Mike Shanahan tells a toddler that McNabb’s a goner in Washington. Sort of.

Say it ain't so Shanny. Say it ain't so.

According to ESPN, a 7-year-old kid asked Shanny point blank if McNabb was coming back next season, and Shanny basically answered the kid like he was seasoned veteran reporter:

“Until I get a chance to talk to Donovan and I go through the scenario with him, I really can’t share it with the public.”

“Those are the decisions that are always tough for a coach, because you have to make decisions that you feel are in the best interest of the team.”

“I love Donovan McNabb. … He’s one of the best guys you’ll ever be around. You cannot find a better person in the world. The thing that you do when you put a football team together is you sit down and make some tough decisions, and I will sit down with him once we are able to talk.”

Those are the words of a man that has moved on, and of course, there’s no surprise there whatsoever.  The only reason I’m posting this, by the way, is because there was a tweet from Philly radio station host Howard Eskin saying that Dan Snyder wanted McNabb back next season:

As it turns out Donovan Mcnabb may stay with Redskins. Dan Snyder wants him on team. Crazy

Sorry, Howard.  I’d place the odds of McNabb returning to the Redskins somewhere in the ballpark of 0%.


  1. Stephen says:

    So much for all those “The eagles are going to regret this” storylines everyone was tossing out last year. Its amazing how when people correctly predict things they’re all over the I told you so’s, but when they whiff badly they forget to even bring those things up at all.

  2. Number5 says:

    Bye, McNabb ;(

  3. The Legend says:

    I’ll go 5% since Dan Snyder is crazy

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