MegaLinky – July 20, 2011 – Osi Umenyiora. Jerry Reese. Promises will be broken in… “The Contract.”

Don't worry - There's only about a week left of Kolb news falling under NFC East jurisdiction.

Eagles might try Cover 2 scheme – Geoff Mosher, Courier Post Online

Per Quintin Mikell:

“I kind of get that vibe,” Mikell said, when asked if Castillo had plans to shift from an aggressive, blitz-happy attack to a tempered Cover 2. “I know coach Reid has wanted to run the Cover 2 for a long time. It seems like the past couple of years we’ve been slowly progressing toward that. It might be moving toward that. I think he (Castillo) is going to kind of tweak things here and there.”

Cardinals prepared to offer DRC straight up for Kevin Kolb? – Jason Brewer, BGN

From what I’ve read around the web on this, both Eagles fans and Cardinals fans are opposed to this deal.  Yesterday, I detailed the pros and cons from the Eagles perspective here.

 Eagles want more than DRC for Kolb – Jeff McLane,

They should want more.  It’s also interesting that Kolb has pictured himself in Arizona.

Eagles want more than DRC — Really? – Adam Green,

Yes Adam, really.  I love the Arizona reporters that are incredulous over the prospect of trading a corner for a potential franchise QB.  You see, guys, it’s like this: Having 3 good corners… Certainly a nice thing to have in this pass-happy NFL, no doubt.  Having no QB… Well, enjoy your 3-13 season.

Ideas to finalize Eagles-Cardinals trade – Les Bowen,

But again, Arizona, you didn’t draft a quarterback this spring. Your team, in the Super Bowl just a few years ago, was 5-11 in 2010, and not having a real QB was a major reason. If you’ve decided to go after Kolb instead of drafting someone, you’re convinced he’s a starting-quality QB. (Yes, you could trade for Kyle Orton instead. Good luck with that.)

Hey, tie the extra draft pick to Kolb’s success level. Fourth-rounder that becomes a second-rounder if Kolb makes the Pro Bowl this season or reaches certain statistical criteria. Fourth-rounder and some other conditional draft pick in 2013. Or maybe the Eagles give you their fourth and you give back a second. Point is, Kolb and Rodgers-Cromartie are the key elements. Figuring out a draft pick to throw in is, to borrow Jerry Jones’ evocative description of the final details of the lockout settlement, “circumsizing mosquitoes.”

Gotta love Les.

Agent: Bradley’s first choice is to play for Eagles – Tim McManus, Philly Sports Daily

“We’re open to anything,” said Bradley’s agent, Eric Metz. “If they offer him a long-term contract that we feel is fair then he would have no problem signing in Philadelphia. I think he would like to finish what he started there and help bring a Super Bowl to the city.”

Tommy Lawlor of IgglesBlitz says Disco Stew and his agent are in for a rude awakening if they think they’re getting a long term deal from Philly.  I actually think they’ll get their long term deal, if not in Philly, then some other team out there will take a calculated gamble on Bradley.

In DC, Michael Vick throws support behind anti-dogfighting bill – Jonathan Tamari,

A year ago at this time, Michael Vick was facing questions about a shooting outside his 30th birthday party, his future in the NFL in doubt.

Almost forgot about that.

(Giants, Cowboys, and Redskins news after the jump)…

Osi won’t block NFL labor deal – Ralph Vacchiano, The Blue Screen

Gee, thanks Osi.  However…

It won’t be Umenyiora, though, because according to the source he believes his fight is more about the Giants than the NFL. He wants Reese to fulfill the “promise” to rip up the remainder of the six-year, $41 million contract extension he signed in Dec., 2005 and pay him like one of the top five defensive ends in the league or trade him to a team that will. The source said Umenyiora is more likely to consider a training camp holdout, which could spark a potentially nasty fight with the Giants in the next few weeks.

I have news for you, Osi.  There’s no way in hell another team out there is going to pay you Top 5 DE money… because.. well… you’re not even close to being a Top 5 DE.  Not to mention, another team would have to give up a high pick (a 2 at a minimum, although the Giants might be inclined to hold out for a 1) to get you.  So enjoy your holdout.

Osi had a great season last year.  If he holds out because he’s unhappy with his 6 year deal worth freaking $41 MILLION, he’s going to piss all over his own value.  Jerry Reese is in a tough spot here.  The Giants don’t have any cap room and a multitude of their own key players to re-sign.  Reese is going to be extremely busy with real personnel decisions, all while Osi is crying in the background for his new deal.   Osi sort of reminds me of this.

Vonta Leach has Giants on his list – Ohm, ESPN

Madison Hedgecock played in just four games last season due to injuries. While tight end Bear Pascoe filled in admirably, the Giants have an All-Pro fullback who says he is considering the Giants.

Texans’ FB Vonta Leach told SiriusXM NFL radio that the Giants are on his list if the free agent doesn’t re-sign with Houston.

I’ve read in a number of places that Pascoe filled in “admirably” for Madison Hedgecock last year.  The game tape disagrees.

Bradshaw wants back with the Giants – Ernie Palladino, The Giants Beat

This comes soon after Drew Rosenhaus proclaiming that Bradshaw was “very interested” in playing for the Dolphins.  I think Bradshaw will ultimately sign with the Giants, but Giants fans should have their Pepto ready, because there’s no way in hell he’s going to sign anything during that initial 3-day window when only the Giants can talk to him.

