MegaLinky – July 12, 2011 – Let’s all pretend that we know whether or not Tony Romo is a good “leader”

How much of the season is Brandon Graham going to miss?

Jamie Dukes talks out his ass… again – YouTube

Apparently, Jamie Dukes thinks that Jeremy Maclin’s performances in the playoffs the last two years were all in “garbage time.”  Maclin had 3 catches for 73 yards in the Eagles’ playoff loss to GB last year – That game went down to the last possession, so there was no garbage time in that game.  Against the Cowboys the previous year, he had 7 catches for 146 yards and a TD.  78 of those yards and his TD came in the first half.

Stop making shit up to support a half-baked argument, Dukes.  NFL Network could be great.  No, NFL Network should be great.  But I can’t even estimate how many times I’ve changed the channel to something like “Two and a Half Men” because of some of the horrible work that NFL Network does.  For all the greatness that guys like Mike Mayock bring to the table at NFLN, idiots like Jamie Dukes tear it right down.

Training camp at Lehigh Universtiy seems unlikely for Philadelphia Eagles – Kyle Craig,

Makes sad 🙁

Report: Kevin Kolb will be the Cardinals’ #1 priority when the lockout ends – Jason Brewer, BGN

The Cards think he can be their QB for the next decade, but don’t want to give up a lot to get him.  That’s like a diabetic saying they’d really like to have some insulin, but only if it’s on clearance.

Cardinals would be much better off with Orton than Kolb – Dan Arkush, Pro Football Weekly

Internet scouting at its finest.

DeSean Jackson all for Plaxico joining Eagles – Brad Biggs, National Football Post

Pros and cons of Plax with the Eagles here.

Graham hopes to be cleared to practice in September –

Sounds like he could be looking at missing the first quarter of the season, at a minimum.

The importance of perspective – Tommy Lawlor, IgglesBlitz

Tommy talks about a radio interview he heard down by him in NC in which the Panthers were fired up about McDermott’s complex schemes.  He also talks Ike Taylor / Nnamdi Asomugha, and gives his thoughts on the Eagles potentially pursuing LB Stephen Tullock.

(Giants, Cowboys, and Redskins news after the jump)…

Don't get your hopes up, Giants fans.

Posluszny intrigued by Fewell and the Giants – Ohm, ESPN

Think of the possibilities with the “NY” at the end of Posluszny’s name!

Posluszny most likely returning to Bills – Parks Smith, Hogs Haven

PP is going to get paid.  He’s 26 and had 151 tackles in 14 games last season.  He has improved every season in the league thus far, at least statistically (I know, internet scouting).  However, the Giants, as has been mentioned here several times already, are not in good shape salary cap wise, and have a large handful of their own players to get under contract.  As good a fit as Posluszny may be, he’s a pipe dream, and frankly, I really don’t feel like learning how to spell his name without looking.

Keith Bullock wants what the Giants are unlikely to give – Ed Valentine, Big Blue View

My swagger’s back on 1,000, so, I’m definitely that player. I’ve put a lot of time in this offseason and last offseason rehabbing and training to get back to that player I’ve been over the past 10 years.

I was going to agree that Bullock was probably a goner in NJ, but with this new information from Bullock that his swagger is “Back on 1,000,” I may have to reconsider.

Hot button: Giants need Bradshaw – Dan Graziano, ESPN NFC East blog

Within Dan’s post, he notes ESPN’s Bill Williamson’s thoughts on Bradshaw:

Bradshaw, a 25-year-old spark plug, does it all. He’s a very physical ball carrier. He lacks Benson’s bulk and ability to wear down a defense, but Bradshaw is an exceptional short-yardage runner who inflicts plenty of punishment. He is an extremely competitive runner and a handful to get to the ground. But that is just a part of what he brings. He is also very effective outside the tackles and shows excellent elusiveness in space.

I can buy all of that, minus the part where he’s inflicting punishment.  Let’s calm it down a little there.  Obviously, the Giants need to re-sign Bradshaw.  It’ll be interesting to see what other teams around the league think of him.

Potential Giants FA target: Manny Lawson – Ed Valentine, Big Blue View

Ed has to post these.  A blog without free agent target thoughts prior to free agency would not be a very exciting  blog.  But, it comes down once again to the same theme (and apologies for sounding like a broken record) that the Giants are handcuffed by their high payroll and multitude of their own guys that they have to re-sign.'s "panel of experts" pretend to know about leadership in football.

Deion: Too many ‘yes men’ in Dez Bryant’s life, we had to separate – Jon Machota, SportsDay DFW

I guess ‘yes men’ means ‘entourage?’

Air Garrett 101: Why Witten is the #1 receiver – Coty Saxman, Blogging the Boys

Fan post from the Cowboys’ SB Nation site.  Good read with visuals, but Coty… brother… don’t start your piece with “Hello everyone.”

