MegaLinky – July 18, 2011 – Does Osi Umenyiora have the power to destroy the CBA if he doesn’t get his way? Seriously?

Jason LaCanfora thinks the Skins could make a play for Tarvaris Jackson. If I'm a GM, I'd rather have T Jacks than John Beck.

It’s time to end McNabb’s misery – Rick Snyder, Washington Examiner

Feelings and “doing the right thing for a player” rarely exists in the NFL, and it certainly doesn’t exist… at all… with Mike Shanahan.   The only way the Redskins can trade McNabb is if the Redskins are able to work out a trade with a team, and then that team is able to get McNabb to agree to re-do his deal.  The odds of that happening are slim-to-none.

As it stands, there isn’t a team in the NFL that’s going to trade for McNabb’s awful contract, which gives McNabb what we refer to as “negative trade value,” meaning that is you had the chance to get him for free (at his current contract), you’d be better off without him.  Will that stop Shanahan from holding onto McNabb until the bitter end before they have to cut him or take on his contract by September?  Probably not.  But if he does cut bait, the reason will not be that they’re looking out for McNabb’s best interests – It will be a move strictly to avoid more distractions.  But even then, Shanhan doesn’t exactly shy away from those either.

Getting rid of Haynesworth – Rick Snyder, Washington Examiner

For all the love Rick has for Donny Mac, there’s no such love for Big Al.  Rick is in the “cut off your own nose to spite your face” camp.

10 Redskins to start a franchise with – Patrick, Hogs Haven

Redskins fans, please, for your own sanity, don’t even look.

Skins to be players for Tarvaris Jackson? – Jason La Confora’s twitter account

I actually don’t hate it for the Redskins.

Feeling rejuvenated, Portis believes he can make an impact –

I agree.  Portis will be a hell of a role player for some team this season.

Dan Snyder should stop talking about the Redskins’ season-ticket waiting list – Jason Reid, WaPost

160,000 people on the waiting list, huh?

(Eagles, Giants, and Cowboys news after the jump)…


Lehigh appears to be a go for the Eagles.


How the Eagles’ offense lines up – Sheil Kapadia,

Sheil breaks down the percentages of how often the Eagles line up in 0-1, 2, 3, and 4-5 WR sets.  He makes the point that Jason Avant should probably be considered a starter.

The CB position is the top concern for the Eagles – Mark Eckel,

Sort of a “no $^&*” sort of statement with the Birds’ glaring hole at RCB, although Mark does take a thorough look at the CB.

Eagles not likely to go overboard in free agency – Jonathan Tamari,

Jonathan throws some ice-cold water on Philly fans’ FA expectations.

It’s beginning to look a lot like Lehigh – Les Bowen,

Awesome.  I’ll be there again this season.  Still no word back from the Giants, Redskins, and Cowboys on whether they’ll credential me for their camps as well.

It appears Brandon Graham has a problem with “the media.” – Brandon Graham’s twitter account

Not sure what Graham is hearing from the media that’s been inaccurate.  I haven’t read much in the way of Brandon Graham bashing.  I don’t listen to much Philly sports radio, so maybe it was there?  Whatever the case, fans/media don’t like it when 1st round picks get injured and could be gone for the season.  That’s just a reality, unfair as it may be.

Projecting the cap room as the Eagles enter free agency – Route36, BGN

Rookie BGN front page writer with a nice first post.


Is there a more punchable face on the planet?

Rosenhaus: Ahmad Bradshaw interested in signing with the Dolphins? – Ben Volin’s twitter account

There has to be universal hatred among fans of every team for Drew Rosenhaus.

Osi talks to Mara about his happiness – Ohm, ESPN NY

As part of Brady vs. the NFL, Umenyiora argues that the lockout is causing irreparable harm to players like himself because he is not able to negotiate a new contract with the Giants. Umenyiora — who has two years remaining on the six-year, $41 million contract extension he signed in 2005 — says that Giants general manager Jerry Reese told him in 2008 that if the defensive end was playing at a high level two years later, he would reward Umenyiora with a contract that would pay him like a top-five defensive end or trade him to a team that would do so.

“He wants that money or to be traded to a team that will give him that money,” Paolantonio said. “Barring that, he wants to be a free agent. He is sticking to that.”

Paolantonio reports that the plaintiffs in the antitrust lawsuit against the league want their situations resolved “before they sign off on the deal.”

“They all want to be taken care of,” Paolantonio said. “If (Umenyiora) doesn’t get it (a raise), he doesn’t sign off on the deal. If he doesn’t sign off on the deal, we have no deal league-wide. So there is going to be some kind of deal to make Osi happy.”

Wait… So a selfish crybaby like Osi Umenyiora essentially has the power to hold up a new CBA based his singular contract situation?  Is that what I just read?  This can’t be right, can it?  If I had to list the 10 players in the NFL I wouldn’t want potentially affecting the future of the NFL, Osi would be right behind Pacman Jones, who would probably be demanding that stripper poles be added to every NFL locker room.  But seriously, Osi… Don’t be the most hated man in America.