The end of celebrations after2 yard gains in Dallas?

What will the Cowboys’ first personnel moves be after the lockout? – OCC, Blogging the Boys

This is actually more about the Bears tampering with Julius Peppers last year than it is about what the title suggests, but it’s a good read nevertheless.  I think the Cowboys would like to sign Doug Free before all else, but Free is unlikely to sign anything until he sees what his market value is.  I think the Cowboys’ first move will be to release Marion Barber.

Speaking of the Bears, oh how I hate them so.

Where should the Cowboys start – Defending the Star

Sticking with that same theme, Defending the Star prioritizes the Cowboys’ FA period.

Cowboys camp at Jerry World – Kevin Cokely, NBC DFW

They have the Alamodome booked until August 13, but no plans after that.

Cowboys’ 2011 Over/Under: Who’s taking the over? – Logan Burdine, Landry Hat

Apparently the early over/under for total Cowboys wins in 2011 is 8.5.  Logan likes the over.  I think I like the under.  If I were setting the over/under, I’d set it at an even 8.

Bowen gets a new agent – Scott Crisp, NBC DFW

Dont worry.  It’s not you know who.

"NFL Summer Groove Players Party." Lol.

Preparations underway for training camp – Gary Fitzgerald, Redskins Mothership

I’ll be trying to make it down there this year.

WR Vincent Jackson could open the door to a Redskins offer – Anthony Brown, Redskins Hogs Heaven

Yeah, I know. This is a shallow, cynical attempt to boost traffic by mentioning “Vincent Jackson.” What’s a blogger to do? Labor stories are boring. The lockout is vexing. Vincent Jackson is a tonic by the very mention of his name. Vincent Jackson. Yup. I managed to say “Vincent Jackson” four times in one paragraph.

It worked, Anthony.  I can’t see any way V Jax gets out of San Diego, but if he did, he’s just 28, proven, healthy, and a great player.  You’d have to pay him a bundle, but I’d like V Jax over a guy like Sidney Rice.

John Beck looking to lead Redskins in 2011 – Matthew De Lima

Teaser alert – I have a mega post on John Beck coming up this week, with game film of his days in Miami.

Santana Moss hosting a party at a strip club – Dan Steinberg, DC Sports Bog

Love that he has a picture of a stripper right on the party flier.  Good for you, Tana.

Redskins offense: who has the most to prove? – Mike Jones, WaPost

Mike lists the players with the most to gain/lose in camp.


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  2. Fiftyfourd says:

    Haha, can’t wait for “The Contract” to come out. Looks like a great movie!

  3. plektor says:

    As long as we have TC we’re not gonna do anything. Unless he finds another Spags but those don’t come often.

  4. brisulph says:

    Man the Giants are so screwed this year… no cap space, all FA want their crazy money, OL is collecting pensions on the side, they have no real skilled players at LB… and they are starting a proverbial 0-2 due to the Eagles being on the schedule twice. It is going to be a bad year methinks.

    On the bright side, they do get to beat the Skins twice, so I will get to read something positive on this site at some point.

    1. Haha, yeah, sorry. I haven’t been giving the Giants much love here. I’m trying, but there’s really not a lot of great things to say right now. For a team that usually has their shit together, they’re kind of a mess. The “Bear Pascoe is terrible” article was actually sort of positive in a weird way, in that their FB play really can’t get any worse, right? OK, maybe not. I’m looking.. maybe one or two of their rookies will look like stars in camp.

      1. brisulph says:

        They could be the best to ever play at a level never before seen, but they won’t get any significant time (if at all)… not TC’s way. I am not really giving you guff, more or less agreeing that my team is effed for the upcoming year. 3rd or worse in the division would not shock me at all.

        1. BigBlueIntervention says:

          …well, I think the Giants will are screwed for both this year and next year financially, but based on the contracts, we should be in good shape for 2013-2014

        2. No, I know (about the guff). All good.

        3. D3Keith says:

          Nice to have the Giants fans start to gravitate over here.

          Any bets on who’ll show up first, Cowboys or Redskins? Jimmy is being pretty fair here. I think the score should be way more than Eagles 85, Giants 83, Cowboys/Redskins tied at 82!

          1. brisulph says:

            Been here since the start… I like Jimmy’s approach to analysis and he is more often than not spot on (from my perspective at any rate). Well, except when he picked the Giants last year in the second meet-up of the two teams, as he forgot the new rule that the G-Men will never beat the Eagles. Ever.

  5. Tracer Bullet says:

    The end of celebrations after 2 yard gains in Dallas?

    Not if Miles Austin has anything to say about it.

    Why would anyone give Bradley a long-term deal? He’s shown potential, but he can’t stay healthy.

    Perhaps my math is wrong, but wouldn’t a six-year deal signed in 2005 expire at the end of this season?

    1. “The end of celebrations after 2 yard gains in Dallas?

      Not if Miles Austin has anything to say about it.”

      Touche. Gotta figure out blockquoting on here, by the way – Too easy on SB Nation.

      “Why would anyone give Bradley a long-term deal? He’s shown potential, but he can’t stay healthy.”

      I wouldn’t, but there are 32 teams out there. Look no further than the Eagles. They signed Stacy Andrews to a 6 year deal while he was still recovering from an ACL. If a team out there really likes Stew, they could roll the dice.

      “Perhaps my math is wrong, but wouldn’t a six-year deal signed in 2005 expire at the end of this season?”

      It was an extension.

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