Linky – July 13, 2011 – Redskins reportedly targeting Jenkins, Jenkins, Holmes, Yanda. Same ol’?

Giants... Two words... Vonta. Leach.

Giants Bullock wants a bigger role – wherever he plays – Paul Schwartz, NY Post

Bullock used to be a great player, and it appears as if he’s not ready to accept that he’s not as good as he was 5 years ago.  That usually manifests itself as a player that shoots too high in free agency and nobody bites, with the player begrudgingly accepting a lesser offer, often times for one year.  I can see scenario that playing out for Bullock.  Whatever the case, it’s pretty safe to say Bullock is done in NJ.

Will the Giants use free agency to fill needs on the offensive line? – Glenn Warciski, Ultimate NYG

Glenn ponders the additions of the Saints’ Jonathan Goodwin and the Chiefs’ Brian Waters.  I agree that the Giants could use help along the OL, but that’ll be extremely difficult, seeing as:

– There aren’t many starting quality OL free agents available.
– There are precisely 32 NFL teams that would love to add some OL help.
– The Giants still have to sign Bradshaw, Smith, Boss, Grant, etc, and are already well over the projected cap.

Potential Giants free agent target: Lawrence Vickers – Ed Valentine, Big Blue View

Like Ed, I don’t know a lot about Vickers, and remain steadfast in my thinking that Vonta Leach in an impact player the Giants should pursue heavily, even if he wants to be the highest paid FB in the league (which still won’t be all that much for a FB).  Leach could go a long way in masking some of the OL issues I foresee with the Giants this season.

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Gerald Sensabaugh: Dreadful training camp played role in 1-7 start – Jon Machota, SportsDay DFW

That comment wreaks of a lack of accountability, and I don’t buy it for a second.

Irvin speaks out for equality – Scott Crisp, DFW NBC

Well done.

Tony Romo: Elite NFL QB – Logan Burdine, Landry Hat

Logan responds to criticisms of Romo that emerged from a various sources recent.  Personally, I think some of those criticisms are unfair, but Logan takes this a little too far.  I think we all have a definition of what the word “elite” means.  Tony Romo is a borderline Top 10 QB at this point in his career.  Can he still have postseason success?  Sure.  Does he have a nice resume of stats?  Absolutely.  Talent?  Yes.  But let’s tap the breaks on the “elite” stuff.


Ugliness abounds.

Report: Redskins will target Jenkins brothers, Holmes, Yanda in free agency – Rich Tandler, Real Redskins

Don’t like “the Jenkins brothers” for the Skins, but do think Holmes and Yanda could actually work out.

Devin Hester lobbying for Bears to land Santana Moss – Brad Biggs, NFP

If the above report is true the Redskins have their sights set on Santonio Holmes, the Skins will let Moss walk.

Schefter: Skins would be moronic not to try to trade McNabb – Dan Steinberg, DC Sports Bog

Conversely, teams around the league would be moronic to trade for McNabb and his terrible contract.


Bush in Philly?

Why Vick was sacked 34 times – Sheil Kapadia, Moving the Chains

Sheil is one of my favorite Eagles writers, since he actually watches game film.  Great piece here.  Sheil did his homework.  Just go now.

Reggie Bush is a fit for the Eagles – Tim McManus, Philly Sports Daily

I agree he’s a fit, a great fit really… but I don’t think he’s worth the money the Eagles would likely have to spend to get him.  The Eagles have all sorts of room under the projected cap, and are in a position to bring in multiple impact players.  Is Bush a player worth overpaying for in lieu of a CB?  A DE?  A good #2 QB?  OL depth?  If the price tag is realistic, then sure.  But otherwise, I just don’t see it.

The 25 least valuable players in the NFL – Bill Barnwell, Grantland

Poor Dimitri Patterson – He lands at #24.  No other NFC East players make the list – I can think of a few worth consideration.


  1. Stephen says:

    I kinda wish we were the kind of team that liked blockers like Leach. With him opening holes for Shady our run game could become kinda scary.

  2. The Legend says:

    The Giants are in cap hell so I doubt they get Leach, they need to clear a lot just to get Bradshaw signed. I don’t know about you but I’d rather sign Bradshaw.

    That Grantland article is dumb

    I doubt it happens & I’ve been one of the few supporters of Justice but I wonder if we go after a G in free agency & move Herremans out to RT? I don’t know if I would want to mess with the Peters/Herremans combo though

    1. Yeah, they’re not going to mess with Peters/Herremans.

  3. Josh says:

    With Weaver unlikely to return after his injury, do you think Leach could be a potential replacement for the Eagles?

    1. Yes and no. Yes, because I think Leach is so good that he’d contribute on ANY team.

      No because Eagles like their FB’s to have a little more versatility. With Weaver you had a guy that could block, but also was a weapon as a receiver out of the backfield. As an added bonus you could also hand him the football. Weaver was perfect for the Eagles’ offense – that’s the kind of guy that would fit well in Philly. The Eagles also have Owen Schmitt, who’s serviceable enough, and they drafted Stanley Havili. There’s your FB competition this summer, if we ever get to training camp.

      Leach is extremely one-dimensional, although that one dimension is awesome. He’s a hammer. The Giants care less about the other traits that the Eagles value in a FB, so that’s why I think he’d fit so well there. Plus, they currently don’t really have an adequate one on the roster right one.

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