The unemotional GM says: Beware Santonio’s motives, Redskins

Holmes has no reason to sign with the Redskins... unless they wildly overpay him.

Jason La Confora, citing “numerous sources familiar with the (Redskins’) offseason plans,” are poised to make a big run at a number of free agents this offseason:

Facing a serious lack of talent at crucial positions, the longtime NFC East doormats have put together a list of high-end free agents they want and will be very aggressive in pursuing them as soon as the NFL lockout is lifted, according to the sources.

Signing New York Jets wide receiver Santonio Holmes reportedly is the primary objective of Redskins coach and chief decision maker Mike Shanahan.

When I first saw that the Redskins might pursue Santonio Holmes, I thought it made sense on a number of levels: He’s only 27, he’s unquestionably talented, and has stayed healthy for the bulk of his career (as opposed to a guy like Sidney Rice).  Even with the Redskins not having much in the way of a guy that can actually… you know… throw the ball to Holmes… he’s young enough that eventually when that QB is aboard (and no, I’m not buying into John Beck), Holmes should still be in his prime.

But then I got to thinking, “Why would Santonio Holmes want to come to DC?”  That’s a question that the Redskins need to realistically ask themselves.  I see two major reasons why he wouldn’t:

– Holmes is currently playing for a team that is coming off back-to-back AFC Championship Game appearances, playing for a “player’s coach” in Rex Ryan, in (or rather next to) the biggest market in the country.  The Redskins, as we know, went 6-10 last year, and have a coach that’s pretty much the polar opposite of Ryan.

– His current QB,  while certainly not among the league’s elite statistically, is talented, has already won 4 playoff games in his short 2-year career, and continues to improve.  The Redskins’ QB situation is among the scariest in the entire league, at least from the perspective of a high-profile WR.

The Jets have reportedly made re-signing Holmes a priority.  To land him, the Skins are probably going to have to shell out significantly more than what the Jets are willing to pay him.  The reputation around the league among the players (reportedly) is that Washington “is the place to go to get paid.”  Paying a player far more than what he’s worth has been the Redskins’ way for more than a decade now.  Even if it’s seemingly a nice fit, the Skins would be wise to allocate their cap space to players that have some other motivation aside from just money.


  1. Mirabel says:

    Redskins only commit to losing…… Expected but tough to swallow…DT Barry Cofield to depart for Redskins.

  2. […] My buddy Kevin is a Jets fan.  He still despises the Redskins for signing half their team years ago, and is scared to death that they’re going to spend like drunken sailors for Holmes.  While I like Holmes as a player… a lot… and think he’s a better target than an ijury concern like Sidney Rice, the Skins need to be wary of Holmes’ motives. […]

  3. DaCrock says:

    I don’t put much stock in Jason LaCanfora’s “target list” of free agents for the Skins. He’s a “hater” from his days covering the Redskins for the Post, and he’s also the guy who: 1) insisted the Skins had a trade in place to move Haynesworth last season; and 2) swore up and down prior to the draft that the Redskins would trade up from their position at #10 to get their quarterback of the future–Blaine Gabbert. How did those two calls work out?

  4. plektor says:

    Would Holmes be 5 years older, I’d say it’s a possibility.
    The man is 27 and a SB MVP, my guess is he wants more of that pie before thinking about pre-retirement plans.

  5. Ahh… but Shanny DOES know how to run a powerful offense once everyone has bought in — and he does have a couple rings on his fingers. Would you rather have the Zorn version of the west coast offense back in? How about an offense based on the swinging gate? LOL

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