Linky – July 10, 2011 – Keith Bullock becomes the 6th or 7th Giant (I’ve lost count) to respond to LeSean McCoy’s tweet

"Where the white women at?"

Kyle Shanahan and his tenure with the Redskins –  Greg Trippiedi, Redskins Hogs Heaven

Comparing Kyle’s offenses in Houston/Washington in 2008, 2009, and 2010.

Skins sitting in good cap shape; Cowboys, Giants face problems – Rich Tandler, Real Redskins

The Eagles are in the best cap shape, followed by the Skins.  The Cowboys are basically in cap hell, and might be in the worst cap shape in the entire league.

Albert Haynesworth’s sexual assault trial pushed back – Brad Biggs, NFP

Haynesworth rejected a plea offer of simple assault in May. He told investigators the waitress was upset because he is not attracted to black women.

It’ll be a sad day if/when Haynesworth is no longer playing the NFC East 🙁

Price for Nnamdi Asomugha could get too rich for Skins – Rich Tandler, Real Redskins

And that’s probably a good thing for the Skins.  See the link above that says the Skins are in good cap shape?  Well, signing Asomugha will destroy that cap space with a sledgehammer.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again.  The Skins are far from seriously contending this season – One great CB isn’t going to a change that.

(Eagles, Giants, and Cowboys news after the jump)…

Bye, Q :(

Eagles Jackson apologizes for gay slur – Jeff McLane,

Can’t say the F-word, DeSean.  Very dopey.  McLane goes on to say that DeSean could face discipline from the league (presumably a fine).  Not sure how that can be, since the players are locked out.

Mikell just hopes he can continue wearing the green – Cody Benjamin, Bleed Green

Good job by Cody here:

For those in favor of Mikell sticking around, the safety believes there could be good reason for the team to consider retaining him once the work stoppage comes to an end. “I think that really is the question for the front office, [but] I think it’d make sense,” he said when asked whether the shortened amount of preparation time for rookies like Jarrett might give the Eagles reason to bring back an experienced veteran like himself. “Hopefully that’s the case, but I really don’t know what their thinking is. You know, I really have no idea, so I’m just kind of waiting and seeing…you know, obviously there’s something to be said for that, because I know the system and feel like I’m a very good leader and help out in a lot of ways, but, you know, I’m not the one holding the cards right now.”

Mikell is my favorite current Eagle, but he’s a goner.  The one thing that I’ll always remember about Q is that he’s the first player I ever interviewed.  I was covering Eagles training camp at Lehigh, and reporters stand near this fenced-off area that the players have to walk past to get back to the training room.  That’s where you can pick them off one by one and ask them questions.  So Q is walking my way, and I ask, “Quintin, you have a minute?”  Mikell says “Sure,” and stops.  It’s at that point I realize I really don’t have anything prepared, so I fire off 3 of the dumbest questions ever, which Mikell graciously answers.  I say “Thanks Q,” and he leaves.  It was reminiscent of the scene in Dumb and Dumber where Jim Carrey (Lloyd Christmas) walks out of 7-11, and says to the guys minding their own business, “Hey Big Gulps, huh guys?  Alright… Welp, see ya later.”

So later, I go back to listen to my horrible interview to laugh at myself, and realize that I didn’t even record it in the first place.  Awful start to my career in journalism.

Eagles’ Howard working to stay fit, working for roster spot – Jeff McLane,

If you had to pick a guy on the Eagles roster last season that was “the 53rd guy,” an argument could be made for Austin Howard.  With 11 draft picks this year coming into camp, Howard may have an upfill battle to make the team.

Giant takes another shot at McCoy – Eagletarian

This time it’s Keith Bullock, who, like Osi Umenyiora, referred to LeSean McCoy as an “internet gangster.”  Lol, still with this, Giants?  Really?  Clearly, as ESPN’s NFC East blog’s Dan Graziano noted, the Eagles are most certainly in the Giants’ heads.


Bullock joins the McCoy twitter fray, even though he probably won't even be a Giant next season.

Retiring Collins at peace after “remarkable” career – Rich Scarcella, Reading Eagle

“Remarkable,” per Ernie Accorsi.  Underrated?  Definitely.  Solid?  Sure.  But “remarkable?”  Let’s tap the breaks a bit on that one, Big Ern.