Tuck and Kiwanuka make Top 5 pass rushing productivity ranking – Andrew Ilnicki, GMen HQ

Well, Eagles RB LeSean McCoy was right along along. Osi Umenyiora IS the 3rd best DE on the Giants roster according to a new report out by Pro Football Focus

Ha, good one Andrew.

Some love for Blogging the Beast from Football Outsiders, woohoooo! – Rivers McCown, Football Outsiders

Apparently they liked my Giants old OL piece.  Then, once a site like FO links to you, various Giants blogs linked to it as well and called me an idiot in their comment sections here, here, here, and here.

In the money: Giants valued at $1.18 billion – John Fennelly,

The Giants ranked as the 8th most valuable sports franchise in the world. Curious comment from John here:

The list contained almost the entire NFC East, with the exception of (you guessed it) the Philadelphia Eagles.

John, just FYI, the Eagles came in at 11th, with $1.12 billion.  So congrats on that extra $60 million.  Maybe the Giants can use it to make their crybaby DE happy.


Not happening.

Five moves to expect soon after the lockout ends  – Andrew Perloff, SI

Dallas Cowboys sign Nnamdi Asomugha: Asomugha could go on a LeBron James-like tour of the NFL, but he won’t have a lot of time to weigh his options. Of all the teams with a need at cornerback, the Asomugha race could come down to the Cowboys and Texans. No one needs help in the secondary more than Houston, but if all things are equal, Jerry Jones could woo Asomugha with all the extras that come with being a Cowboy. There’s a lot more glamour in Dallas than in Houston, and the Cowboys defense could be very good under new coordinator Rob Ryan.

Some of the other teams reportedly interested in Asomugha could be scared off by his price tag. Teams like the Jets and Ravens are already spending a lot of money at cornerback. The Patriots could certainly use Asomugha, but they don’t pay a lot for that position. The Lions also have to covet Asomugha, but he may not be convinced Detroit is ready to become a playoff team.

When I first saw a link to this, my first thought was, “This has to be Yardbarker or something.”  I clicked anyway, and found that it was Sports freaking Illustrated.  Seriously, SI?  The Cowboys, who are currently 8 figures over the salary cap, are going to sign likely by far and away the most expensive free agent on the market?

As lockout ends, Cowboys have extensive to-do list – Gil Lebreton,

Gil is pretty bearish on the Cowboys.

If you could have one players from each NFC East team… – OCC, Blogging the Boys

Fun read.  Lars goes with Quintin Mikell, Brian Orakpo, and Justin Tuck.  From the Cowboys’ perspective, I can’t disagree with Tuck and Orakpo, but I can think of numerous other players I’d rather poach from the Eagles.  I think Asante Samuel would be at the top of my list.

Stephen Hodge arrested for public intoxication – Aaron Wilson, NFP

Is there no end to the disaster that was the Cowboys’ 2009 draft class?


  1. Anders says:

    If there is no deal because of whinny little Osi have his feelings hurt, I really hope he gets no new deal and blow the other knee (yes I actully wish a player to get hurt if he whines over money)

  2. plektor says:

    About the cap : is it a hard cap ?
    What are the penalties if any if you go over ?

  3. brisulph says:

    Those places you linked seemed to be more or less in agreement with you that the O-Line for the G-Men is Serious concern this season. Granted, some completely disagreed, but the majority seemed to give it serious thought as a real problem.

    Ya idiot.

    1. The negative ones hurt my feelings, so maybe they just stand out more.

  4. Immynimmy says:

    Shanahan has ALWAYS had a huge ego. To this day I can’t comprehend why McNabb chose to go to the Redskins. The organization is in such a mess. Regardless, the Redskin’s issues with McNabb and Haynesworth are going to be measurable to a car wreck. So many egos with Snyder, Haynesworth, Shanahan, and yes, even McNabb.

    1. smutsboy says:

      Why does anyone choose to come to the Red$kin$?

    2. Tracer Bullet says:

      I will never understand that “keep him and punish him” mentality. If you’re a better team with the guy, then you keep him. If you aren’t, then get rid of him. How much better would the Bengals be right now if they’d taken two #1s from Washington for OchoCinco (probably not much because we are talking about the Bengals but you know what I mean)? Play football. Leave the Big Dick contests to the locker room.

  5. The Legend says:

    I’ve always liked Jackson, thought he got screwed a couple times by Chilly in Minny, if he can’t find a starting job somewhere I wouldn’t mind him coming here to replace Kolb

    I think it was Bowen that wrote something(might of been McLane) that might of pissed Graham off

    Kiwanuka is a free agent, I wouldn’t mind going after him. I can’t think of who it was off the top of my head who it was over at BGN but they weren’t as excited about the idea.

    Just pathetic that an SI guy wouldn’t know something like that. I’d expect it from Bleacher Report not SI

  6. One.Cool.Customer says:

    You said “I think Asante Samuel would be at the top of my list” for the Cowboys. But that’s only because you don’t believe the Cowboys will grab Nnamdi Asomugha.

    And Doug Free. And Logan Mankins. And Cullen Jenkins. And Eric Weddle.

    1. And that’s just within the first hour of free agency.

      1. One.Cool.Customer says:

        Piece of cake

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