’t think anyone was smiling and saying ‘oh boy that’s great.’ It wasn’t like that. It was very much a victory for compromise. It was a win-win for the teams, the players and definitely the fans.”

Uh… what?  If anyone can explain to me how the fans are the big winners here, I’m all ears.

Are ticket prices going to drop?  Parking?  Can I get a flat beer in the stadium for less than 8 bucks?

Is the NFL going to make their NFL Sunday Ticket available on multiple cable providers like every other major sports organization?  Is the NFL Network going to stop its pissing contests with various cable providers and make it available to all the fans?

Is the NFL going to pay for their own stadiums instead of the fans through seat licenses and public money?  And if not, are the owners at least going to share the profit made from those buildings with the people that actually paid for them?

I’m serious – Can anyone think of one single way that the fans were “definitely” winners?

A word of advice for Jeffrey Lurie: The fans aren’t stupid.  Stop calling them winners like a patronizing, pompous asshole.


  1. brisulph says:

    How anyone can enjoy going to a game itself, what with the crappy food portions, the costs all over the place, getting to and from the stadium, and the potential for violence based simply on your shirt (mind you, I enjoyed my trip to one last year, but that was my first and likely only NFL game live)… I get it is an experience, but with HD TVs, redzone, easy internet access all being at home (where food is what you paid for it, not some INSANE mark up), the going to the game part looks like it would be an occasional outing for me (at best).

    Of course, Jimmy being a big wig who gets to be in the press box, he no doubt disagrees.

    1. Well, hopefully Lurie doesn’t read this, or I might lose my press credentials, haha.

  2. Matt says:

    Apparently we should all feel indebted to the NFL for allowing us to give them our hard earned money again.

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