Rookie Roles: OT James Brewer – Michael Eisen, Giants Mothership

I liked this pick for the Giants, but Brewer is a project, which the Giants’ own website is basically acknowledging here.

NFC East Dream Team – Ed Valentine, Big Blue View

I agree with most of this. My changes:

– Todd Herremans over Leonard Davis.  Davis shouldn’t sniff this lineup.

– Sensabaugh out, and insert in any one of the following: Antrel Rolle, Kenny Phillips, or Nate Allen.

– Mikell out, LaRon Landry in.

– Cole out, Tuck in.

– Nicks out, Miles Austin in.

Albany latest to lose NFL training camp – Bennington Banner

Local businesses are really the people that lose here.  And yet, the NFL/NFLPA continue to take weekends off from negotiations.  Disgusting.



Why the Cowboys need Nnamdi Asomugha – Alex Hall, B/R

The Cowboys have cap space, a stadium that puts the Roman Colosseum to shame and the team is primed to take the NFC East crown.

Alex… The Cowboys are 8 figures over the cap, bud.

Former Cowboys Everson Walls not sold on Tony Romo as a leader – SportsDay DFW

Walls even suggests that maybe Kitna should be the guy.  Just shut up, Everson.

Dez Bryant promises he will be “in full effect” – Brad Biggs, NFP

My old grade school friends Chris Walsh, Mike Orsino, Darren Atlee and Troy DeMarsey (as “Terminator Biff”) started a rap group called “In Full Effect.”  They had “fly girls” and everything… just… no actual rap songs or… you know…. talent.  I hope one of those guys googles themselves and finds this, haha.  If so, give me a holler, guys.

Dez Bryant talks about mall incident – Jon Machota, SportsDay DFW

“That’s all behind me,” Bryant said. “I’m looking forward now. Once again, I apologize for all that. I’m moving on from it, and I’m just going to get ready for the season and stay positive throughout my career.”

Kudos, Dez.  See, Giants?  Boring answers.

Pacman Jones needed a neck brace following arrest in Cincinnati – Scott Schroeder, SB Nation



  1. […] Linky – July 10, 2011 – Keith Bullock becomes the 6th or 7th Giant … […]

  2. Adamnb87 says:

    Something that really bugged me was a comment over at BBV’s “Dream Team” article. The comment was in response to Vick over Manning at QB and read:

    “How many times has Vick thrown for over 4,000 yards and over 30 TD’s in a season?? How many SB’s has Vick led his team to?? Vick is no different now than he was when he was drafted. He’s an RB that happens to play QB. If it comes down to winning one game for all the marbles do I want someone who can be shut down by forcing him to his right, can’t throw on the run, and is disgustingly inaccurate?? Or do I want someone who has handled pressure since birth, has won big games numerous times, and doesn’t get rattled no matter what the situation is?? I’ll take Eli over Vick 10 times out of 10.”

    …I wanted so badly to reiterate the basis fof the selection, and provide some 2010 stats for Vick & Eli that were very favorable for Vick, but had to wait two days ’til I could join BBV.

    1. Adamnb87 says:

      I think the fact that it was Rec’d twice pushed me to the tipping point of attempting to respond…and yes I’m aware of my #commentoverload.

    2. The Legend says:

      Let them take Eli over Vick, we’ll just keep on winning

      1. brisulph says:

        Because we all agreed with that… right. In the realm of the NFC East all-star team (what this is), Vick is the choice based on last year.

  3. Adamnb87 says:

    LOLcowboys @ Pacman’s neck brace.

  4. Tracer Bullet says:

    I’d keep Nicks if only because he doesn’t act like he was the first man to discover football after making a 8-yard reception.

    1. The Legend says:

      I’d keep Nicks over Austin too. Austin is overrated

  5. Stephen says:

    How are people so ignorant of their own teams situation? I admit I don’t follow the cap situation as closely as I follow other aspects of the team but I usually have at least a working knowledge of whether we have “A lot” “A little” or “no” space left under the cap.

  6. The Legend says:

    The funny thing about the Nnamdi to the Cowboys article is that legit Cowboys writers are saying they should go after big names not some doofus from Bleacher Report, and with what the Giants & Cowboys probably have to do to get under the cap the NFC East race might not be as close as some people think next year.

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