The Roy Williams dilemma – Defending the Star

As for all of the talk about the Cowboys cutting Roy Williams to save room under the salary cap, a lot of media members need to check Roy’s contract before starting rampant speculation about his future. Roy will count about $9 million against the cap if he returns next season. That is a big number to accept but consider the alternative. If Roy is cut, he will count $12.9 against the cap due to the acceleration of his signing bonus. It is hard to imagine the Cowboys paying an extra $3.9 million in cap money to unload a player. How can you justify $12.9 million is dead money against the cap when you know the cap is going to be a challenge this season? With the Cowboys expected to struggle to get under the new salary cap, the last thing they will do is waste nearly $4 million in cap space. The salary cap will save Roy Williams.

It’s a fair point, and Roy Williams is probably going to stick, but if I’m Jerry Jones, I just cut bait.  The dead money hurts, no question, but that cap hit is coming at some point, whether it’s this year, or next year, or the year after that.  Roy Williams stinks.  I’m sorry, but that’s my semi-professional analysis – He stinks.  So what happens next year?  You realize once again that the cap hit is worse than the salary, so you keep this unproductive player around… again?  Just get it over with.  The mistake was already made – don’t compound it.

Cowboys must answer leadership questions to be a contender –’s panel of experts

LOL, really?  Apparently Jason La Confora, Steve Wyche, Pat Kirwan, Elliot Harrison, Adam Rank, and Bucky Brooks spent an entire season in the Cowboys’ locker room.  Just shut up, guys.  You’re all talking out your asses, and you know it.

EDIT: Apologies to Kirwan and Harrison, who mentioned real needs, instead of nonsensical “leadership” talk.

Olshansky only non-question at DE – Nick Eatman,

Don’t be so sure about that Nick.  Olshansky is scheduled to make over $3.3 million this season, and he stunk last season.  He’s very much in danger of losing his job.

Kurt Warner: Tony Romo’s not the problem in Dallas – Scott Crisp, NBC DFW



O.J. Atogwe's awesome pic makes its Blogging the Beast debut

Hard to believe he’ll be around – John Keim, Washington Examiner

The “he” Keim is referring to is Haynesworth, of course, and I happen to agree 100% with him.  There’s no way in hell they can pretend that they’re bringing him back.  Although… Spite and ego are powerful things.

Who could make Pro Bowl debut in 2011 – Brian Tinsman, Redskins Mothership

Wow, Atogwe never made a Pro Bowl?  How is that possible?  He had some HUGE years in St. Louis.  Hang on… Now I have to go look it up…


2007 – 8 picks, 75 tackles 

2008 – 85 tackles, 5 picks and 6 forced fumbles.

I guess it was because he played for the Rams.  I’d have to see who made it ahead of him.

First casualty of Dan Snyder’s dumbass libel suit might be Dan Snyder’s dumbass lawyer – Luke O’Brien, Deadspin

Deadspin gives departed Redskins COO Dave Donovan the business.

Redskins COO Dave Donovan resigns – Kevin Ewoldt, Hogs Haven

Kevin defends Dave Donovan.

Could Donovan McNabb return to the Redskins – Rich Tandler, Real Redskins

I wouldn’t pay too much attention to Howard Eskin, Skins fans.


  1. Stephen says:

    lol @ those Roy Williams stats… Completely deserving.

  2. Skinsaholic21 says:

    2007 ahead of Atogwe

    B Dawkins
    Roy Williams
    Reserve, Sean Taylor

    2008 ahead of Atogwe

    Sean Taylor (posthumous)
    Ken “The Hammer” Hamlin

    Didnt feel like looking for the stats

    1. Roy Williams, lol. Awful. Atogwe got screwed.

      1. Skinsaholic21 says:

        According to Pro Football Reference:

        2007 Season for Roy Williams

        15 Games, with 13 starts
        1 suspended without pay game for horsecollaring the entire league
        2 INTS
        2 Passes Defended
        0 Forced Fumbles
        1 Fumble Recovery
        0 Sacks
        73 Tackles with 19 Assisted

        1. Yeah, not good. Hamlin was totally undeserving too.

  3. Tracer Bullet says:

    I’m sure Jason Peters would be happy to kick in a few Gs to keep Olshansky in Dallas. And at some point someone is going to look at the Cowboys and notice they’re just not very good. The talking heads have been calling them “the most talented team in football” for what? Five years now? And all they’ve got to show for that is one division title and one playoff win. They’ve got one impact player on defense now that Ratliff is slowing down. The secondary has cratered. They’ve got a lot of shiny pieces on offense but Barber is done, Jones hasn’t really lived up to the hype and Choice can’t get on the field. The OL is Doug Free, a rookie, one guy who is old (Gurode) and at least two guys who are old and bad. Their cap problems are a whole other issue.

    1. The Legend says:

      Yeah it seems like every year we hear that yet it’s either us or the Giants that have won the division. Since both the Giants & Cowboys have to make cuts due to being over the cap the division might not be as close as people think

  4. Adamnb87 says:

    LOL, nice QB / diabetic analogy.

    1. xvii_xxii_xxvi says:

      So the Cards are looking for their Liberty Mutual to get Kolb cheap?

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