A few programming notes

Blogging the bEast will be 2 months old tomorrow.  Thank you to everyone that has helped promote the site, and of course thanks to everyone that has been reading.

– Going be on ESPN Radio Canada tomorrow at 12:30pm to talk to some hosers about the Giants’ old OL and some other NFC East topics.  You can listen here if you have nothing better to do on a sunny summer Saturday afternoon.

– Edited together game tape of John Beck in his rookie season – Not of lot of that out there.  Should be posting a throw-by-throw analysis of Beck’s game early next week.

– I’ll be taking a week off from my real job to cover training camp (if/when they occur).  Not sure how many camps I’ll hit, but if you have any questions you want answered, please feel free to shoot me an email at jimmy@bloggingthebeast.com.

– Mailbag – I posted about the mailbag about a month ago, and got a pretty decent reply.  With free agency hopefully upon us soon, now seems like an appropriate to to open up some Q&A once again.  Again, please send all questions to jimmy@bloggingthebeast.com.

– bEasTV – Now that I’ve figured out how to embed videos on my site (it took me a couple months, sadly), I’m going to start implementing some video features.  The only thing I can guarantee is that they’re going to make you all dumber for having watched them.

– Video of my buddy SR falling on his ass during the bridal party intros at my wedding.


  1. fiftyfourd says:

    So I’m guessing SR’s helmet is out of necessity, right?

  2. brisulph says:

    Come on Jimmy, you live in New Jersey, no bagging on my countrymen with such a silly nickname as Hoser. We don’t adhere to those ootdated stereotypes, eh?

    1. Ayyy, shuta you face.

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